Jumble Answers for 01/19/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!          📚 “B….CAUSE, JUST B…CAUSE” 📚 i

Ever since that night we’ve been together…Lovers at first sight, in love forever…It turned so right for Strangers in the Night. DooBE-DooBe-Doo…..🎶

📚 📚We all went through our Shakespeare, and I remember well
Cause I have many wall units, with books they all do swell.
The WALNUT one holds mysteries, their darkness fills that room
The one in Cherry, light fiction, bright colors there in BLOOM.

But Shakespeare, well I’ll tell you he’s only got a shelf
It’s filled with Black and Yellow. Yes, I’ve kept them all myself.
And inside all those Cliffs Notes, Romeo and Lear reside
Next to my papers written, of which I take great pride.
Over the years many a child has “borrowed” them to “read”
I get WOOZY just thinking of the numbers to succeed…
From High School all through College, the stories stayed the same
Shakespeare: The timeless messages…Juliet’s “What’s in a name”?
That rooms wall’s BUTTER colored, and Mahogany you’ll see
Encases classic Hamlet and ….“To Be or Not To Be”📚📚

Today’s words: So, did WOOZY cause your head to spin, or BUTTER churn your stomach? Just asking. Easy words, and great anagrams. Our cartoon. You look. You see a door reading 3B….It says Shakespeare….YORICKa! Need I even go on? C’mon, even if it didn’t hit you over the head like a ton of PizzaBoxes....we’ve got 2Bs, 3Ts, and 4Os in our letters. So…I don’t know, is it just me? Or is this another gift from the Jumble Guys? We see Shakespeare looking for an apartment number. Was it…”TWO-B” OR NOT TWO -B”?. IS that the question? Yes, it is…And there we go…Close the door, get out of Denmark, there’s no TRAGEDY here. Easy, breezy, was Ophelia queasy? Ok, eye candy. I like the dialogue’s Shakespearean references, wellwritten. I like Bill’s soul patch, it’s sexy…..”HAIRfore are thou, Romeo“? I like the Skull-shaped door knocker, but it’s really not resonating with me…I’m going with the Pizza Box. CAESAR’S PIZZA…I like it...ET TU?

So, There you have it Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! And remember. 2B or not 2B?…I just use a pen….📚🙋🏻


30 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/19/2018

  1. The CONFECTIONER grew WOOZY after creating an aromatic BLOOM made with WALNUT BUTTER.
    When I saw the length of the solution and the inverted commas, I grew anxious. But the clue words gave me no grief and once I glanced at the cartoon, it was an almost instant answer. I agree with you Angela—we have received gifts with the Jumble this week. But as you pointed out yesterday, the week is not yet over, but the weekend is almost here.
    Perhaps Shylock’s mercy speech is appropriate?
    “The quality of mercy is not strained,
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven,
    Upon the place beneath,
    Tis twice blessed………..
    Do you suppose Jeff and Dave think we need some mercy this winter???

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    • Good Morning, Earl. I don’t know what it is, but they seem to be getting easier and easier as the week progresses, right? This one has truly “droppeth as the gentle rain from Heaven”. One of my most favorite lines from all literature. I quote it every time a new baby’s born in our family…Funny that you mentioned it…Eerie. Chuckled over your sentence…and I absolutely LOVE LOVE walnut butter! So it looks like so far today, you and I are 2 for 2! Can it BE? 😂
      🎶Whoa, MERCY MERCY me…Oh things ain’t what they used to be..no no..🎶
      A little Marvin Gaye to get your day going…Nice…I hope you share my fondness for his music…Have a great one, Sir! 📚🙋🏻


    • The 4 jumble words were no problem,as were the 2 middle words of the solution, ” or not”. But the wobt wobt ,words stumped me momentarily,until I got the ” two” solution.

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  2. Morning Everyone,
    Angela, your Denmark line really made me laugh and Earl, your sentence today is amazing. I have to agree this has been a very easy week. Walnut came to mind right away only because I’ve seen it before.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thank you. The puzzle was so easy, I sat here frustrated…staring into space…I was thinking..”Get out of Dodge…” !!! And then…😂 The V8 moment…! LOL..
      I was purging IOW earlier, and one of your comments pulled with a thread of Steve’s and mine…Sorry..(I’m trying to decipher why this happens). Anyway, you’ll see I copied it for you and added a disclaimer…Have a great day! 📚🙋🏻


      • Yeah, it wasn’t a challenge, but it was charming. As Harry says, it’s pretty incredible David and Jeff come up with these day after day. I imagine that they don’t repeat any Jumbles from the past, though I’m not sure about this.
        Thanks for letting me know about IOW.

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      • Oh I think it was adorable, and extremely clever. I didn’t mean to sound otherwise. Easy to be misunderstood. It was just so very simple today. And you know I’ve been singing Dave and Jeff’s praises for many, many years…Actually, when you stop and think that the Jumble’s been in existence for so many years..That’s what’s really amazing!
        The IOW…still reading! LOL…Ciao, and Enjoy! 📚🙋🏻


  3. I was thinking about developing a scale to grade the Jumble each day. After much thought I decided that on a scale of 1 to 10 that every Jumble is a 10! Especially after realizing youse guys ( NY accent) have to come up with 365.25 puzzles a year and how challenging that is. Kudos David and Jeff. I give youse guys a 10+ every day. Finally saw the 3B on the door.


  4. Interesting. I go to SUUSI ( http://www.suusi.org ) every year at Western Carolina University in July. SUUSI features nature trips in the Smokies, workshops on a variety of subjects, and a play put on by the teenage attendees, called Teens Way Off Broadway, or TWOB, generally pronounced with tw as in twine and ob as in job. But this Jumble shows it can be pronounced 2-B as well, i.e., TWO-B, as this jumble suggests. And I think the answer “TWO-B OR NOT TWO-B” would be a good title for the teen show. It would have a Shakespearean theme and have a subtitle of “to be or not to be…”. Also I note that the Papa John Shakespeare in the cartoon is at room 3B, not 2B.

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    • Jim. Just simple random thoughts on some well known teen plays… Of course further embellishment may be needed. But the idea of “To Be”…

      To Be…Comfortable in your own skin – Beauty and the Beast
      To Be…lieve – Godspell
      To Be…Or Three Be – Midsummer Nights Dream
      To Be…In Love – Grease
      To Be…Everyman – Our Town
      I think so much can be done with it….📚🙋🏻


  5. And wouldn’t INTERESTING be the ideal word to describe you! First the Audubon Society and now this. Please note, Sir, I’m very impressed. (I’m going with Sir based on the Jim…if I’m wrong, please let me know). TWOB definitely isn’t very soothing to the ears…I agree that Two-B would be a much better choice. Yet, I don’t feel you must limit yourself to Shakespeare only. “To Be…” casts a wide net…Think about it…And the “delivery man” being at Room 3B, is of course drawn to make us realize he didn’t “remember” the correct apartment number…
    But we have one thorn in our Rose, Sir. As an Italian…I have to say that Papa John and Caesar’s Pizza? Never, ever uttered in the same breathe…! 😉
    Jim…Wishing you a day on a grand scale…📚🙋🏻


  6. Good morning and” Happy National Pop Corn Day.”Made sure I wouldn’t forget and put it down on the calendar Well done me-lady. You and Earl shine like a newly waxed car. With your extra info I had to take out the magnifying glass to appreciate the almost hidden treasures. Another slam dunk,has been like this the whole week. It’s like a mystery novel,when will the hammer fall. Please,let’s get the suspense over with. Only then would I be able to say. “Good Evening Friends”. Until you know what,stay well and as that famous cowboy once said “May the good lord take a liking to you”.

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    • Good Morning, Paul. Me-Man! And Thank you, very much! I take a SHINE to you too!
      This morning as soon as the broadcast started at 4:30, Ch7, they mentioned Nat’l Popcorn Day. And I just knew you’d be telling us. You didn’t let me down, KERNEL! Oh wait, you were Navy, right? Hmm. I ADMIREal your memory? I BUTTER just let it go??? 😂
      Easy, breezy, right? A gift. And you won’t need Hitchcock or Roy Rodgers if the going gets rough. EVANS if I’m having another VERTIGO attack, I’ll still help TRIGGER your memory! EVANS if I’m dealing with the PSYCHOs, I’ll be DALE for you! EVANS if I’m thinking “This puzzle’s for THE BIRDS, I’ll look out that REAR WINDOW and drop you down a ROPE! Not to worry, Brooklyn, PAL..OMINO! Have a great day, You ol’ BUTTERCUP, you! 😂🙋🏻


    • Thanks for the heads up on National Popcorn Day, Paul. I’ll be sure to pop up a big bowl for the Friday Night Flicks! Will probably be a binge session of Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

      As has been acknowledged , today’s puzzle was pretty easy; blind/instant solve. Kudos to Jeff, as I recognized Shakespeare before reading a word of the cartoon.


    • Thanks, Paul. Anytime. Glad to return the favor. You know I always appreciate your stories. To me, you’re “THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH”. And me, being “NOTORIUS” with the puns, well we can definitely start a “FRENZY”! Have a great day, Brooklyn! 😉🙋🏻


    • Hi Betty. Nice to see you. For what they do, and as long as they’ve been at it, “MEASURE FOR MEASURE”, they can’t be! They exceed any scale! Hope you have a good one!📚🙋🏻


  7. Hi all – Yes, this was an easy one. First thing I noticed was that the actor is treading the boards, literally, reminding me of the classic flooring in old hardware and department stores. (Dude! Nice poofy shirt too, by the way! And love the hockey-jersey laces at the neck.)

    Then “Take another little PIZZA my heart now baby; you know you got it if you think it tastes good.” I would like to have seen him delivering a Round Table pizza, but I see that Round Table and “Pizza my Heart” are both Western-only chains.

    And finally, alas poor Yorick indeed! Turned into the creepiest door knocker since Jacob Marley at the beginning of Christmas Carol.

    Have a great day and weekend!

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    • Grasshopper The poofy shirt! I just knew you’d go there! Like Paul with the popcorn….one just gets to know! ROTFL…I was all over that shirt! And I wanted to go all Seinfeld this morning, but there just wasn’t enough to support it. I was already BOOKED, if you know what I mean… But I did make myself LOL! (Even tho it hurt)!
      🎶….So come on, come on, come on…come on…TAKE IT”🎶 Uh..Ahem…Where were we?? .Oh yes, Pizza! No, you can’t CAESAR real pizza places out your way, can you?
      You know its all in the WADUH, right? YORICKa…Pizza man’s here!!! TREAD lightly, Bud!
      Have a good one! 🍕🙋🏻


  8. Hi, all! Today makes a full week of Monday puzzles, meaning quick to solve. Today’s was quick, but I stayed with the cartoon for a while, enjoying it and smiling at the very clever answer.

    Glad I don’t have to make a sentence using WOOZY, WALNUT, BLOOM, AND BUTTER, but our official Sentence Man did really well, as usual.

    Loved all your comments yesterday about the price of your newspaper. What fun!
    HARRY, congratulations on having success with your retired, fixed income story.
    PAUL & MARIE, congrats on having the lowest prices. Paul, you laughed at my sentence and I laughed at Marie’s telling us we’re all nuts. That was too funny!
    STEVE, you won the prize for the most expensive, SF Chronicle at $60/month.
    ANGELA, your comments were funny & entertaining, as usual.
    MIKE & LELIA joined in true stories that sounded like apple-polishing with Mike saying he buys the paper to support David & Jeff, and Lelia putting The Jumble first in a long list of uses for the paper.

    Carolyn, I found your comment in IOW. Thanks. Let’s keep in touch.

    Have a wonderful weekend, all!!

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    • Ah, Lelia! Little did you know y’day that your newspaper comment would open such a Pandora’s Box! But I am thinking. Should you decide to call and discuss pricing, it may be wise to check first with some of your neighbors. You never know. As for me, I’m rankled, because I’m all for Truth, Justice and the American Way. (Yes, I’m a big Superman fan). So I can’t understand how people a mere 15 miles apart can have such disparity in the cost of their newspaper. We’re all NYC! We all duck at the same sounds! We all laugh at the same jokes! We all dread the onslaught of Canadian geese! We just happen to reside in different boroughs. So as soon as I can make a phone call without sounding like said Canadian goose in heat, I do intend to call and ask them how they justify their pricing. Let us know how it goes with you….
      That being said, today’s puzzle, for a Friday? “HAM…and Extra Cheese”? “O,HELLO! IT’S HERE”?. “AS YOU LIKE IT”? The possibilities are endless…!
      Thanks for the shout out, and have a great day! 📚🙋🏻


      • After the pizza was delivered, Romeo and Julie et.
        (I was going to be here all week, but they just ripped up the contract.) 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Hi, Angela, hope you are as successful as Harry was with his calls. I won’t be calling. I’ve had 2 widow friends for whom I subscribed to the paper in their name, and I was charged the same expensive rate as for mine. There are no discounts.
        Wanted Caesar dressing topping/A Comedy of Errors/ Much Ado About Nothing, next time I’m ordering plain pepperoni. LOL


      • Hi Lelia. So your newspaper saga ends. After it generated such ink!
        My friends and I are more curious to know how the paper can justify the price differential. We shall see. Sorry about your pizza! 🙋🏻


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