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Have a super Saturday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

 Moonshine Still 3 Digital Art by Daniel Eskridge

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  1. 🎶 I’ve been a MOONSHINER for seventeen long years…And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer. And I go to some hollow and set up my STILL…If whiskey don’t kill me…Lord, I don’t know what will…🎶

    🍯🥃 This woman don’t take ISSUE with a man and his Moonshine
    I’ve gotten my own THRILLs on, with certain bottles of wine.
    A Still is often DIMLY lit and sparsely decorated
    I’ve tasted Moonshine…suffice to say it’s often overrated.
    The Moonshiner that we see here looks FLABBY and unkempt
    I don’t see many women this scenario would tempt…
    But there may be a Hoochie Mama that he calls his wife…
    Whatever is his story, “Cheers” to him and his STILL LIFE! 🥃🍯

    Looking at today’s words, I took a moment to DRINK it all in. Flabby may be new to us, I’m not sure. It’s such a CORNy word, though isn’t it? Anyway, I moved on to our puzzle. Jeff’s giving us a Moonshiner painting his STILL. I don’t know much about STILLS, so I called my friend Al for help. “AL, CO HAUL yourself over here and give me a hand…”? I asked…But he was MASHed from a night out, and wasn’t very helpFULL. And you know I wasn’t going to KEG! The irony, huh? So I tried looking it up, but I STILL couldn’t find any PROOF that I was on the right TRACK. I just had that HOLLOW feeling I get when things aren’t RUNNING well. But, I did read that Moonshining began in Appalachia, and that in one particular area, Harlan County, Kentucky, most people made Moonshine to support their families. I guess since they could BARLEY get by, it was the YEAST they could do. But what was BOOZE to me, was learning that since 2010, Moonshine has become legal in the United States! Now that I never BREW! Ok, so we see that our Moonshiner is using various colors: Red, Gray, Brown and Black. He has quite a PALATE for this, doesn’t he? And, our question is asking what type of painting is being done, so it’s pretty CLEAR…it’s a STILL LIFE! Well, POUR me a DRINK, and let me toast our Guys! We have another work of ART! Ok, eye candy. I must say, the Moonshiners tongue hanging out is an real RYE catcher. I said RYE catcher, Folks…NOT eye catcher! So not my TASTE! Nope, the candy today’s going to be that JUG of White Lightning, sitting by the side… Yep, X marks the spot! So, There you have it Folks, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! Cheers! 🍯🙋🏻

  2. Wow, You are amazing lady. Why have you not hooked up with some musical genius and become a songwriter? If I had half of your talent I would not waste it on a blog!
    Fun puzzle today

    • And there’s that Hoosier charm I’ve heard so much about!
      Thank you very much, Harry!
      I did hook up with a musician once…But it was nothing but TREBLE. There were STRINGS attached…And he was always tooting his own HORN…We CLASHed too much…He just wasn’t a NATURAL.
      And the worse part? He was always looking for a round of applause…
      I was waiting for a good PERFORMANCE…😉
      PS: I’m not wasting my talent. This isn’t my only GIG…
      Thanks again. And yes, it was a fun puzzle! Have a great day, Harry! 🍯🙋🏻

    • Good morning, Big Guy! Thank you.
      You caught me! Trust me, I’m RUNNING on FUMES! I hope I’m STILL here by MOONtime! Warm thoughts to you too.🍯🙋🏻

  3. He was DIMLY aware that he grown FLABBY but the weight gain became a real ISSUE when he tried to get into the seat of the car at the THRILL ride.
    Another “blind solve” as Mike would say. I thought perhaps Saturday would bring words and a puzzle that would dull the shine, but things continue to bubble along smoothly,
    Appreciate your early morning musings, Angela, and like Harry, I’m very impressed with your ability to turn mundane words into magnificent murmurs.
    Busy day up here so I am off to get things done while the weather’s clear.
    Have a great weekend everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Your sentence has me ROTFL! The imagery! And the “dull the shine..etc” ‘ain’t too shabby either. You, Sir do have a gift!
      Thank you very, very much for your kind words. I love the sentiment you’ve penned about my ability. One of my nieces does calligraphy. I’m going to have her write it up for me and I’m framing it. It’s an outrageously beautiful turn of phrase.
      Stay warm. It’s only 19° here, and we had another two inches of snow….The struggle is real!!! Be well. 🍯🙋🏻

  4. Blind solve, (no, I ain’t been sippin’ bad shine!) and the clue words were a breeze.

    Life with the new dog continues to improve, but he is still not completely trustworthy in the house. We are hopeful, though!

    • It takes time….And I’m sure you’ll DOGgedly pursue the training…Good luck, John!
      Yes, it was a breeze! Enjoy your day! 🍯🙋🏻

  5. Good afternoon. Thanks Mike for the beautiful picture. Some difference between that and the paper. Angelia you never cease to amaze me. Great job. I had this almost finished and bam,it disappeared Somewhere in outer space there is an unfinished blog. I’ve had some Alabama white lightning that my buddy brought back when he went home on leave. It was sure strong. His car was all shot up with buckshot from a fued with a neighbor. He was at the time thinking of going back and get his shotgun but thought better of it. Im not making this up. It really happened. Today’s jumble was a snap but I had to write down the letters to get the cartoon. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Paul. Thank you very much. I really had a BLAST doing it.
      I love your stories! You definitely can make me laugh! When I had my first taste,it was before 2010 also….I was with friends down in North Carolina, and there was an Uncle who had a still. I have pictures! And trust me, I STILL remember how it felt going down! There were no shotguns involved, but after a few SHOTS of the stuff, I was numb! I KEGged for mercy!
      I’m going to look and see if I find your lost entry…One never knows!
      Have a great day, my Friend! 🍯🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Pretty instant solve. Forgive my long self-indulgent post on a sleepy Saturday morning.

    WORT a great post, Angela. People would PONY up money for that!
    I’m sure that boy’s product is perfectly PALLETTE-able.

    🎵”Let me tell the story, I can tell it all;
    About the mountain boy who ran illegal alcohol.
    His daddy made the whiskey, the son he drove the load;
    And when his engine roared they called the highway “Thunder Road”.🎵
    A rare Robert Mitchum musical reference!

    Great “Sherman’s Lagoon” followup today:
    Sherman: “Shrimpus Pinkfloydi…That’s pretty cool.”
    His nerd fish friend: “It’s music from YOUR generation, not mine,”
    Sherman: “What if it was Shrimpus Led Zeppelini?”
    Friend: “Getting colder.” 😂

    “Song from the ceiling” at Peet’s this morning: “Green Onions” by Booker T and the MG’s. Thankfully, not *everyone* is playing Christmas music *all* the time. I love it, but a break is also nice.

    Funny, I was just thinking of this before I picked up today’s Jumble:

    🎵”You aimed to please me, Cooked black-eyed peas-me
    Made elderberry wine
    Drunk all the time. Feeling fine on elderberry wine
    Those were the days, We lay in the haze
    Forget depressive times🎵

    And then there’s:
    🎵”Has anybody here seen Razor Face
    I heard he’s back looking for a place to lay down
    Must be getting on
    Needs a man who’s young to walk him round
    Needs a man who’s young to walk him round
    Come on Razor Face my old friend
    I’ll meet you down by the Truck Stop Inn
    With a bottle of booze in the back of my car
    You’re a song on the lips of an aging star
    Razor Face, ooo amazing grace protects you like a glove
    And I’ll never learn the reason why I love you Razor Face🎵
    Happy Saturday, folks.

    • Grasshopper…Thank you, and what a WORThy opPONYent! Kudos! Our boy sure is a “colorful” character! You should have seen my first go round..,It wouldn’t have made it past the censors! 😂
      So, we got 🎶Thunder Road…..And White Lightning was his load…🎶..And do we really think Elton ate those black-eyed peas…? (And what would make you think of that)??? 🎶Razor Face,🎶, I always chalked up to his you know what days…😉 As for 🎶Green Onions🎶? The mediocre minds! Its been on my play list for years! Need a REST now? 😂😂
      Talk to you later!! 🍯🙋🏻

      • What made me think of “Elderberry Wine”? That is an *excellent* question. I just wish I had an answer. 😂 Although it could have been that “The Elderberries” is one of the online comics I read in the morning.

        When that moonshiner is finished, he should holster his MAGNUMS, put an antimacassar under his JEROBOAMS and SPLIT for Thunder Road in his Chrysler IMPERIAL.

        See you later! 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • The Elderberries makes a whole lot of sense. That was probably it. I personally can go ..🎶..A long, long time…🎶 without thinking of Sir Elton.

          I really don’t think the Moonshiner knows from magnums and jeroboams. Do you? Look at him! This boy is more that jug and the old mason jar…guaranteed! And Steve? That Imperial? You’ve never imbibed, have you? After the Moonshine? ….More like…🎶Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road..🎶 😂 Just Sayin’!
          Talk to you later.🍯🙋🏻

  7. Hi, all! Paper was still in yard so I used Seattle Times on line. Working slowly, I finished in 2:22. I consider that an easy solve.

    Enjoyed every comment today. See ya’!

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