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Good morning my friends and happy Wednesday! It’s already the middle of the week, and Guest Jumbler week is in full swing. I didn’t run into any problems with the clue words this morning as they were all immediately visible. It’s a toss up between FEMALE and WORTHY as the most difficult anagram, and I’ll let you decide in the comments section which one was more troublesome.

Moving on to the cartoon, our guest today is Greg Cravens, the creator of The Buckets. His strip isn’t printed in my local newspaper but it looks like one that I’d enjoy reading. The comic centers on a suburban family of five (two parents, two boys, and their grandfather) as well as their family pet named Dogzilla.

In today’s panel, we see young Eddie painting his masterpiece directly on a window while his mother looks on from the other side. Her mouth is covered by the curtain so we’re unable to tell if she’s looking on in shock, anger, or perhaps even smiling. Either way, Eddie, who is covered in paint, will sure have some explaining and cleanup to do!

The final solution required me to write out the clue letters for the solve. With IN and A given to us, the cryptic letter layout left the solution well hidden but not overly difficult to decipher. WINDOW came to mind and was in the letters so I went with it. FRAME was a quick jumble to figure out leaving me with the surprise answer. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Good morning, Mike. I’m apologizing beforehand, because my poem is DRAWN out. Had to fit today’s words in! Great post, and I still have my fingers crossed for your favorite. 🖌🙋🏻

  2. 🖌🖌 I enjoy reading the Buckets, but seeing this today
    Brought back to mind an incident, that happened just this way…
    When my brother bought his first house, it was a fixer upper
    We’d go there in the mornings and most times work through supper.
    It wasn’t such a GRAND house, but it was WORTHY just the same
    I still recall his happy face when on the deed he signed his name…
    For nine days we were painting, the house was pretty large…
    The paints, brushes and WIPERs all piled up in the garage.
    Then we got stuck, for two days, no baby sitter near
    We had no choice, so Nephew #1 was in our care…
    He wasn’t like the others, not the males or the FEMALEs
    This kid was sweet, but think about a chalkboard and some nails…
    He’d drive you nuts with questions, really smart but a handful
    The phrase about the China Shop?…This kid would be the bull.
    To keep him out of trouble, and more importantly our hair
    I put him in a kitchen, with a table and some chairs.
    The sellers left them in the house, we used them while on break
    I gave him some left over paint…who cared a mess he’d make.
    Surprisingly he did quite well, both days he was behaved
    So proud I was of my idea, and our sanity it saved.
    Then months went by and this kids house was getting a face lift
    So Nephew #1 decided he’d give his Mom and Dad a gift.
    He laid a sheet, he got some paint, the dining room was there
    And no one saw until our boy had painted two armchairs…
    So seeing Eddie here today, happy to paint his name…
    Brought it all back…(Until today, I’m still taking the blame)! 🖌🖌

    Ah, kids. Some of them just spell trouble! But there’s no trouble spelling todays words. Easy, breezy, KIDS Play! FRANKly, a drop in the BUCKET! Today’s Guest Jumbler: Greg Cravens, and his comic strip The Buckets. Grandpa-Frank, Mother-Sarah, Father-Larry, teenage son Toby, and rambunctious little Eddie. Who can sometimes be a real PANE! Oh, and there’s a dog, Dogzilla, who gets LARRYied away at times. The rest, I’ll leave it up to you. Google it, PAINT your own picture! DRAW your own conclusions! It’s so much more fun that way…So, backward DRAWING? This is no backward kid. He knew enough to paint it so that it would read correctly from the outside. And he FRAMED it just perfectly, in the WINDOW FRAME! Smart kid…But a handful, right? (Sound familiar)? Eye candy? My eyes were immediately DRAWN to the sailboat. Albeit not tilted, but I do think Mr Craven gave a shout out to Jeff. EDDIEbody agree?
    So, there you have it Folks! Done! Have a GREG day, Everyone!

    PS: And no, my sister-in-law didn’t BRUSH it off. She nearly had a STROKE. And ever since, she’s been PRIMEd to ROLLer all over me. There’s no WHITE-WASHING with her either, and the woman uses some COLORful language too. I’m convinced she’d do anything to FRAME me. Hey, I said I was sorry. But I think she’ll be happy to have me REPAINTING for this the rest of my life…🎶Que SARAH, SARAH, whatever TOBY, TOBY…🎶.🖌🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Another enjoyable puzzle today. No problem with any of the words but Female took an extra look. We had that word before,I’m sure. Only last time I seem to remember putting words together and after having “male” came up with Female. At first glance I thought the cartoon answer was “mirror image”. Writing down the letters from the words changed that idea. Seeing the two “W” gave an instant clue as to the solution. Until tomorrow stay well.

  4. A broken windshield WIPER made the FEMALE impersonator late for her GRAND entrance at the WORTHY charity ball.
    Like Jumble Master I had no trouble with the clue words but had to write out the circled letters and like Paul wanted mirror to somehow be part of the solution. Realizing that there was a shortage a Rs, I switched gears and finally came up with WINDOW FRAME. Clever drawing, clever solution. Not familiar with this cartoon—have never seen it.
    Sun has re-appeared for me, so I am off for as walk. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.

  5. No problem with the clue words or cartoon today. This comic strip does not appear in our newspaper as was the case yesterday. It looks cute. Hope all of you have a good day.

  6. For a change, words and solution were easy. Window popped out at me. Making it easy. Hey!!! Sunny here in Upstate New York. Great to see it.

  7. Hi all – Not much to add except that I found FRAME first. For a Memory Lane trip, the kid drawing on the window reminded me of the early TV show “Winky Dink and You”. They shipped you a clear plastic sheet which you stuck on the screen by static electricity, and some crayons. Then the host had you trace out lines and objects which later became part of the show’s action. It was called the first interactive TV show, but caused some trouble if you forgot the sheet and drew directly on the TV screen.
    Have a great day!

  8. Hi, all! Easy words, easy cartoon solve.

    Paul, I, too, thought it would be “mirror image” but didn’t write it in because, as you said, the correct letters weren’t there.

    Earl, I love hearing about your taking a walk. It sounds so healthy, peaceful, healing, and good to be enjoying nature. I walk many miles a day because our house is so huge, but they are all indoor miles.

  9. Hi, Mike! Thanks for telling me about your fabulous Thanksgiving celebration. I made some calls this morning, but no one came up with a side dish appropriate for your crock pot.

    Other favorites were sweet potatoes covered with melted marshmallows, candied yams with NO marshmallows, green beans full of bacon, green beans covered with fried onions, and green beans almandine. Two others mentioned were matzo ball soup and potato pancakes.

    Are you serving your wonderful corn? Purchased at its peak sweetness, shucked, cut off the cob with your fabulous kitchen tool, blanched/boiled, shocked/covered with cold water to stop the cooking, and frozen for Thanksgiving. Yum, yum!

    My favorite side dishes are mashed potatoes and apple salad.

    I have never deep fried a turkey so I am wondering if you just wash & dry the bird and put it in the fryer or if you put some kind of breading on it. I love fried chicken. Sunday at KFC I got some extra crispy and some original recipe and then thought of you when I also ordered a chicken pot pie.

    Stay warm.

    • Hi, Lelia! First let me thank you for going out of your way in search of a super crock pot side dish. I’m still on the hunt and will settle on one by the weekend.

      Of course corn will be on the menu, except it won’t be from my favorite farm. Time was the problem this summer and I didn’t get around to cooking and packaging it. We always ate all the ears whenever we purchased them. My son makes the cutest face when he eats it off the cob and his cheeks swell up with kernels!

      As for the turkey, it is simply washed and patted dry. All excess skin is trimmed and tucked. A bit of S&P is rubbed on the exterior before it goes into the oil. I have never heard of breading the whole bird and it’s an interesting thought. My only hesitation would be that since it’s a whole bird, the breading would absorb too much peanut oil and become soggy. It would probably be better on small sized fryer pieces so the hot oil can crisp it and the temperature of the oil doesn’t drop too rapidly causing gooey breading.

      I bought a large sized chicken pot pie and served it for dinner after reading your response last night. It was delicious and we haven’t had it in such a long time.

      Be well and keep smiling! 🙂🙂🙂

  10. Hi, Steve! First of all, there is no such thing as you butting in. I wish to hear what you have to say before, after, or even during what I might be saying.

    Second, thank you for telling me you took your wife to the dentist for her permanent crown(s) and that all is OK. You told me about taking her the first time and I have been waiting for the follow-up report, but I couldn’t remember whether it was one crown or two.

    One year I used too many sugary cough drops, got cavities down on the roots, and had to have all 4 of my crowns redone. The numbing stuff makes me bleed, so I got all 4 or them done with no numbing stuff. Toss up as to which pain was worse, the crowns or the bill. LOL

    My granddaughter is dating a German guy so I’ll call her tonight to see if she knows about Maggi sauce. Tomorrow I’ll look for it in Fry’s. I love soy sauce. Salty sauces are not bad for me with my very low blood pressure.

    Thank you for including a song to me. I’ll close & do the laundry but will tell you soon what 2 songs I heard from out of the ceiling yesterday at Denny’s and how simple our Thanksgiving will be this year. The first thing you mentioned, mashed potatoes, are my very FAVORITE side dish to go with turkey & gravy.

    • Lelia, I am delighted to be able to report to you that Jerry and I have become such fashion mavens that our choices are among those featured in a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art called ”Items: Is Fashion Modern”. “The show examines 111 garments and accessories that have had a lasting impact over the last century” and includes Levi’s jeans, the hoodie, and Converse All-Star sneakers, which I’m wearing right now.

    • I should have noted this sooner, but look for the bottle labeled Seasoning, and Product of Germany. There are bottles labelled Maggi that are domestic and one called Jugo from Mexico.

      • Point of information. Back in 1951 when we went to Germany we used Maggi in our soup. It added a delicious flavor to it plus food If I remember correctly when we got back we still used it for awhile. Don’t know why we stopped.

        • Thanks Paul! So far I’ve only tried it on vegetables and rice; I’ll have to try the soup trick!

  11. Steve. I’m thinking we brought it back with us or maybe got it in Karl Ehmer butcher store. I checked with my brother and he doesn’t know either why we stopped using it. Boy does that bring back memories. I haven’t thought about that condiment until I saw the blog. You can actually buy it in America.? Next time I go to that pork store again I have to see if they sell it.

    • Hey Paul. We bought some in a Walmart in Jersey. And the Asian supermarkets out here carry it. If it’s on Staten Island, it has to be in Brooklyn. The East side of Avenue U must have it. 🙋🏻

      • Hi Paul and Angela – It seems to be available on Amazon and it has the little ‘Imported from Europe’ symbol on the label that mine has. I got mine at a big Asian chain of supermarkets called “99 Ranch”. http://tinyurl.com/AmazMaggi

        Angela, if you think it’s cutthroat between Gravy and Sauce, you should hear the blood feuds between Dutch families about whether they’re Conimex or Honig users. I don’t think they’re allowed to intermarry! It’s worse than Hatfields and McCoys! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Steve. I’m not home yet, but I know the bottles we have, have the label also. Lou said he bought some on Amazon. He says there’s Europeon and Asian kinds. He prefers the Asian. I just know when he marinates for BBQs it’s delicious. I think it’s sold in a lot of specialty stores here and in Brooklyn. The gravy – sauce thing is too funny…It’s getting worse as the years go by…
          Knicks won. Balances out the Ranger loss…

          • Very funny! I figure there were two ships that returned to Amsterdam from Indonesia in the 1600’s. One went to the Conimex factory, the other went to Honig and it’s been split ever since. 😂
            Have a safe trip home, and I’ll see you tomorrow 🙋🏻‍♂️

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