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Good Morning, Everyone!             🎾 TOO LITTLE, TOO LET? 🎾

🎶 RETURN to me..Please come back Bella Mia…Hurry back, hurry home to my arms, to my lips and my heart…🎶

🎾🎾 A Tennis ball SPIRALs as it sails through the air
One hopes it don’t FALTER before it gets there…
I GIGGLE because as this story UNFOLDs
I’m thinking that I don’t fit in this mold.
My tennis ability’s FINITE at best, not something I ever perfected
“Take thee to the WINERY“s more my MO
(And the meter needs to be corrected…) 🎾🎾

Ok, so the rhythm’s a little OUT of sync,  I admit. Not my best SERVE. But I’m having a RALLY hard time trying to get my POINT across to someone this morning, and I’m a little UPSET. But I’m sure it’ll PASS…OK, today’s words are beauties, as we’d say in Brooklyn. They’re all RETURNing favorites, with the anagrams being different…So, I guess that makes them what? MIXED DOUBLES? Sorry, I couldn’t resist! I just had to TOSS it OUT there! Ok, LET’s SWING over to our cartoon: We’re at a Tennis match, seeing a couple SCRATCHing their heads in bewilderment. Well not literally, but they are at a disADVANTAGE, because the COURT is JAMMED. It must be a RALLY nice place. I guess they thought they could just WALK OVER and play, but au contraire, my Dears! They may have needed “a reservation” as the dialogue tells us. Good POINT. And as the woman looks around, she’s DRAWing in some “familiar faces” among the players…Hmm…They’ve all been here before? And now they’ve RETURNed?..“RETURNING PLAYERS“? CROSS OVER to the WINning side, we’re done! Good LOB, Dave! And Jeff, your DRAWing once again, QUALIFIES too! You guys are ACES! Ok, eye candy. What will be my SWEETSPOT today? The STIFFNESS of the face of the player at right? The STANCE of the woman player? (Or her tongue BREAKing through her lips)? No, LET’s go once again, with something we’ve had beFOREHAND…Two woman? In the FRAME SHOT? You’ve guessed it! They’re both wearing Purple! Ladies, I ask you…Do ANY of us LOVE the color THAT much???
So, there you have it, Folks, Done!

Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Sometimes we just need to get a GRIP. Because, somewhere DOWN THE LINE? Before we reach that BREAK POINT? ALLways look for the ALTERNATE solution, and trust your GUT.
BYE, BYE…🎾🙋🏻



24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/10/2017

  1. Morning, all – Despite your feelings about tennis, Angela, you did not faulter. As for the CWs, I had to back into falter and winery didn’t come easily. Players came to mind pretty quickly, and once I tried ing as the ending for the first word, I was able to unjumble the rest of it.

  2. Good morning. Because I’m in a rush to get out of the house for a 25th wedding anniversary I had to give up on the 1st and last word. Wasted too much time with no result. The cartoon was a different answer though. After writing down the letters “players” jumped out which left me with “returning”. Gotta go they are waiting for me. Till tomorrow stay well.

  3. Good morning Angela. Paper was late again. CW’s were Easy, but had to spend a few on Solution. Did not SERVE me well.

    • Good Afternoon, Big Guy. Sorry you had a little SET back with the solve. Sometimes it helps to take a MINI BREAK, and say a HAIL MARY! I said a few myself this morning! GAME’s on soon, I plan to enjoy seeing Eli get the WIN! Even if we have to SCRATCH it OUT! Have a great day! 🎾🙋🏻

  4. Good Afternoon,Caroline, and Thank you! Tennis may not be my sport of choice, but I do appreciate it, and the athletes that partake. I’m a big Serena Williams fan. I just got back from a neighborhood party my friends throw for the kids, and where I act as an elf! Suffice to say, I’M ready to be put on a SHELF!
    Today wasn’t all that bad for a Sunday puzzle, once we got past Fondue, Rafter, and Knife! (Those first quick 3:30 glances)! My eyes DRANK WINERY in immediately! We speak of what we know! 😂🍷I’m glad you were able to MATCH up the words for the solution, and you’re right, the ING was a big help. Hope you have a SMASHing day! Ciao! 🎾🙋🏻

  5. There was nothing to GIGGLE about at the WINERY when barrels began to SPIRAL out of control and the vintners had to FALTER as disaster began to UNFOLD and a FINITE amount of workers was able to help.
    No problem with the scrambled words but even after I wrote down the circled letters I had to study and study and study to come up with the solution. Hard to explain my ignorance of “players”. Duhhh. This from an”old” tennis player.
    Angela, despite your professing a lack of tennis ability or knowledge, you certainly served aces and hit one of the best lobs I’ve ever seen —love your style.

    • Hey, Earl. Thank you very much! If there ever was a day I could use a little LOVE, it’s today! 😉 It’s just been one of those days! It’s the Tennis ability I lack, even though I’ve given it a good SHOT. It went so far as me being told that I was SWINGing a tennis racket, not a baseball bat! HA! Maybe it was my STANCE! But despite never MASTERing it, I’ve always appreciated it. And you know Miss Serena is my girl. That combination of strength and grace is amazing, right? So you got stuck on Players…A mnor UPSET. LET it go, TOSS it aside, you’re still a WINNER in my book! And your sentence is an ACE!
      Thanks again, and have a great day! 🎾😂
      PS: I ❤️ LOVE your style too!

  6. Hi all – WINERY took a bit extra and FALTER the longest. Great answer!

    Sorry, but I almost didn’t make it past FLONDU which made me GIGGLE with LAFTER. “UNFOLD your napkin, and carefully FOLD the eggs and cheese into the FLONDU.” Thanks for the advice, Julia Child!

    Take good care up there in the Buffalo blizzard!

  7. LOL…I think Julia’s doing one of these 💆🏻right about now! And you can Giggle all you want, but a foodie you’re not! 😂 We’ve had that discussion before, haven’t we? 😂 Good play on the malaprops tho! Yogi would be proud!
    🎶To Niag’ra in a sleeper, there’s no honeymoon that’s cheaper..And the train goes slow..Ooh-ooh-ooh..Off, We’re gonna SHOVEL…SHOVEL off to Buffalo🎶!
    Oh, and the WINEry? Extra’s always better…! 😂🍷
    Have a great day, Grasshopper. (You may be needing some LOVE too, with those Raiders of yours)! Talk to you later! 🙋🏻

    • Scott Ostler (appropriate with today’s win):

      “It’s actually OK to start comparing Jimmy Garoppolo with Joe. But not Joe Montana , not until Jimmy G’s got a couple Super Bowls under his belt. The comparisons work better with another Italian Joe from Pennsylvania — Joe Namath. Garoppolo’s got a bit of Broadway Joe’s charm and easygoing cool. If the 49ers do get to the Super Bowl (no, not this season), I can see Garoppolo sitting poolside, hands behind head, regaling reporters, guaranteeing a win.”

  8. Hi, all! First my disclaimer. Our Christmas Party with the Arizona Prospectors Association at a Chinese/American food buffet with at least a million choices of food was good eatin’, fun fellowship, enjoyable activities such as a drawing for a gold nugget valued at $1,000, and very tiring. I should have gone back to bed today, but I grabbed the Jumble, as usual.
    I got all 6 words, even FONDLE with no “E” available in the letter choices.
    I did not get the answer in spite of being quite an avid tennis player years ago.
    Back to bed…..zzzzzzz.

    • Glad you enjoyed yourself y’day, Lelia.. Holiday parties are the best! And the rest sounds good, too! Enjoy! 🎾🙋🏻

      • Thanks, Angela, and I liked your post with all the tennis words/lingo. Brings back memories of when Jerry gave me a Wilson T-2000 racket, I made myself some cute tennis dresses, and I enjoyed playing tennis.

  9. Lelia Ann, yesterday you said that Christmas songs make you cry. There is a 50s song called “Sad movies always make me cry”. It is done by a female singer. You would love it. It’s about a teenager who goes to the movies alone and when the lights come on she sees her boyfriend in front of her with another girl. She goes home crying and her mother wants to know why se is crying. Hence,sad movies always makes me cry. Listen to it it’s cute. Don’t know the singers name. P.S. party is great.

    • Hi, Paul, fellow party-person. I enjoyed my prospectors party yesterday, and I am sure that the 25th wedding anniversary celebration you attended today was lovely.

      Thank you for the song “Sad Movies,” first line “Sad movies always make me cry.” Boy, does it ever sound 50’s! Didn’t recognize it so Googled it and found that it was sung by Sue Thompson. I guess I was one of the few who didn’t sing-along with it because it was included on the album entitled Golden Hits in 1963.

      I remember that going to the movies was a huge thing in the 50’s and 60’s which brings to mind another familiar title, “Wake Up Little Susie,” released in 1957. Thanks for the memories, Paul.

  10. Hi Lelia. The party was in Staten Island. My brother in law paid for a Rod Stewart impersonator. My sister in law sees all his concerts. Big fan. He flew him in from Vegas paid all the expenses,hotel and is taking him to see the tree tonight at Rockefeller Center. At first you really thought he was the real thing. “Wake up little Susie’s” had a time being released. They had to change some of the lyrics because it gave the impression that she was a bad girl!! You have to laugh at that what with all the cursing they do now in songs.

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