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Good Morning, Everyone!            🎶 I FALL TO PIECES....🎶

🎶Hey, VENUS! Oh, VENUS! VENUS if you will, please send a little girl for me to thrill. A girl who wants my kisses and my ARMS, a girl with all the charms of you…🎶.

🎶Do you SMILE to tempt a lover MONA LISA,  or is this your way to hide a broken heart? …Many dreams have been brought to your door step, they just lie there and they die there…Are you warm? Are you real MONA LISA? Or just a cold and lonely, lovely work of art…MONA LISA…MONA LISA….🎶

🎨🖌 I have a friend who told me that during his college days
Instead of going to MOVIEs, he and his friends would play,,
With jigsaw puzzles hours on end, a PARLOR table set
I think that I should mention…At the time? No internet!
My friend’s a little older, but his heart’s that of a child
He’s SWEET and so intelligent, his wit just drives me wild…
So looking at this Jumble, with an oil and two SCULPTs
I automatically thought of him and how he cheers me up.
I smile when I picture him, my love for him increases
I think of him as one of these, one of the MASTERPIECES! 🖌🎨

Ah, ART. The color, the beauty, there are no words…Not! This is the Jumble, Folks, of course there’s words! …1-2-easy, breezy.  # 3 and 4? Caused a pause? Couldn’t CHIP AWAY at Sculpt? Not granted Parole? Couldn’t end that sentence? No, because it’s PARLOR. Does anyone even say Parlor anymore? A period PIECE word, no? Well, just the same, Dave threw it in today, and it may have overSHADOWed our PERFECT record. Ok, let’s bRUSH over to our cartoon. Today we have a Puzzle in our Puzzle. Some Art in our Chart. A SMILE in our trial…Oh wait..I should have used trial back there with Parole, huh? Maybe someone was FRAMED? Hmm. Ok, enough CRACKS! Jeff shows us three people, WORKing on a Jigsaw Puzzle. The boxes DISPLAYed show, (from left to right), the Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa,(500 pcs) and David (1000 pcs). Venus, without her arms, David, with all his charms, and Mona Lisa a combination of the two. The dialogue tells us that the puzzle they’re working on is something that was SCENE in Paris. The Louvre…Ah, LOUVRE at first sight! I was always DRAWN to good ART. I even considered becoming an ART dealer once, you know to make some extra MONET. Anyway, since David’s in Italy, we have to PASTA him by, and concentrate on the women. But which one? There’s no clue! I could be up in ARMS over this, but considering the detail in Jeff’s drawing today, I’ll let it go. The drawings are exceptional! Guaranteed Jeff was never kicked out of Cartoon Art School…There’s no SUSPENDED ANIMATION here! But we could CHIP AWAY at this all day, CANVASSing around trying to guess, and to our chaGRIN still not be right. So let’s just solve. Classic Art, by the MASTERS, a lot of Pieces..The puzzles were..MASTERPIECES! Good pun, Dave. A STROKE of genius! Ok, eye candy…Today, once again we’ll do Bye candy…Why aren’t we shown the number of pieces for Venus? Something’s definitely MISSING, right?

So, There you have it, Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone And let’s not withDRAW like retired artists do, let’s get out there instead and DRAW a crowd…Get the PICTURE?  🖌🎨🙋🏻




21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/12/2018

  1. How SWEET it was when the owner of the beauty PARLOR encouraged her stylists to watch a MOVIE and learn how to SCUPT the clients’ hair in the latest fashion.
    Or to sort of piggyback on one of Angela’s comments:
    A PARLOR was a room where no SWEET was eaten, no movie discussed and to SCULPT in clay never considered.
    Easy solves for a Friday– although PARLOR gave me a momentary pause.
    Great weekend everyone. Spring this AM! Winter by evening.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Both great sentences. Such totally different imageries. When I was a very small child, the Grandmother of one of my older cousins had a “parlor”. And it was the grandest room. With velvet chairs, and doilies and porcelain “ladies” and a piano. The woman passed away while I was still very young. But I’ve always remembered that special room, that “parlor”. Funny the things that stay with us, right?…Almost 60° here, with pouring rain…Have a great day! 🎨🙋🏻

  2. Great pay back David….Easy puzzles all week and then BAM! Stumbles on 3 and 4 and solution but felt good when I did it sans help. Ice Storm in Indiana headed for New York. Mostly bad for walking and driving

    • Good Morning, Harry. Glad you hung in there and didn’t become disheARTened! Word is The Iceman Cometh…Be careful,out there.
      Always a pleasure, Hoosier Man! 🎨🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Angela you started my day off with a number of laughs. Won’t attempt to muscle in on you and Earls masterful display of the four words. The two six letter words did take a second look to get. When I went to the cartoon and saw all those letters (12) for a solve, l got intimidated again. After an hour I gave up and realized after looking at the answer I copied the letters on paper wrong. I had an extra “P” instead of a “T”. I should know by now to double check the letters as this happened to me more than once. Until tomorrow stay well,especially on this dark rainy day.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! And Thank you so much! It does my heART good to know I make you laugh! It’s getting that I can sense which LINES are going to tickle you the most! Typing up the letters for the solve, I thought to myself, this may have Paul up in ARMS today, but then I GRINned..because when you have a problem with the solve, your NAKED honesty has me rolling in the aisles! We make a good PAIR!
      Dark and dreary here also, rain BRUSHing against my windows…Hope that sunny disposition of yours overcomes the weather…Ciao, my Friend! 🖌🙋🏻

  4. Parlor gave me pause this morning though no trouble with the other clue words. It is always a bit unnerving to see one BIG long word but I was able to get the cartoon answer without difficulty in spite of that fact. We finally got some rain earlier this week and have heavy fog this morning. My heart goes out to the folks in Southern California. It’s just a mess down there and they’re still searching for missing people – what a tragedy. Seems like it is still awfully cold in the Midwest and East, so stay warm folks and have a good Friday.

    • Hi Betty. Parlor, as I was saying earlier, is not only a seldom heard word, it was anagrammed. MASTERfully. And see? You were worried for nothing! Those numerous letters were just a tease! I was telling Steve the other night that the images I’m seeing on the news are heart 💔 wrenching. And as you said, to know that there are people beneath all the rubble is hard to fathom. I pray for them constantly. I’m glad you’ve gotten some much needed rain. It seems there’s just no balance to nature any more. Here in the East, the strangest thing. It’s 60° degrees now, and teeming rain. And we’re being told that it will turn into the “bitter blast” that’s now in the Midwest. One doesn’t know what to think any more. Be well, and I hope you have a great day. 🎨🙋🏻

  5. Parlor took me a little longer, too. When I didn’t come up with the answer, I showed the letters to my husband, and he got it right away. Quite a picture of the Mona Lisa by Jeff. I was shocked to read that another painting by Da Vinci of Christ recently sold for $450 million.

    • Hi Caroline. I think Parlor may have caused us all to SIT BACK and take notice. It really didn’t look like anything! 😂 And I so agree, that Jeff’s images today were a MASTERPIECE in themselves! The details are exquisite. $450 million…? Is that all? 😂
      Hope you have a great day! 🖌🙋🏻

  6. I actually breezed through the words today. The length of the solution, however, slowed me down a bit and certainly wasn’t done blindly today!

    • Hey John. As much as we’d like, I guess they’re not all PICTURE perfect days! Hope you’re healing well. Take care! 🎨🙋🏻

  7. Hi, all! I enjoyed today’s Jumble about working a puzzle, one of my fav pastimes. It was a quick solve for me, but I’m posting late because of 4 doctor phone calls I had to make.

    Yesterday after a 2-hour wait to see the doctor, I earned a few laughs when they finally called our name & I stood & sang the first five Hallelujah’s in The Hallelujah Chorus-Handel’s Messiah.

    Mike, thanks for your nice comments & compliment to me.

    Steve, thanks for telling me about your new iPhones, but your saying that you had to “activate” them made me say “huh?” I don’t think Alexa will be moving in soon. LOL

    Paul, thank you for your prayers & blessings. I hear you about your friend’s prayers after cancer. I have said Thank You prayers since my breast cancer in l996, which puts me at 21 years cancer free.
    P.S. Were you an electrician like Jerry? Having been an electrician makes him popular with many guys in the neighborhood who ask him questions & borrow his special tools.

    • Hi Lelia. I think we’ve all enjoyed a jigsaw puzzle or two along the way. I still indulge once in a while myself. Simpler times…..Hope you’re enjoying your day. Take care. 🎨🙋🏻

    • Lelia Ann,l was a 3rd class avation electriction inthe Navy and installed elevators which took in cement work,plumbing and lots of electrical wiring for 7 years. To give you an idea of the difference in pay between local one and local three which l was,is a lot The helper in one made was the B mechanic got in three and the B mechanic made what the A got in three. Local one did new installations and local three did conversion. You pretty much had to be related to get in back then.

      • Hi, Paul! So you were Navy, and it sounds like you did well if I understood what you said which resembled Greek to me just like when my grandkids try to talk to me about their iPhones. Jerry was a jet mechanic in the Air Force for 4 years where he stayed at a low rank because he was a good jet mechanic & that’s where they wanted him to stay. He became an electrician, working for his dad at Ohlund Electric, when he got out of the Navy & we got married. Later he worked as an electrician in the maintenance dept. of my school district where he made about as much money as our paperboy, but they took a lot of retirement money out of our paychecks. Now that we are retired & have everything we need, we feel rich receiving that retirement money every month. We signed up for the plan that pays until you die. Gracious, how I do get carried away with details!!

      • Paul, I’m sure you knew I meant to say that Jerry got out of the Air Force not the Navy. That would be some trick joining the Air Force & getting out of the Navy. I know why I said it. First you told about being in the Navy & then I kept thinking about my dad being in the Navy & wondering what he did. He never talked about it much because a lot of what he did was classified or something like that. His letters were full of holes from being censored.

  8. Hi all – PARLOR took an extra look – I guess that does seem like an old fashioned word now. Whenever I have to write out the letters, like now, I always use the trick I learned here of separating the vowels and consonants. It looked like PICTURE at first, but then PIECES led to the answer.
    I think I got SCULPT because the first and last letters were in the right place.
    Have you seen the sentence that says “it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteers be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.” ?

    The coloring in my paper is so bad that the picture of David looks more like a James Brown or Little Richard album. And no Angela, the other two do *not* remind me of Joni Mitchell. (Hmmm. Maybe “For the Roses” come to think of it.)
    A song for Venus and one for Mona Lisa but nothing for David? I took that as a challenge but couldn’t come up with anything either. (“Davy the Fat Boy” by Randy Newman doesn’t really work.)

    For those in rain and fog, I’ll dedicate:
    🎵”There’s comfort in melancholy
    When there’s no need to explain
    It’s just as natural as the weather
    In this moody sky today”🎵

    • Hi, Steve! I LOVED your three easy-to-read sentences in which the first & last letters were correct but the rest were truly a MESS. I made a copy of that to share with my family.

      I agree that the picture of David looks like an album cover.

      I said that today’s puzzle was a quick solve for me, which it was, but after reading yours it occurs to me that I should have mentioned my short pause before PARLOR.

      • Hi Lelia – That sentence is strange, isn’t it? Don’t forget, Sharks host the Coyotes tomorrow night (Saturday) at 8:30 PM MST.

    • Shirley, Don’t you think I would have had a song for David if there were one to be had? Are you doubting my musical prowess, Grasshopper? Where are my gloves..??? And how did I just KNOW you’d go there? I was like…”No Steve, there isn’t”!!!
      You always did say the color was off in your paper. Darker shades, etc. It’s a great pic of David…Jeff truly outdid himself today. (I’m surprised you didn’t look on line…You would have seen the two blondes in purple…You can’t make this stuff up..)!! ART…Without it EARTH would just be…..EH…
      Eh, Steve? Have a good one, Bud! 🎨🙋🏻
      Joni??? Who??

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