Jumble Answers for 12/22/2017








Good Morning, Everyone!       🐶🐱  “IT’S A DOGGONE SHAME” 🐱🐶

🎶 It’s a DOGgone shame you’re not home. It’s a DOGgone shame you left me alone…It’s a shame you’re not here, that you’re not around, sad you’re out running all over this town…It’s a DOGgone shame you’ve put me down…🎶

🐶🐱 Well look at what we have today, the Jumble Boys we get
Discussing a cartoon for us, surrounded by their pets.
I thought that Dave had cats though, so it’s a little SCREWY
Because unless I’m wrong, I don’t see Simon or Tootie.
The panel is a little BLEAK, look at those desks so clean
(ANNUL’s not going to work today, if you see what I mean…)
I know the names of Jeff’s two dogs, are Gizmo and Fifi
How nice that they all get along, no DAMAGE do we see.
Is it a cat, can I be wrong, looking at David’s feet?
This should have been so easy, and I’d just go off to eat…
But this morning seeing these three dogs, my heart just sort of sank…
I see no cat, I’ll need Jeff’s help, because I’ve DRAWN A BLANK! 🐱🐶

Ok, so I went to FETCH my paper this morning, and this is what I see:..Todays words are not RUFF, but I think the anagram of BLEAK may be NEUTER us. Very creative for 5 LITTERS. I mean letters. Ok, our cartoon…David, left, a Jumble board up on his screen, which is wired to his keyboard. Steaming cup of coffee by his side. Jeff, right, clad in a signature Wilco T-shirt, depicting the “Early Rising Since ’94” Rooster, his head COCKed to one side.  He’s holding a BLANK tablet, stylus in hand, and there’s a cell phone on his desk. And then there’s the dogs. THREE dogs. Listen, my FELINE about this? Threw my whole morning off! …I ask you, Folks, is this normal? I’ll answer you, Folks, “NO”. It’s a little SIC if you ask me. With all that I still have left to do, MEOWs not the time FUR this. I shouldn’t be CHEWsing to unscramble this cartoon. Yet, here I am! BARKING up the wrong tree… You know, my thoughts are so SCATtered, I’m just going to get right to the dialogue. Dave’s telling Jeff that he PICTURES someone eating a Butterfly, and “having a Butterfly in his stomach”. Cute. Jeff says…”Oh, no problem… I got this”… (Yes, I’ve put words into his mouth…he put doubt into my mind)…Anyway, the question states that the “artist”, Jeff, has never been at a loss for wor…Oh wait, that’s Dave. Jeff has never been at a loss for a DRAWing.  He’s never..”DRAWN A BLANK”. Clever, very clever… Good pun! Ok, eye candy. Hmm. Today? It’s what I don’t see. I’m just turning it over to Jeff. “Jeff..YELP me out here…Where’s the CAT…”?     So, There you have it, Folks, Done..Or Undone!

Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…If one of your PET peeves is not being able to completely solve a puzzle, and as a result things are just not PURR-fect, PAWS for a minute, and consider this…It may not be a CATastrophe, but it is a DOGgone shame…And whoever’s responsible FUR the faux PAW, should SIT up and take responsibility. It’s the LEASH they can do….LITTERally…🐱🐶 🙋🏻











31 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/22/2017

    • Good Morning, Big Guy!
      Almost don’t count! Those little PAWSes don’t count either!!
      As long as you got it done. I think we’re gonna need the BLANKets FUR the next few days…And, oh SNOW! We may need the shovels, too!
      Have a great day, Moose! 🐶🐱🙋🏻


      • Hi Chuck. Nice to see you!
        Another of our posters mentioned seeing Annual also.
        It’s SIC sometimes when you get a word into your head, and can’t get past it, right? Sorry the word DOGged you…Wishing you PETter luck t’row! Take care! 🐶🙋🏻


  1. The future looked not only BLEAK but SCREWY, so the new bride began the process to ANNUL her marriage and prevent any further DAMAGE.
    For a Friday, fairly easy blind solve, although when I first looked at the scrambled words I saw “annual” instead of ANNUL. I think the K in BLEAK led me to the solution.
    Thanks for inside info on the details in the cartoon Angela–I remember hearing about pets in the Jumble Makers households, but had forgotten.
    I know my sentence is rather BLEAK but I guess I was channeling Dickens this AM–his Christmas Story is not all lollipops and roses is it? And snow? Already here and the roads and driveways have been plowed. Yeck, unless you enjoy the stuff and think Christmas needs snow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good Morning, Earl. Maybe not BLEAK, but there is a BITE to it! But, I’m sure the poor girl has a list of PET peeves. Maybe the guy’s a real HEEL, you know? Treated her like a DOG…Whatever…It’s better she FLEAS now though, as you said…
      Yes, the PETS. Maybe I’m wrong, but I could have sworn there were CATS…Hopefully Jeff will THROW me a BONE…and explain…
      You’ve gotten so much snow already? YIKES! Nothing here yet, although we have been threatened. Does Christmas need snow? IDK, Earl. It does in my dreams…
      Hope you have a great day, despite the weather. CHOW, Sir! 🐶🐱🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Angela you started me off again with a laugh and a smile. Great job. The words were easy with bleak taking a little longer to get. The cartoon answer was simple once I saw all the letters down on paper. The W and K jumped out and it helped seeing the blank screen on the pad. Until tomorrow stay well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Thank you! Whatever I can do to YELP!
      You make me smile too! BLEAK did cause a blink! Like a little TIC. Not as big as a FLEA, though! Glad you had an easy go of it…Hope you SIC around…We could use a few good laughs today! CHOW, my Friend! 🐶🐱🙋🏻


    • You really had me laughing when I read your comment. Growing up we had a cat or two,many dogs,canary’s,three legged turtle that we found and rescued a pigeon that somebody shot with a pellet gun that my mother repaired his wing and kept until he was able to fly. Oh and a rabbit that we kept in a large cage in the garage that my father gave to the Italian guy up the block for dinner because we got a bigger car and he had to go. (The rabbit not the neighbor)


      • Paul, You must be the life of the party!
        You had a regular menagerie going there. And in Brooklyn, to boot!
        But the poor rabbit had to go because of the car?.He ended up There, not HARE?
        That must have been one hell of a car! What was it, a Volkswagen Rabbit???😂
        You have me ROTFL! I’m thinking of Glenn Close and Fatal Attraction, I can’t help it!!! And you knew the neighbor was gonna eat the poor thing!!!
        As tired as I am, Brooklyn, you have my sides splitting! 🐰🙋🏻


    • Hi Caroline. Well, you know I do also, but I laughed out loud at the cat comment! Here’s where inflection would have been an added bonus! Screwy was scrambled really good. Hope you’re enjoying your day. Take care! 🐶🙋🏻


  3. Hi all – DAMAGE took a bit, and BLEAK took the longest. I’m waiting with baited (dog) breath to see what the pun is about, that concerns a guy with a butterfly in his stomach. I guess he’s nervous? I can wait; in the meantime, have a great day!

    Angela and Lelia – does “guitarist Alex of Collateral DAMAGE” ring a bell? Am I psychic?)

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  4. Hi, all! Instant solve with the cartoon answer. We are so lucky to have our Jeff who does not draw a blank.

    Jerry and I are off to U-Haul to buy boxes for the 2 beautiful paintings that I decided to give to our daughters this year. I gave one of the paintings to my mom and one to Jerry’s mom many years ago and then inherited them back. Our girls love the paintings after having seen them at their grandma’s houses and then here for so many years.

    2:30 p.m. Steve, the next time you warn me that our temp. will be going down, I will pay more attention to you. I almost phroze in Phoenix!!

    Mike, I hope that plans are going well for your fun surprise!

    Years ago I bought a disposable Christmas tablecloth covered with pretty red poinsettias that we could toss after our meal & begin playing games faster. However, when I got it home I decided it was tacky with the permanent plastic wrinkles in it & did not use it. Getting it out a few days ago, I have decided that it looks quite festive covered with poinsettias, and I think a disposable tablecloth will go well with our take-out food from Chompies.

    I made both daughters laugh when I told them that I would welcome them at the door not only with their traditional hug and “I love you” but the words, “Welcome to the tacky tablecloth take-out Chompie’s Christmas. We are all looking forward to it.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Hi, Steve! Yes, you must be psychic. I looked up the band of which you spoke with our third clue word DAMAGE in its name and saw a picture of them. I was going to say they looked a little scary, but to keep with the program I will say they looked BLEAK. I didn’t have time to listen to them.

    I asked Jerry about our heat and he said we have a Heat Pump because they are greatly improved from many years ago when he did not like them at all. The first day we needed heat, it took me 3 seconds to change from refrigeration to heat.


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