Jumble Answers for 11/09/2017








Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  After seeing today’s clue words, I’m still impressed with the choices that David has given us.  NAPKIN was the only one that wasn’t immediately visible and required just a few seconds more to figure out.

Moving on to the cartoon, I always try my best to block out the dialogue and “absorb” just the image itself.  Jeff and his wife Kathy are instantly recognizable and it appeared as though they’re enjoying a relaxing day in their backyard.  Reading the dialogue and sentence broadened the cartoon, and we find out that they are enjoying the new deck that they’ve had built.  Jeff is in his glory, sipping an umbrella drink complete with a fruit garnish while basking in the sunshine.  We’ll probably never know what he’s watching on the television, but my guess would be that it’s a baseball game.  While Jeff and his neighbor enjoy their conversation, Kathy is taking a soak in the hot tub and has a very relaxed look on her face.  I’m not sure why she’s in a hot tub on such a warm day, but it does add quite a bit of detail to the cartoon.

The final solution was a quick solve with HAD being the first three letters in the layout.  Once solved, the rest of the solution came instantly.  Have a terrific Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  🙂

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45 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/09/2017

  1. 🎶BANG BANG, he shot me down…Bang bang, I hit the ground
    Bang bang, that awful sound…Bang bang, my baby shot me down…🎶

    🛠🛠Whatever may possess them to work it out this way
    I’ve seen NAPKINs scribbled with “contracts” on any given day,
    And a handshake then is given, and the person’s fine with it
    But I’m thinking “You’re ok with this? It don’t even look legit”
    A good contractor’s important, not that easy to be found
    You want to be assured it’s not someone you’ll have to HOUND.
    Search the MARKET, get credentials, find out which one is the best
    Like the neighbor in the puzzle, be assured they’ve passed the test.
    Or you’ll end up being sorry, you’ll be lost out in a GLADE
    You’ll be “HAD” and Mr Contractor’s the one who “HAD IT MADE”🛠🛠
    Nothing’s new with today’s words, although I think Dave BUILT new anagrams for Market and Napkin. Jeff’s cartoon brings us to a backyard, replete with a new deck and a hot tub. While the wife basks in the tub, her husband is watching TV. Now that’s CONSTRUCTive CONSTRUCTION! Whoever did this job really NAILED it! Jeff, is that you and Kathy in this BLUEPRINT for success? Hmm. If it is, I’m apologizing now for my eye candy! You can see the couple really intends to enjoy this outdoor space. Let’s face it, a mans’ home is his castle, in a MANOR of speaking. Why not bring it outside? We see that the neighbor is imPRESSed, and he’s AXEing who did the job. I guess he’s figuring it’ll be easier than researching a PANEL of CONTRACTORS himself. Common CENTS, word of mouth is always a good way to go. That way you can aVOID having a monkey WRENCH thrown into the WORKs. Better safe than SAWry, right? Kind of like PAYING it forward. Or CAULKing it up to experience…Or…Ok, maybe I’m taking a little TOO MUCH poetic LICENSE here…I’m really just trying to HAMMER home the idea! So, we see the satisfied couple, the dialogue gives us “worth every penny”…they “HAD IT MADE”! Nice pun. WOOD Dave have it any other way? Of course KNOT! Ok, eye candy. The TV? The ecstatic look on the woman’s face? The heat generating from the hot tub? The umbrella and WEDGE of LEMON in the husband’s drink? Am I BANGing my head against the wall here…? Just give me a minute..I’m STILL WORKING ON IT! Ok, I got it. Today it’s going to be the husbands’ hair. It just doesn’t look legit…I’m pretty sure it’s a TO PAY. ….So, there you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Always use a licensed contractor. There’ll be a lot less SCREWing around. 🛠🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. Angela your a craftsman at your work. You get my seal of approval. Today’s puzzle was a breeze. I had the words right away but didn’t think glade was corrrct. It just didn’t look right to me at first. I scrambled the letters around and finally checked to see if I was right. The cartoon answer came right away after putting down the letters. Mike do you really think it’s Jeff and his wife in the picture. It would be nice to see if they added a new deck. Life imitating art. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good morning, Paul. Thank you, Sir! Craftsman is a great compliment, and I appreciate it immensely. (Craftsman tools comes to mind. I have all the ones that were my Father’s. I don’t even know if they make them anymore). Glade isn’t a word we Brooklynites see that often, right? 😉Turns out it isn’t Jeff in the puzzle. Either way, I was chomping at the bit for the “To Pay” pun, so I took the shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Thanks again. Your Seal of Approval made my day! Be well, my Friend. 🛠🙋🏻


  3. Sorry to burst your bubble, Mike. I don’t think that was meant to be me and Kathy. I have a stone patio that I installed 10 years ago. It still looks great. I did it myself to save money. Besides, the guy’s not wearing a WILCO shirt.

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  4. The words in the answer came to me in order. I was able to back into glade but I had to check the dictionary to see if it was a real word. While I’ve heard of the Everglades, I didn’t know glade and everglade were words.

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  5. At the Saturday MARKET, shoppers could select perfume made from violets picked in the GLADE, a HOUND puppy with a crocheted NAPKIN around his neck or a variety of homemade jams, jellies and baked goods.
    Easy solve today and I did not have to get out the pen or pencil.
    Batten down the hatches if you are in the path of the oncoming cold front—high wind warnings and flood warnings here.

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  6. Hi, all! Wow! Listen to our do-it-yourselfers go! Mike has mentioned a Trex Decking deck, Jeff built his stone deck, and my Jerry built our 60-feet by 11-feet deck which is usable but needs some finishing touches. (Jerry says 60-foot by 11-foot.)

    Again I got the cartoon answer first. As I read “paying to have an amazing desk constructed” I said out loud, “Hmm. Unlike us, they had it made.” Noticing that my words “had it made” fit the answer circles, I knew I HAD IT MADE with the answer!

    First 3 words easy but took extra seconds to get NAPKIN even though I do the Jumble while eating breakfast and have self-jumbled difficult words on my napkin when I ran out of room on my newspaper margins.

    Gracious, our lows in Phoenix are twice as warm as the highs I heard mentioned today by Mike & Moose. All this week our high will be 85ish, our low will be 60ish, and we’ll have mostly sunny with just a few clouds.


    • Hi Lelia – I got my winter cold early this year, so I wasn’t following closely yesterday, resting up instead. Still recovering but better today.
      You know my default choice has been “Gulp-Post” since you granted me carte blanche, so my advice is to listen to your own advice and not worry about “Delete”. Unless it would be *really* embarrassing, but since we finished discussing Mary Poppins, how much worse could it be? And I did enjoy your story, though it made me wonder what the life lessons you gave your daughters would have been if they had been sons.


      • Hi, Steve! Loved your post to me but I am sorry to hear that you have a cold and hope you get well soon. I am amazed that, while sick, you posted such cheerful posts the last two days.

        Your first post cheered me up and yesterday’s with so much wonderful music was just as uplifting. I kept singing the 4 songs you mentioned from Burt B the rest of the day.

        Thanks for reminding me that Gulp-Post is still the default setting when in doubt.

        I will never know the answer about what we would have done if we had sons but have wondered about it myself many times. Jerry taught Joyce to fish when she was 3. He had both of them on the rifle range on their stomach in the dirt shooting at targets when they were 10, took them to hunter safety, put them in for elk hunting with a rifle, and also taught them archery. I taught them to ice skate, swim, and water ski. In our backyard we played volleyball, basketball, badminton, and softball. I shared my love of music with them and gave them free choice of which music instruments to try out in elementary school. Good grief, whoa Lelia!!


      • With daughters like that, who needs sons? You were ahead of your time, good for you both!
        Didn’t know you could ice skate. Rinks in the South (Arkansas)?


      • Hi, Steve! We spur-of-the-moment went to Chompie’s, Arizona’s New York Deli, in Arrowhead Mall for a very late lunch with Joyce, and I was delighted to find your post when we got back but she stayed until now to play games & I’m starving for dinner so I’ll answer first thing tomorrow. I’ll include my ice-skating story and the names of the songs I was able to recognize at Chompie’s. Hope you are getting well.


  7. Hi, Mike! Finding your unexpected post to me answering my post did more than make me smile. I loved hearing from you. I loved your telling me that “really good stuff” has been coming your way even though keeping you busy. I loved learning that your son got to lead the pledge at an all-school assembly. That is a huge honor. Congratulations to both of you! Well wishes to you & your family. Keep warm.

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    • Hello again, Lelia. Tonight on my favorite television program, LivePD, Pinal County, AZ was a featured Department. Is this anywhere near you?

      Currently it’s 23 degrees and my pellet stove is getting it’s first good burn of the season. I remember how hot it was outside when I was lugging in my fuel while listening to the Red Sox play vs the Yankees. It was DEFINITELY worth the effort to now be so cozy and warm on such a cold and windy night! I hope all is going well with you and Jerry! 🙂


  8. Hi, Mike! Enjoyed reading your nice “warm” greeting about your pellet stove warming you up to 74 with it only 22 outside.

    After watching LivePD in Pinal County you asked if that is close to us. Yes, right next door. Picture our Maricopa County as a horizontal rectangle with Pinal as the lower, right hand fourth.

    Our family is so grown-up and scattered, we’re having 2 Thanksgivings this year. On Thanksgiving Day we’ll eat here with Joyce, Glen, & Josh bringing five 10-item Thanksgiving meals from Chompie’s, hot & ready to eat. A day later on Saturday, we’ll eat homemade Thanksgiving fare at Diane’s who is our foodie of the family.

    Mike, you have said so many kind, sweet, loving, wonderful, encouraging, helpful, and complimentary things to me, but I’ll also love it the first time you choose to call me “my friend” or “Lelia my friend.”

    Hope your Thanksgiving plans are going well again like last year’s yummy corn, new couch, 3 turkeys, and much more. Hope you like my ice skating story. Everything is going great with Jerry & me. See ya’ when you have a spare moment while taking such excellent care of your young family. I remember those days.


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