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Good Morning, Everyone!         🏢 “It’s the LEASED we can do…” 🏢

🎶HOMEward bound…I wish I was HOMEward bound. HOME where my thought’s escaping..HOME where my music’s playing, HOME where my love lies waiting silently for me…🎶

🏢 Apartment dwelling has its perks as many will attest
I have never building dwelt, so I can’t say what’s best
But friends of mine cannot ACCEPT it any other way
They simply want to come and go on any given day.
They don’t rake leaves, or shovel snow, these remain sight UNSEEN
They don’t care if the Lobby’s painted COBALT or lime green
They get home and UNLOCK their doors, and they remain content
Home ownership is not for them, they’re happy to pay rent.
They hardly know their neighbors, no conflicts to DEFUSE
They say the only worry is which elevator they’ll use
It’s city life they long for and there’s no desire to ATTAIN
A house in old suburbia …So renters they remain.🏢

🏢 My first thought upon seeing today’s words was…You can tell it’s Sunday!
The anagrams are exceptionally well done, and caused me to blink more than once. But, with them LOCKED up, LET’s MOVE on to our cartoon. I’d first like to say, that even though I believe these panels are drawn up to six weeks in advance, and Jeff may not even be “here” today, his work is. So I say, “OWLEEMC MOHE, Jeff! 🎶It’s so nice to have you back where you belong….”🎶 Ok, MOVING ON…Our dialogue: “apartment is available”. Our question: “One remaining”…We see its a rental, a “lease”…LAST, BUT NOT…”LEASED“! Boom! Sign on the dotted line, we’re taking the place! How clever is this? Once again, David…you OWN it! Great pun! Ok, eye CANDY. C’mon Jeff…After a whole week, I’m so hungry for something SWEET! The Chicago skyline? The tiny peephole on Apt. D1?(Great detail, Jeff). The women’s purple clothing? The two-toned platform heels? (Are they available for purchase…? My checks in the mail…). Ok, ok. I’ll choose. The blonde woman is wearing a tiny round piece of jewelry, with the letter “C“. That’s my “C“hoice!
So, there you have it Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone!
And remember…Be it ever so JUMBLE…There’s no place like Home! 🏢 🙋🏻

29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/19/2017

  1. Good morning, Angela. Another 4:30 AM well done post. Don’t have my thinking cap on, words and solution were tough. Must be the weather!!. Have a good day.

    • Good morning, Moose. Thank you. They weren’t all “One and done”. I blinked a few times. The weathers terrible. Heavy rain and winds. Great day to cocoon! Wishing you a good day too. 🙋🏻

        • I watched it on TV at 5:30. I’m not going out there…And I cooked my “—–” yesterday, so I’m just watching the news, reading the papers, and having another coffee….Sunday morning…🙋🏻

  2. She wanted to DEFUSE a simmering marital problem, and so, sight UNSEEN, she was able to ATTAIN, ACCEPT and UNLOCK a 1958 COBALT blue Corvette and park it in their garage.

    Way too many clue words with double letters and prefixes, verbs, ad nauseum, but then it is Sunday and the six-letter day. Got all the clue words, looked at the circled letters, looked at the number of words needed and the PUN hint and the cartoon and still came up short. Twice in one week. Way to go Jumble Makers!!
    Thanks for the Simon and Garfunkel tune Angela—almost makes up for my gloomy mood having to admit defeat. My only excuse? When I think of “lease” I don’t usually think of apartments—but commercial buildings. I know in big cities it is a common phrase but I missed it. Hope the weather improves today but……..

    • Hi Earl. It was a grand compilation of words today. I was in Sixth Heaven! 😉
      Once again, your imagination intrigues me…Marital strife, a ’58 Corvette…What goes on in that mind of yours? And all things considered, I accept your explanation for throwing in the towel. it’s the LEASEd I can do for you!
      I’m not going to allow the weather to put a DAMPER on my day…Who needs outdoors? Good food, good wine, good music, good reading material, good company….Sunday! Hope your day gets better..Be well, my Friend! 🍝🍷🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Had no trouble with the words. UNLOCK was the last word to get. I had all the words in under fifteen minutes. My answer for the cartoon was different and knowing so opted to look. I had to hold back the laughs “Best,and all astute”. Hey,the letters check out. I’m saying there is a duel answer. Now I’m not going to double check to see if I screwed up on one of the letters. I’ll leave it up to one of you excessive compulsive readers. Laughing as I’m typing this. Until tomorrow have a blessed day and stay healthy and dry. By the way I had to use the back door to get today’s blog.

    • Good morning, Paul. ROTFL…Yes, I suppose there’s always a dual answer. You go, Paul. Who am I to stand in your way?!! You have a great sense of humor, my Friend. Don’t check the letters, you’re having way too much fun! Have a great day! 🙋🏻

  4. Hi, all! I’ll be with family today eating & making merry and have just a short while to get ready because of sleeping late.

    My Jumble solve: I grabbed the newspaper, read the Jumble question, glanced at the words, and immediately looked at the answer on the next page, saying to myself, “Thank goodness I didn’t make myself late by solving all that!!”

    Thanks for your kind words to me yesterday Angela, Carolyn, and Steve.

    Enjoy your day, one and all!!

    • Lelia, your hockey update. A few days ago, the Arizona Coyotes went into Montreal and won their first game of the year in regulation. Last night, Arizona lad Auston Matthews returned to the Leafs after missing four games with an injury and promptly scored two goals as Toronto slaughtered their arch rival Canadiens 6-0 in Montreal. I think Montreal is just allergic to Arizona.
      Have a great day with the family.

  5. I gave it one more look before giving up and saw “last,” which gave me the answer. Happy Sunday to all.

    • Caroline, Caroline, Caroline! It’s my cousin’s fault for having her name spelled “Carolyn!” It doesn’t bother me when people spell my name incorrectly, but you always spell my difficult name correctly so I wish to return the favor.

      • Lelia, it doesn’t bother me at all, and I’m always glad to hear from you. And thanks for answering a while back my question about Lelia Ann.

  6. Couldn’t seem to see “unseen” today for some reason. Got the cartoon answer right away so was able to work backwards and solve it. Clue words were well jumbled. It’s good to have Jeff & David back. It’s sunny, clear and cool here in S.F. Today. GG Bridge looks picture perfect. Happy Sunday everyone.

    • Hi Betty. I agree, today’s anagrams were very well done. And it’s great having Jeff’s cartoons to work with. Enjoy the weather, it sounds fantastic. Have a great day! 🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – The ‘ACC’ trick worked for ACCEPT and led me to try ‘ATT’ which I was surprised to find worked for ATTAIN. For the answer, I looked first for the two small words. ‘Out’ didn’t work, but then ‘but not’ led to the very clever pun.
    I’ve rented (with a view similar to that, actually), but never leased.

    Off topic, I saw something on a hockey broadcast last night that I had never seen before. They showed the pre-game ceremony from a game on last week’s (since it was Canada) Remembrance Day, during which a soldier’s dog dropped the ceremonial first puck. (No Lelia, it wasn’t the Arizona ‘Desert Dogs’.) Good Boy!
    Good day, everyone.

  8. Enjoy the jumble , I’ve been playing and solving everyday but haven’t responded in awhile. I had a little trouble with attain, but was able to solve. Love the Sunday Jumble, keep it coming!

    • Hi JIm. You’re in good company! Sunday Jumble is the best. So much more for your money! Thanks for posting, and join us again. Back to Football! Take care.🙋🏻

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