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Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday! It wasn’t all clear skies while figuring out the clue words this morning. ABATE took the longest time to solve and is my choice for the most difficult word of the day. Looking at the anagram that David masterfully jumbled, all I saw was BEAT with an extra A. After a few self-jumbles, it popped into view and I could glide on over to the cartoon.

Looking at Jeff’s drawing, we see two men and an old-time airplane in a field. It didn’t take rocket science to figure out that what we were looking at was the Wright brothers and their newfangled flying machine at Kitty Hawk. Orville Wright can be seen to the left in the panel with his brother, Wilbur, on the right.

Doing a bit of research, it was amazing to read all of the different facts and stories about these brilliant men. Out of the my hour long history lesson, I came away with one amazing detail that I thought would be interesting to share. A small piece of wood and a piece of the fabric from the Wright brothers airplane were carried to the surface of the moon by Astronaut Neil Armstrong aboard the lunar module “Eagle” on July 20th, 1969. This was just 65 years after the brothers’ first flight!

With my mind blown, I turned my attention back to the Jumble and started the final solve. PLANE was quite visible and seemed like the obvious word for the 5-letter slot. AS was coupled together in the letter layout leaving DAY for the finish. I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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  1. 🎶FLY me to the moon…And let me play among the stars…Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars…In other WORDS, hold my hand, In other WORDS, baby, kiss me…🎶

    ✈️✈️ So Orville and Wilbur decided to fly
    The SCRIPT was all written, they took to the sky…
    December 17, 1903, considered the first flight in History.
    They’d planned for so long, they wouldn’t ABATE
    The dream that they had, they knew it’d be great.
    And now it’s the norm, flights all day and night…
    And it started all with those brothers, so Wright.
    The funny part is, LATELY a lot’s the same..
    The seats are as small, it’s a whole new ball game.
    Your seat mate’s so close, he’ll NUDGE you the whole trip
    You’re wondering why must we sit hip to hip?
    So as far as we’ve come with flights up and away…
    Unless you’re First Class, comfort’s not “PLANE” AS DAY! ✈️✈️

    What can we say about today’s words? Have we seen them before? Nudge? A little FLY by night? Lately? No, really, I’m asking…Lately? Not for a while, but yes, we’ve seen it. Good words, very good anagrams, these words were just WRIGHT! Ok, our cartoon. Today, Jeff brings us to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We see the Wright Brothers, Orville, on the left, Wilbur, on the WRIGHT. And we see the Wright Flyer, their PLANE. I could go on here with a little History lesson, but the info’s all out there, Folks. You can just LOOK it UP if you’re so INCLINED! Let’s just solve this puzzle. The dialogue…”Obvious” that they are changing world travel…PLAIN and simple. The question…the importance? It was “PLANE” AS DAY! Great pun, Dave! SPARK UP that ENGINE, we have LIFT OFF! Ok, eye candy. The propeller’s a nice deTAIL, but expected. I’ll GLIDE over it. I think I’ll go with the Brothers attire. Jeff has it down to Orville’s rounded collar and skinny tie, and Wilbur’s cap. As usual, he’s just got it all so WRIGHT! So, There you gave it, Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…It’s very easy to FLY off the handle…But the WRIGHT thing to do is stay GROUNDED! ✈️🙋🏻

  2. The actor told his agent that LATELY no SCRIPT could NUDGE him back to the stage and his reluctance would not ABATE.
    Great posts Mike and Angela—my memory of the first moon shot was jolted and I remembered that tidbit about the material from the Wright Brothers. Love your song reference Angela and it seems amazingly appropriate on the day after the most powerful rocket ever launched from earth was on its way to Mars and an orbit around the sun with a Tesla roadster!
    No problem with the clue words or the solution today—love the play on words with PLANE and PLAIN. For me NUDGE took a second or two longer than the other words.
    Vision is mostly back to normal so I can post my own words and I am grateful for friends who come to my aid when needed.
    This was my first attempt but I wasn’t thrilled with it:
    The appearance of phony SCRIPT did not ABATE and LATELY the house tried to NUDGE the players into taking more risks and exposing their scheme.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Happy to hear you’re doing better. Special nod to the people in your life… 🎶That’s what friends are for…🎶 Thanks for the shout out. I have to be honest, Elon Musk was the farthest thing from my mind this morning. I just automatically go to this Sinatra (BMH) song every single time I hear the word FLY..And with WORDS in the lyrics, I felt it just fit like a glove. Both worthy efforts today, but my money’s heavy on your second choice, my fellow logophile! Have a good one, Sir! ✈️🙋🏻

    • I agree with your thinking that the first sentence was better, Earl. And your lucky to have such wonderful wonderful friends in your life that look after you. Do they do the Jumble as well? I can just imagine the look of confusion on their faces when you asked them to post for you! Anyway, I’m happy to hear that your vision is mostly back. Take care, my friend! 🙂

      • Mike- The friend who posted for me does not do Jumble but knew I did it every day and while we were waiting in Dr’s office, I solved it and asked her to,post my sentence after the drops were put in. I have a long-distant friend who does the Jumble every day and sometimes he will call if he’s stumped. He does not have a computer or smart phone, otherwise I’d talk him into joining this blog–it gives me great pleasure every day and I am grateful for my “On-line Jumble friends.” 😄

  3. Good morning. Today’s puzzle was a blast. Pun intended. Had all the words lickey split but double checked just to make sure and found out I had a different first word. Guess I’ll have to relinquish the trophy. Oh woes is me. When I did the cartoon,the answer came to me after a minute. Enjoyed this one again. Until tomorrow stay well. On bus to A/C. Traffic in the streets is terrible and it’s just a dusting. Now the snow has stopped.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Enjoy the trip, and bring it on home! Good Luck, and have a BLAST! ✈️🙋🏻

  4. Lately was the only tough cw for me today. I backed in. I did not know – or don’t remember – that a little bit of the Wrights’ plane was left on the moon. Wishing all a great day.

  5. No problem for me today,even abate came to mind quickly.Then when plane came into view,the jumble solution was a snap.

  6. No blind solve, but the CWs were mostly instantaneous, and the answer snapped to view with the letters written down.

    Have a great day, all. (Though you Easterners are well into yours already!)

  7. Hi, all! I solved the cartoon answer immediately, and it’s a good thing because the letters came in handy for my delayed solve of ABATE, which I agree with Mike is the hardest one.

    Mike, how generous of you to study for an hour to treat us with historical detail after already doing such a good job of pointing out the cartoon detail. Thank you for your time & effort, our dedicated Jumble leader.

    Jerry was a jet mechanic in the Air Force, a good one, and he enjoyed doing it because he is so mechanically minded. When I bought a huge stereo with huge speakers with at least a thousand pieces, he put it together without looking at the directions.

    Enjoy your Wed., all. I have a doctor’s apt. in which I’ll have to wait at least 2 hours just to have him write a new prescription for one that is out of refills. He won’t call it in, but I need my cough med so off I go. See ya’.

  8. Easy time of of it today with both the clue words and the cartoon. My book group read a book about the Wright Brothers last year. It was fascinating. They were true visionaries and very interesting characters as well. By the way, Mike, is there any way I can avoid getting the “Early Bird” answers. My paper arrives considerably later than your does on the East Coast and I don’t do Online Daily Jumble so the early answers come in the afternoon before. I try to move them to another folder because I don’t want to see the answers but I’d rather not get them at all if that’s possible. Thanks and have a good Wednesday everyone.

    • Hi, Betty. I had no idea that you’d be getting the answers in your email. I post them directly on the website and don’t send them out in a separate email. Perhaps I forgot to check the box so the email wouldn’t be sent out? I truly apologize as I would NEVER attempt to spoil the Jumble for anyone. Do you get the In OTHER Words email post as well? I also post it to the website itself and not a separate email. If this continues to happen, please let me know and I’ll see what else I can do. You are the only one that has ever mentioned this. If anyone else experiences this, please chime in.

      • Mike, I also get the early bird and ‘other words’ post in my email just as I get your daily solve every day. I assume it’s because I always check the box that says “Notify me of new posts via email”, so I’m explicitly requesting to follow the site. I’ve learned how to avoid seeing the first word in the Gmail header until I do the puzzle.
        Each day on my first post, I also check the box that says “Notify me of new comments via email” which only seems to work for the rest of the current day. I wish there were a way to automatically get all the comments every day as well.

      • PS – Correction – When you reinitialize IOW, I don’t get it in my email until I submit a post and check those two boxes. I get the daily posts every day though. Hope that’s clear.

        • Like I mentioned, I believe I didn’t check the box so it didn’t go out in an email. I’ll pay more attention when posting in the future. The answers for the Early Bird post should NEVER be in the email or be visible on the page unless you click “continue reading”.

  9. I saw that fourth word as TALLEY, as in a sum of numbers. Maybe that’s because a woman with that last name accepted my Facebook Friend request today. So I couldn’t make out anything that didn’t contain PANDAs or PAEANs. So I tried running an anagram program on these words and was surprised to see LATELY pop out instead of TALLEY. I tried that and came up with PLANE TO SEE, but no T. Then I found PLANE AS DAY. A rather confusing jumble.

  10. Hi all – Just a quick note between getting my car serviced and running more errands – SCRIPT took a little extra time, and LATELY the longest.
    Love the drawing and puzzle. Those must be KITTY HAWKS flying in the upper right.
    Have a great day!

  11. Mike, I always get the Daily Jumble answers in my regular e-mail . I don’t get “In Other Words” I don’t even know what that is. But I just received tomorrow’s “Early Edition” Jumble answers in my e-mail and it’s only noon here in San Francisco. I did not check the box that says notify me of comments by e-mail. I just check the website periodically during the day to see what folks are saying. So if you can advise me as to how to avoid the Early Answers, I’d be most grateful.

    • I understand the confusion and do apologize. I believe I sent out the notification in error. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and I’ll be more careful in the future.

  12. Good evening. Mike I’d like to thank you for the extra info today. A few of my friends on the bus never knew like me that a piece was left on the moon. Fascinating fact Angela,whats not to like!! Earl, great job as always. I was going to post my sentence yesterday but when I saw yours it was very similar. I opted to let mine slide. Quick rundown on A/C. Three slot machines winning a total of 365.,let it ride I was into my fourth hundred when I got a five card straight 10 to Ace and got back 300. Quickly cashed it in and went home with 245 to the good. Until tomorrow stay well.

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