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Good Monday morning everyone and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun!  Today’s clue words were excellent and much more challenging than we usually see on a Monday.  FABLE was the only word that wasn’t immediately visible, and it took a minute of staring at it before it finally came into view.  Moving along to the cartoon, we see a birthday celebration taking place with grandma opening a gift.  Reading the dialogue and sentence, we learn that it was actually a surprise party where the guest of honor almost didn’t show.  My favorite detail would definitely be the “Happy Birthday” balloon tied to the back of grandmother’s chair.  Usually a cake would be used to indicate that it’s a birthday so it was nice to see that Jeff used a balloon to mix it up a bit.  Another well placed detail would be the pair of earrings that she previously opened.  They’re quite hard to see in the newspaper drawing so I’ve attached an enlarged picture of them.  The final solution came quickly with no problem whatsoever.  With P being first in the letter layout, PRESENT came to mind instantly, followed by BE for the finish.  Have a wonderful Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶Baby, what a big SURPRISE, right before my very eyes..🎶

    🎁🎁 Surprise! Surprise! A party is what we’re seeing here
    And Grandma wasn’t really sure she wanted to be there…
    Her daughter formed a FABLE, thought it her safest bet
    And told her that the party was for her niece Lizabeth.
    She couldn’t not attend this, she’d watched Liz grow and THRIVE
    Her niece was special to her ever since she’d been alive.
    They planned it as an outdoor fete, plans changed because of rain
    And rushing to bring it inside, a wrist was even SPRAINed!
    But it all came together, and when they yelled “Surprise..”!
    The look on Grandmas face brought tears to everybody’s eyes…
    She sat PERCHed on the dais, one by one the family met
    The food, the gifts…This was a night Grandma would not forget! 🎁🎁

    Surprise parties are great, but not always easy to arrange. Sort of like today’s words…The arrangement of letters in THRIVE? Not such a GIFT! Very well done, Dave. Jeff’s cartoon today brings us to a party setting, with a family celebrating Grandma. The dialogue tells us that it’s a SURPRISE Party, and they weren’t sure how to get Grandma there…And there’s PRESENTS! And to “receive her gifts in PERSON, she needed to…”BE PRESENT”. Now this was the GIFT! Easy, breezy solution, with a really cute pun! I’ve given many a surprise party in my life, and trust me, they weren’t this easy! Good job, Guys! Not that I’m SURPRISED, you two always ARRANGE a winner! So, eye candy? My EYES went right to the EARrings, I think they’ll match Grandmas’ pendant and blonde hair perfectly. But you know what would really be a nice gift? A black and white printed top perhaps? To change out of that purple one…Can anyone PRINT that? Hmm. So, there you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And altogether now….”AH”…The “ELEMENT” of SURPRISE! 🎁🙋🏻


  2. Wow PERCH & SPRAIN gave me fits but got answer before I tried the CWs. The tornadoes and high winds are gone for now, time for clean up!

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  3. Good morning. Another start to a dreary week. The man stayed true to his colors as it was a typical Monday puzzle. All the words were immediate reads with thrive taking seconds more. Didn’t have to put the letters down as the cartoon answer was also solved at first glance. Jeff easies us into the new week with usually what I call “no brainer”. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  4. In several FABLES, Jack appears and seems to THRIVE on a PERCH as he climbs that beanstalk but suffers a SPRAIN jumping over that wretched candlestick.

    Surprise, surprise no e-mail–had to use the calendar trick again. The only word to give me pause was sprain for some odd reason. Got the solution easily

    Great post Jumble Master and Angela gives us the usual poesy. Well done both of you.
    Angela: I watched the Giants game😒 🐏

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    • Good morning, Earl. Thank you!
      And you’re right about Jack. He does show up a lot in those Nursery rhymes, huh?…Great sentence…Right on point…
      Hmm, Showing up? Points? And THEN we have the Giants game! …Were they even there yesterday? Did they try to score? And that was with an extra hour of sleep! Talk about believing in Fairy Tales…
      What’d I tell you the other day?
      Watch a Giant game. You’ll feel so much better about being a Bills fan…Have a great day, kind Sir! 🙋🏻


  5. Perch was the stickler for me. Mike, I appreciate you pointing out the details. I actually thought the earring present was a wad of bills! Earl, I could visualize your sentence today and it made me laugh.

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    • Caroline, Good morning!
      “A PERCH is a temporary resting place. A bird PERCH is a little STICK it can balance on, and the armrest of the couch can offer you a PERCH during a PARTY.”…Taken right out of the Dictionary!

      So, PERCH was the STICKler for you? Hmm. Woman, I do think you have the GIFT! 😉🙋🏻


  6. I too paused at sprain but for the most part it was an easy solve today. Always appreciate you analysis, Mike. The photo in my paper is rather small so I always take another look after your comments. Have a happy Monday everyone.

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  7. Thought it was a fairly easy puzzle today. Did it on my phone in the middle of the night when insomnia struck.

    Winter came early to the PNW, with about 5 inches of snow over the weekend. Our leaves aren’t even down yet, so we are going to have a soggy mess when the temps go back up!

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    • JOHN, when you first described your project soon after Jerry & I finished building the house we’re living in 5 times bigger than the one we lived in for 50 years, we began rooting for you & enjoyed reading about your progress. When you announced being finished, we rejoiced & I wrote this for you but didn’t post it.

      John solves the Jumble in a minute.
      I know in a contest he’d win it.
      But working with style,
      He took quite a while,
      Redoing his laundry room and everything in it.

      (The long length of the last line, extra 4 syllables, mirrors the long length of time the huge project took. Poetic license to produce a desired effect.)

      Good luck raking those soggy leaves!


      • Thanks so much, Lelia! That is very thoughtful of you to loop back and “publish” the poem. Definitely brought a smile to my face today.


  8. Hi, all! Solved the cartoon answer immediately after seeing gifts/presents all over the table and grandpa saying that grandma almost didn’t come.

    Gave PERCH an extra glance. Gave FABLE two extra looks because of saying “baffle” before counting the “f’s.”
    Looked at SPRAIN, decided to put 3 of those consonants together, done!
    Looked at THRIVE, decided to do the same thing again, done!
    It took me less time to do the whole puzzle than to tell you about my solve.

    Mike, enjoyed your post and hope that you had a fun weekend away. Was it the Memorial Day poster contest that your precious one won last year or Veteran’s Day?

    Steve, the grandchildren in the cartoon are quite young, hence all the hair that the grandparents have. Just wait until those grandparents are Jerry’s and my ages. LOL

    Earl, loved your sentence due to having read so many fables and nursery rhymes to our children and grandchildren.


    • Good morning, Lelia! Today’s puzzle made me think that solar would work very well for you in Arizona. Near the water here, wind would work great for us. My only objection to the two is that they’re unsightly to look at. I’ll wait until technology improves before I take the leap to either of them.

      My son won the Poppy Contest and his work was featured in the Memorial Day Parade. I have so many pictures of him in his little crown. 😊

      Have a wonderful day and well wishes to both you and Jerry!


  9. Hi all – Only the third word caused a pause. I almost had a brain SPRAIN getting around “Raisin’ Rasputin.”

    Today’s shopping music playing outside Trader Joe’s had nothing to do with the holidays yet. They must have had the weather on their mind — David Bowie’s “Ch-Ch-Changes”
    🎵”Oh, look out you rock ‘n rollers
    Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older.”🎵
    Hey, c’mon Joe, don’t rub it in!

    Have a great day.

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    • Steve: You have to admit, it is a good song CH-choice! …With a 🎶Strange fascination..l🎶 😉🙋🏻


  10. Earl and Angela – At least the Giants weren’t the only team to get a 51-spot laid on them. I know my nephew is inwardly smirking, because he’s a Raider fan living in exile in Denver.

    Lelia – The cartoon is my mental image of all the parties with your family that you’ve described.

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