Jumble Answers for 11/20/2017








Good morning, my friends, and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun! Guest Jumbler week is finally over and we’re reintroduced once again to the cast of Jumble characters that we’ve come to know and love. The clue words were no trouble as is almost expected on a Monday morning warmup puzzle. JESTER would be my pick for the most difficult anagram only because it’s a little more obscure of a word than the rest of the pack.

Moving on to the cartoon, it was wonderful to see Mr. Knurek’s artistry on display after a long week of guest fill-ins. The panel features a hot air ballon with two occupants taking up half of the space with a beautiful sunrise occurring on the remainder. Reading the dialogue and sentence, we learn that the husband and wife team had different ideas when it came to sleeping the night before. The male half states that he was happy that they “woke up when they did” while his better half says that she’s “glad we didn’t go to bed late last night”. As the husband enjoys a hot beverage and fights to keep his eyes open, his wide-eyed wife waits to for the perfect moment to snap a photo (see below).

The letter layout, in my opinion, could have been jumbled better to make it more cryptic. EARLY was practically grouped together and was a snap to find with RISERS taking just a moment longer.

I wish you a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/20/2017

  1. Good morning. Today’s entire puzzle was an instant read. Probably one of my best times in solving a puzzle. “Could it be because today is Monday”. Being the court Jester in the family I decided to practice my culinary prowess for Thanksgiving by making a Glaze’d ham with a River of gravy and was not Skimpy on the mashed potatoes. Until tomorrow stay well. Heading out the door so I’ll read everybody later. Was chomping at the bit to post before leaving.

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  2. 🎶Would you like to ride in my beautiful BALLOON? Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon? We could float among the stars together, you and I
    For we can FLY…we can fly…Up, UP and AWAY..My beautiful, my beautiful balloon…🎶

    🎈So, a SKIMPY little bucket, with a couple smiling bright
    And the sun just now arising, all a GLAZE with mornings light
    But there’s something gnawing at me, showing up in my minds eye
    I remember making Hot Air Balloon jokes back in early July.
    I love to laugh and Jumble brings the JESTER out in me
    But like a RIVER always running, thoughts flow through my memory…
    And we had a Balloon back then, my mind triggered by the cup
    The woman held it that time while they spoke ’bout going up
    So, the drawing may be different, a few changes here and there…
    But something that will never change…I’ll never go “up in the air..”.🎈

    So, today’s words. I’m thinking, what are the chances we’ve seen Skimpy before, SLIM to NONE? The others? Old favorites. FLOATING over to the cartoon, it’s deja vu all over again, as the great Yogi Berra once said! Jeff gave us a Hot Air Balloon, with a couple of “EARLY RISERS” a few months back…And for some reason that coffee cup just FIRED UP the memory. And to think I get accused of being forgetful at times…”That BLOWS” is my response to my detractors… “You’re just FULL of HOT AIR”! So, eye candy. The man’s in purple today. There’s the flames, and the image of the sun rising on the cell phone. And of course, there’s THE SUN ALSO RISING…They’re all very UPLIFTING. But the steaming coffee cup I can relate to. You’ll never get me UP in one of these balloons, but that coffee? For me, there’s no RISING without it…So, there you have it Folks, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And don’t let anyone BRING YOU DOWN! 🎈🙋🏻

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  3. Hi, all! Mercy, took me only a moment to master our Monday montage of cartoon and words. Finished while transporting newspaper from couch to my fried egg.

    Thanks for your delightful comments to me yesterday while I ate with family and made final plans for Thanksgiving.

    My funny family story: I bought a salted caramel sundae, ate half, went back to fridge for more, asked Jerry, “Did you finish the sundae?” He said with disgust, “NO! I threw that thing out! It tasted SALTY!”

    Much laughter of family with Jerry laughing, too. I’ve never offered him salted caramel because of his medical salt restriction so he really didn’t know what it was.

    Hope to sign us up soon for a tethered hot air balloon ride. Will tell you all about it.


    • Cancel the Salt Water Taffy also! 😂 I once fed a roommate’s canned tuna to the cat because to me it was indistinguishable from cat food.


  4. Hi, Steve! Last Friday in your hockey report to me, after telling me about my Coyotes beating the Montreal Canadiens, you said that the Sharks are coming to Arizona this Wednesday. Well, as soon as I got yesterday’s newspaper, I looked at the weekly TV guide that comes in it and only basketball was listed.

    Just now I turned on the TV, fast forwarded to Wednesday, 7 p.m. MST, and again only basketball is listed. I checked all 3 possible channels.

    Are your Sharks going to be playing right here in Phoenix? What a treat it would be to see that!

    Thanks for the update about Auston being back in action and the interesting report of a soldier’s dog dropping the first puck.

    Our family get-together yesterday was at Black Angus, and above all the talking & laughing, I recognized 2 songs coming from the ceiling: Rollin’ on the River and I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool.


    • Hi Lelia, yes, Sharks at Glendale. Here’s what I think is happening. Since basketball is so much more popular than hockey, they are showing the Sharks on the secondary channel Fox Sports Arizona Plus. The link below is a channel finder for that, or call your cable company and ask (and hope that they know!). I will caution you that the “promo” on the Coyotes website for the game says “Worst offensive teams in the West face off.” 😂


      Ok, more hockey. The expansion Vegas Golden Knights just achieved the longest home winning streak in the NHL this year, beating the first-place LA Kings and coming within a point of them in the standings. Remember, you heard it here first – they’ll become the first team to win the Cup in their inaugural season (and *really* annoy the Sharks fans). You know how some teams put inspirational signs up for the players to see just before they take the ice (like Montreal’s “With failing hands…”)? I figure the Knight’s sign must say “Beat the Spread!”


      • Steve, salt-water taffy, cancelled! Tuna for the cat equals expensive cat food. LOL
        I was a major cat lover for many years, but with 5 indoor cats I had a huge litter box heavier than I would be able to deal with now.

        Thanks for your hockey update. I wonder if I like hearing it so much because I ice skated for so many years. I bought myself a pair of beautiful white high-topped ice skates and polished them every week.

        The Sharks in Glendale!! Wow! Joyce, Glen, & Josh live there, not far from us at all!
        Glendale & Peoria are just extensions of Phoenix. I’ll be thinking of that game as I go to bed early the night before Thanksgiving and wishing I could get one peek at your Sharks. See ya’ tomorrow.


  5. Off to a good start this week with an easy puzzle. Lots of prep work ahead this week for Thanksgiving celebration so hopefully we’ll have an uncomplicated week Jumble wise. Happy Monday everyone.

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  6. The king’s JESTER had a very SKIMPY meal before he crossed the RIVER on his way to the castle and the GLAZE from the water made him dizzy.
    Easy solve today and I am glad Dave and Jeff are back. Happy Monday everyone.

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  7. Hi all – Really easy solve today, like everyone else.
    Hey Mike, the wife didn’t say she was happy that they “didn’t go to bed last night” – she would have been in *much* worse shape! 😂 She said she was glad that they didn’t “go to bed *late* last night”.

    Angela, I knew there wouldn’t be any HEMMING or hawing from you even though your post was WAY early.


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