Jumble Answers for 01/20/2018








Have a super Saturday, everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow!!!


33 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/20/2018

  1. 🎶Let’s take it ICE and easy, it’s gonna be so easy….For us to fall in love…
    The problem now of course is, to simply hold your horses, to rush would be a crime…’Cause ICE and easy does it…ICE and easy does it…ICE and easy does it every time…🎶

    💨💨Antarctica’s another of those places that to me
    Are very nice to read about, but I don’t plan to see,
    So far away, just so remote, I have no plans to go
    Although I do like penguins, wearing a TUXEDO.
    The winds that FORCE their way around, how could one ever bear…
    The South Pole is located here, I’m still glad to steer clear.
    I’m looking at the last word now, how can this LANKY fit?
    With cold and ice and desolation? No, I’m leaving it…
    If WHIMSY were to strike me for an exotic vacation
    Be rest assured it won’t be here…No way, not this “LOW-CATION”! 💨💨

    So, our words…Old favorites, easy BREEZY. BLOWING over to our cartoon, today Jeff has us back in the classroom. Subject: The Continent ANTARCTICA, the virtually uninhabited, ICE-covered landmass. We see one of those pull-down maps, and the teacher is saying how WINDY it is there. And mentioning the amount of fresh WATER present-70% of the planet’s! The kids are amazed at how LOW it’s located on the map…The question stating that you need to “look DOWN” to see its…. “LOW-CATION”! Well, BLOW me DOWN, and stop the ICEBERG…I want to get off!…Good one, Dave. You’ve SEALed the deal! Ok, eye candy. At the bottom of the map, there’s a little card that reads: WORLD. Cute. I MITE have gone with it. But instead, I’m picking the double ear piercings of the female student. You don’t often see that in a cartoon. And I think it is so on POINT! So, There you have it Folks, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Don’t be POLARizing…Just go with the FLOE! 💨🙋🏻


  2. It was a bit of WHIMSY that led the LANKY farmer to think he could FORCE his long limbs into the rented TUXEDO.
    Easy solve with the clue words but not a blind solve because I had to write the circled letters out–then it was a breeze.
    Again with the PAWN CHap? I thought or rather hoped we had got beyond that.
    Thanks for the details Angela. I can’t see those on the site I use and the newspaper was no help. Luckily, where I am having my car serviced there are several free papers and one has the Jumble. Wonderful weekend to all..

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Way off schedule…Not much detail today, but the piercings were cool.
      The paunch? …Maybe Jeff’s just looking to give us a “belly” laugh…😉 Like your imagery…
      Have a good one! 🙋🏻

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  3. Good morning and if you didn’t hear it on TV,” Happy National Cheese Lovers Day.” Enjoyed the map and as always Angela’s post. Tuxedo took a hard look to get and after writing down the letters for the cartoon “low” jumped out right away leaving me with the remaining letters to play around with for the solution. Being in a whimsy mood the lanky James Bond dressed in his usual tuxedo used his force to gain access to an area that was off limits. Until tomorrow stay well.


    • LOL. Yea, Brooklyn, you know I heard it. But I wait for you. If you don’t make the announcement, then I’ll pick up your slack. Earl beat me to it, but Kudos on your James Bond. That’s one man who knows how to wear a tuxedo! 😉Thanks for the shout out! Have a good one!


  4. Damned quotation marks! Breezed through the words, but had to work for the surprise answer. Wrote down several three letter words with the remaining six adjacent prior to hitting upon“low”. Solution jumped into place then!

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    • Denny, you made me giggle. It was a way GOL… It doesn’t simply read “cation”. Hyphen my man, Hyphen! The forest for the trees…The grand scale of things…The …”LOW-cation”. The…Why do I think you know this…?😉 Good to see you. Ciao, BOO! 🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – I saw FORCE, thought WHIMSY would be hard but it wasn’t, then got LANKY and TUXEDO last after throwing out EXUDE, DUPLEX, and DETOX-U.
    Had to write the letters to get the answer and was relieved to see that it didn’t have anything to do with IN-CONTINENT.

    Actually, considering the kid’s question (“Why is it off the map?” 😂), maybe this is actually DETOX U that they’re attending. Dude, it’s a projection of a sphere on a rectangle. You’re taxing your instructor’s assertion that there are no dumb questions (like the ones I ask all the time.)

    When Poe wrote his only novel “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket” in 1838 the Antarctic was unexplored and people speculated that there might be an opening to the Earth’s interior at the South Pole and that it would be very hot. Give thanks to the explorers for providing truth. (Melville also wondered whether whales were fish or mammals — and went with fish. Better luck next time, Ishmael.)

    Earl, I noticed the, ahem, (((paunch))) on the Shakespeare delivery person yesterday, but I didn’t want to set you off. 😂 I see that you’re perfectly capable of doing that for yourself, though.

    Have fun cutting the cheese Paul, and a great day to everyone!

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    • 3 for 3…Spammed again! WT? So, between Ishmael, Melville, AG Pym, and the DETOX U, you’re dropping names all over the joint! Be careful, Grasshopper..one can get in trouble like that! 😉 If you catch my drift….😉 And you know I’d never knock a paunch while speaking with you….Gotta get you out of my spam….Talk to you later, Bud! 🙋🏻


  6. I noticed that p—h yesterday but considering my “mercy” quote decided not to comment. Today? That teacher’s beard, bald head and paunch just pressed too many buttons.
    Won’t go any further with this projection.

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    • Earl, Earl, Earl….We’ve seen a few paunches, but we’ve both chosen to stay mum.
      I’m neutral, really. Depends what’s behind it…The man I mean, not just the paunch …! 😉
      But I’m with you on the buttons…You’d think I’d be better at Math with all the counting to 10 I’ve been doing lately…!!! 😂 Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I just came in…It felt so good. Go forth….🙋🏻


      • Hi, Mike! I have been using Safari all this time, but today my computer would not let me do it. A couple of weeks ago Josh installed Google Chrome in my computer, but when I tried it today, it told me to enter my email address & showed a different icon. However, as soon as I entered my email, it changed the icon to my usual one and entered my name so it already knew me. Yea!!

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      • I still use Safari and refuse to go to Chrome. I’m glad everything worked out for you and that you liked the photo. I like adding a simple picture on the weekends. Sometimes it can say so much more than words. Headed out for a walk on the beach. The weather is fantastic!!!



  7. Hi, all! Easy words, tricky cartoon answer, fun puzzle overall.

    Mike, I liked your map. So that’s what Antarctica looks like. Thanks!

    PAUL, thanks for the shout-out but your lanky James Bond (one of my all time favs) and EARL’s lanky farmer trying to get into a tuxedo entertained me too much to try for a third sentence.

    Weather here today: cloudy with a chance of a few sprinkles. I love cloudy days.

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    • Hi, Steve! Thank you for wishing our PCP would pay as much attention to me as he does to Jerry. Thank you also for the guitar music, which I haven’t heard yet because yesterday Jerry came down with a knock-down, drag-out case of the FLU!!

      I cooked chicken noodle soup, took his temp (low grade, 99.9), found an old thin sheet to help his freezing, called both doctors, found his cough med in the cupboard, went to KFC for chicken pot pies for dinner, picked up the antibiotic (Augmentin 875 mg) that our PCP called in, and bough the other OTC Emetrol that I’ll tell you about after I give it a try. Whew!


      • Hi Lelia – Good wishes to Jerry, and don’t you come down with it too. Weather Channel says Oakland’s high/low for today/tonight is 55-41. Phoenix’s numbers are 59-41. And did I see a low for you that began with a 3 !? Call 911 and the National Guard! Take care.


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