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Good Monday morning my friends and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun! The clue words were super easy today with all of them coming into view immediately. If you happened to get stuck on one, my pick would be INVENT. With all of the clue words solved, it was on to the cartoon.

In today’s panel, we see a teacher in front of a whiteboard with three students sitting at their desks. One of the students is saying something to her classmate using the back of her hand in hopes that the teacher won’t catch her talking. Reading the dialogue and sentence, we learn that the teacher is giving a lesson on action words, more commonly known as verbs. Three verbs are also written on the board which were great clues if the 7-letter solution escaped you. I had no trouble with the solve and was able to finish this one off without writing out the clue letters. Have a wonderful Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. I can honestly attest to the fact that the one that stumped me was “BEGUN”….I actually forgot that “Bungee” has 2 Es LOL #BUNGE #Shouldaknownbetter

  2. 🎶You talk too much, you worry me to death, you talk too much, you even worry my pet. You just talk, talk, talk…Talk too much…🎶

    😷😷 I have a certain cousin that has a certain knack
    Of telling every story by reaching way way back…
    He builds quite a scenario, the groundworks all laid out
    And most times we’re all wondering what is this all about?
    No matter what the subject, half way through you want to run
    It’s gotten that we’re telling him before he’s ‘een BEGUN
    “Get to the point, please spare us all the whys and the wherefores
    The HOUSE was full and now we’re all just headed for the doors…”
    There’s those of us who go through life with stories short and sweet
    And then there’s all the others who a dead horse we have beat
    I fall into the latter, I’m not succinct or meek
    A subjects not INVENTed that a blue streak I can’t speak…
    I’ll talk about most anything, my styles hard to crimp
    (You know I needed that last line in order to use SHRIMP)
    I may not be as bad as him, but if we all took votes
    I’d run a real close second as to who’s the most VERBOSE! 😷😷

    Monday words. Easy, breezy, nothing to TALK about. I’ll be BRIEF and just MOVE on to our cartoon. Today Jeff gives us a classroom setting, with a teacher who’s explaining ACTION words. And according to the students reactions, she’s running with it. RUNNING her mouth, that is! The dialogue’s telling us that not only do these kids get it, they’re ready to get OVER it! The question? ACTION words? VERBS…? This teacher is…VERBOSE! HA! Take that and RUN with it! Great pun, Dave! You’ve SAID it all! Ok, eye candy. Not much GOING ON in our cartoon today. But the teacher is wearing a green blouse…Green! Now THAT’S something to talk about!
    So, there you go Folks, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And in the words of the late, great Yogi Berra…” It was impossible to get a conversation going…everybody was talking too much…” 😷🙋🏻

  3. At first I thought what’s wrong with smirph but then realized I was thinking of a proper name spelled Smurf. Wikipedia has a long entry on them, including the funny derivation of the name and a description of their cooperative society. Best to all.

    • If the word had been “Smurf” today, he (or the only she) would be talking a blue streak.

  4. The word ‘Verbose’ is a very touchy word for my Godfather (Dad’s BFF).

    When he and my Dad were in 6th Grade; Mr. Bush their teacher had the students individually get up to do public speaking.

    After his speech, Mr. Bush informed him that he did a great job and also was very ‘Verbose’.

    My Godfather unwittingly didn’t know what the word was and Mr. Bush invited him to look it up and read it to the class.

    He and my father remember the entry to this day…

    using or expressed in more words than are needed

    He was mortified and even though he and my father became extremely Successful Principals in Baltimore City Public Schools (which I am a proud product of); my father said he became a man of fewer words although they were very effective, they were also efficient.

  5. The chef at the half-way HOUSE had to INVENT a new dish when an abundance of SHRIMP had BEGUN to appear after a violent storm in the Gulf.
    Easy solve today and I love the solution–great word play and punning!
    Busy at the hospital– later everyone.

  6. Hi all – Got the words and answer pretty quickly, with INVENT causing the extra pause.

    “Can we TALK?” That student is risking a SENTENCE in detention for disrespect, punctuated by a note from the teacher, period.

    Angela, the teacher is wearing purple in the Chronicle; no respite for us.

    John, I apply the term “Winner” to both you and your Washington Huskies team. Congrats! To both, I dedicate the delicious Northwest-grown McIntosh apple I had for breakfast.

    Regards for everyone.

    • Thank you, Steve. You always comport yourself in a gentlemanly manner, here. It is appreciated!

  7. Off to an easy start this week. No problems with clue words or puzzle. Good start for the week . Happy Monday everyone.

  8. Hi, all! Welcome back, Mike!!

    Well, we knew the word “verb” had to be in the answer somehow, somewhere because of all the “action word” teaching & the words on the board. However, I thought of “verbal” first, which was one letter short, so had to change to VERBOSE.

    My heart goes out to the one whose teacher made a spectacle of him in front of the whole class by having him look up the word VERBOSE. When I wrote a cute little poem in the 4th grade, the substitute teacher read it and said loudly, “What a cute little nonsense rhyme.” I never got over that & couldn’t write poetry again for many years. I hope I did not do that to a single child during my 25 years of teaching.

    Clue words: I had to change “bungee” to BEGUN as did Kimberly and Harry.
    Carolyn, like you, I thought of “SmIrph” before catching that slippery SHRIMP.

    Harry, I answered you in IOW.

      • Hi, Steve! Very funny!! I made a copy of that comic for me and one for Diane who, rather than toss the giblets this year, simmered them all day Friday, diced them, and put them into a small pan of the gravy on Saturday. When she told me that the small pan was giblet gravy, all 3 of her daughters reacted. “You mean you actually cooked that bag of stuff that’s inside the turkey?” “I give that junk to my dog!” “Which pan is it? I don’t want any!”

        Steve, I will continue to enjoy your teasing about my eating gizzards & Diane eating fried livers at Cracker Barrel. “Blame it all on my roots.”

  9. Good evening friends. I’m not going to comment too much as I could not get today’s blog and used yesterday’s to do it. Maybe Angela did something as I addressed her in my entry. Kimberly,I too got “begun” as the last word. It took an extra minute at least. Let’s hope tomorrow’s blog mysteriously appears like this did. Stay well.

    • Paul. 🙏🏻
      I did reply to you. But to see it, you’ll have to go to back to y’days page.
      Be well. Enjoy your night. 🙋🏻

  10. The verbs that appeared seemed to be all past tense, leading me to think of words like “pastime” or something else that would refer to the past. But then I saw “write”, a one of a kind, an odd-man out. Then I was able to get the solution.

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