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Good Wednesday morning everyone!  KEEPER was the only word that gave me some grief today.  I first solved it as PEEKER, which is an actual word, but it didn’t look right and seemed too obscure to be correct.  Today was a situation where I ended up backing into the word after solving the cartoon answer, but more on that in just a second.  Jeff gave us a wonderful cartoon with enough detail to make it an almost instant solve.  The adult dog can be seen demonstrating proper birding technique while giving the young pup a few verbal instructions as well.  I enjoyed the look of determination on the little guys face which indicates that he’s a little too over eager to get the duck than to show restraint and just point.  The rubber duck decoy was a brilliant addition to the cartoon which suggests that not only were no ducks harmed during training, but even if he does pounce, there would be no harm, no fowl!  Writing out the clue letters from the three words that I solved, I had enough letters to get me to the solution and back into the word I was unable to solve.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

We’re getting close to the end of our shoutouts, but there are still a few more friends that need to be recognized.  Today’s shoutout belongs to Earl!  A relatively new member of the forum, Earl takes the time to use all of the clue words from the puzzle and transforms them into one brilliant sentence.  Day after day he amazes us with his skillful technique and it’s always a highlight of my morning to see how he uses them. Thank you for adding another dimension to an already fun puzzle, Earl, and enjoy your day!  🙂


57 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/27/2017

  1. Good morning, Mike. No harm, no FOWL!!! Ding, Ding, Ding! 🌟🌟🌟 Three stars! And I peeked at peeker too! Great post and GREAT shout out to Earl. Your “sentences” truly did him justice! 🙋🏻

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  2. 🎶”Hey, BIRD DOG get away from my quail, Hey, bird dog you’re on the wrong trail…Bird dog you better leave my lovey-dove alone. Hey, bird dog get away from my chick…Hey, bird dog you better get away quick, Bird dog you better find a chicken little of your own….”🎶

    🐶 🐶 The hunting dogs are oh so cute, the little tags a waggin’
    The music popped up right away, with this there was no laggin’
    But then I saw the little duck…The rubber one for learnin’?
    And music came from Sesame Street, the wheels again were turnin’
    Now 🎶”Rubber Duckie, You’re the one..”🎶 is starting to emerge
    Too early for cacophony…I tried to fight the urge…
    The puzzle’s theme is HUNTING DOGS!..I must stick to the text
    But OH, that Rubber Duckie? I can’t wait to use him next…🐶 🐶

    Today’s words were SITTIN’ DUCKS. No need to PAWS…Nicely scrambled, and easy to BREED. Our cartoon: SCENTsational! Jeff gives us two hunting dogs, the POP trying to teach the PUP! But the young pup doesn’t seem ready to pounce…Look at that tail bounce! Even though he’s being told what to do, he’s so taken with the little duck, that he’s missing the POINT! He’s thinking “Play Time”, instead of “PREY Time”! But learn he must, so the POP took another SHOT…”Extend your paw and tail…”. It’s called POINTING…He “GAVE POINTERS” to the pup! Great pun, so DOG GONE cute! GAME, set, CATCH, Jumble Guys! And today, there’s no DUCKing the eye candy…That little grinning DUCK? He just QUACKED me up!……So, there you have it Folks! Hoping you all can DUCK away from any HOUNDing, relax and REED a good TAIL, and not let anyone RUFFle your FEATHERS! Have a great day! 🐶🙋🏻

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  3. The KEEPER of the keys at the VISTA Motel belonged to a UNION which had a GARLIC garland and a stake on its emblem but not for the obvious reason.

    I’ve been using a website to see the Jumble for a couple of weeks but today it disappointed me because the spaces/words for the solution did not appear at the bottom, so I was left with all the circled letters and the cartoon but no clue as to how many words. I gave up and hoped for an e-mail to see today’s answers but for the third day in a row, no e-mail?? So I used the old technique of finding yesterday’s answers, checking all the comments and the calendar and getting today’s answers—I think I’ll go back to buying a newspaper for the puzzle!

    Mike Now that I have all the complaining out of the way, let me thank you for the shout out and the very kind words with:

    Some mornings we Jumblers are lost in a fog
    It seems we might Dave and Jeff want to flog
    The answers won’t come
    It’s failure for some
    Until Jumble Master reveals all in his blog.

    Thank you for this wonderful blog and for giving me yet another reason to look forward to each day. You do an outstanding job and I’ve found a set of fellow Jumble enthusiasts to share frustration, satisfaction and downright joy.

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    • Sorry about the email issue, Earl. You’re definitely not the only one and I truly hope that WordPress fixes the problem. Rather than rely on their subpar customer support, I’ve been exploring different avenues in which to take this website after my paid subscription expires. Exciting changes will be happening, and I thank you for sticking here in the meantime.
      Another day and another excellent sentence! I don’t know how you do it. Always a pleasure, my friend. 😎👍🏻

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    • Earl, Good morning! First thought…🎶I SECOND that emotion…🎶 (A little Smokey to get the day started…) Your shout out to Mike is well thought out, well phrased and VERY well deserved! Kudos, to you both. Second thought…Excuse me! This from the man who said he couldn’t write poetry? You could’ve fooled me! Masterful job! Third thought..When was the last time I listened to some Motown…?
      Your sentence? Vampires in our midst? It’s definitely a KEEPER!
      Hope you have a day of MIRACLES! 🐶🙋🏻


      • Thanks Angela, you always know what to say,
        So here’s a little puzzle for you today–
        I scrambled a name
        It’s only fair game
        To know that lead ore is coming your way.


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      • LOL..You’re getting a little too good at this..! 😀

        I’ll answer in kind, about ores that are mined
        Across certain of our beauteous states…
        It’s also called Glance, and what is the chance
        That my name anagrammed it would rate.
        So thinking of you now, I’m drawn to Shakespeare
        I scramble your name, I come up with King Lear..
        But it’s not enough, cause if anything, Earl
        We’d be mining for diamonds..or maybe a Pearl…💍

        You, Sir, are a Gem! Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🙋🏻


      • Sure, a DUCK Feather. You’re DOWN with that, no?
        You said, “No” to the “Yo…”? MOOSEterful move on your part! I applaud your aBILLity to walk away without dWADDLEing in the aisle! Something POINTed you in the right direction, and you DOGgedly steered CLEAR of temptation. You MOOSEt have had the BLINDers on! Bravo, Big Guy! I just hope it doesn’t HOUND you later on though. Hate to see you have to DUCK out again for another SHOT at it….🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. Today’s puzzle for me was a challenge. It took three hour programs plus coffee and cereal to complete. Words 1 and 3 came instantly but 2 and 5 took some time. I had Vista first off but my brain would not accept it. Finally I decided to check and realized I was right. Now on to # 5. With baited breath I had a strong desire to finish. Finally after rearranging the letters it came to me. The cute cartoon took about a minute to get. We can see their tails wagging giving us a hint to the solution. Earls shoutout gave me a little incentive to expand my repertoire. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  5. I figured out the cartoon first and worked backwards. Like others of you I saw peeker too at first but it just didn’t seem right. It’s always good to know that the same words trip up others as well. Another glorious autumn day here. Hope it’s a good day for all of you too.

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    • Hi Betty. Seems like that word just “PEEKed everyone’s interest”!
      The only Autumn breeze we’re getting here on the East Coast is from the ceiling fans! Enjoy the weather, and enjoy your day! 🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – I’ve always thought that one of the hardest parts of creating the Jumble must be to insure that the words only have *one* anagram, and they do a great job of that.

    My biggest disappointment was that I *really* wanted to see how Earl would use “peeker” in his sentence! He might *earn* a sentence!

    UNION took longer than I would have expected, even after realizing right away that it wasn’t “onion”.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    • Oh my, Steve! So close, huh? 😷😂 AHEM…

      🎶Look for the ONION label, when you are buying a coat, CRESS, or blouse…Remember somewhere our ONION’S growing…Our SAGES going to feed the kids and run the house…”🎶 😂🙋🏻


    • OK Steve I would not want you to be disappointed:

      The GARLIC PEEKER (picker) belonged to a UNION which enjoyed the colorful VISTA from their 20th floor headquarters.
      (Apologies for saying “picker” when everyone knows you have to dig garlic from the ground but puns are not always factually correct.. eh, Angela?

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  7. Hi, all! Angela, after one quick glance at the words, I thought like Steve that this puzzle was just for you & your delicious Italian cooking with “onion” and GARLIC, but a second glance gave me UNION.

    I feel free to say “delicious” cooking because your detailed description of some of your meals caused me to actually enjoy the aroma in my mind.

    Then, just like Mike & others, I had to change “peeker” to KEEPER. Got the cartoon answer after Jerry mentioned that the dogs were POINTERS like our Brittany Spaniels who were great at pointing.

    EARL, congrats on your well deserved shout out from Mike. Thank you for your daily sentence, for using your kind words today in a limerick for Mike, and for sharing your happy attitude with us all!

    Steve & Angela, I.O.U. thanks for your comforting words to me yesterday which I will say later today. Duty calls.

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    • LOL..Hi Lelia. I have to say that I’ll take the word, but I’d rather pass on the puzzle! I’d like to believe that if Jeff ever decided to “grace me with my presence” 😂, I’d rate a little better than Hunting Dogs and a Duck!
      Thank you for your kind words, and I hope you and Jerry are doing well today!
      PEEKER…😉 It’s a landslide! 🙋🏻


      • Hi, Angela! That is too funny!! Remember, I had only glanced at the words at that POINT and didn’t know I had paired you with 2 POINTERS & a DUCK. Quick story about our two spaniels.

        Jerry said that our first one, Jennifer, was great the way she’d range back & forth and then give him a beautiful point with leg up & stubby tail straight out.

        Our second spaniel, Jennifer’s youngest son, Benjamin, never got the hang of it. Instead of ranging up ahead, Ben walked behind Jerry. When Jerry took his first shot, Ben ran back to our vehicle and stayed there. What a dog!


      • Hi Lelia. LOL…The dogs sound adorable! I think the pup in our cartoon today will probably take after Ben…Hope you’re enjoying your night. Be well. 🙋🏻


  8. I also found peeker first but then saw keeper as well. There’s actually a big dog in my neighborhood named Keeper, which fits the cartoon. I can’t recall his unusual breed but maybe he’s even a hunting dog. Took me all day to get on my old computer but new one arrived today!

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      • Boy, are you preaching to the choir! I like new stuff like my iPad, but Angela, Mike and I had a running joke about my still using VCR’s to timeshift games. Still got my Casio calculator watch, and my wife’s old car — and come to think of it, the old wife too! 🙋🏻‍♂️


  9. Angela, I want to write a really nice thank you to you for the wonderful plaque you shared with me so I am going to wait until tomorrow because I fell asleep trying to finish the one I just wrote to Steve.


  10. Hi, Steve! I have been thinking all day about what to say in my thank you post to you because your recent comments to me have been so varied, entertaining, complimentary, and just plain sweet. ….. Starting over.

    Hi, Steve! I have tried ALL DAY to write you a post! Jerry was having a sad day, the phone has rung off the wall, and my daughter just called again to say one more thing so I am starting over on your post for the 4th time! Boy! I guess I just needed to vent because now I feel better. I also started over after feeding the birds and trying to post with my socks full of birdseed because I forgot what I wanted to say next.

    Steve, first you made me laugh by describing your hilarious new image of me at a poker table wearing a green eyeshade, bantering, and flipping cards. Love it!

    Next, your words, about “delightful details” in my stories, cheered me up.

    Last, your triple compliment yesterday, after I said I wanted Jerry & me to stop the doom & gloom and have some fun, was really special to me. Thank you for saying, “wise course of action.” Thank you for saying, “as I would expect from you.” And last, but not least, thank you for the heart emoji, to which I reply, “I love you, too.”
    It’s o.k. for me to use that reply because I said day before yesterday that we are all one big happy family, and I say I love you to members of my family daily.


    • ..”to members of my family daily.” Yet more wise council to follow. Thanks, Lelia. As usual, all of your reply means a lot. Also as usual, I’ll say, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Talk again tomorrow.


  11. Steve, thank you for your much appreciated reply to Late Lelia’s post, and thank you for not giving up on me altogether. I used to be punctual. Until tomorrow. Oh, and thank you for your wise advice to me which I can never hear too often to take care of me.


  12. The second word is ambiguous as well. It could be “vitas”, more than one vita, which is a resume for a job. Using “vitas” I came up with the solution “gave atropine” which makes the more experienced dog a doctor.


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