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Good morning everyone and happy Friday!  David and Jeff gave us some really fun puzzles this week, and it looks like they saved the best for last!  The clue words were superb with DEFIED being the most challenging anagram for me to decipher.  SCENIC has been used numerous times in the past but it still gives me that extra moment of pause.  With all of the clue words solved, it was on to the best part — the cartoon!  Reading the dialogue and sentence, I started my solve by trying to identify the key words that would be needed to help get me across the finish line.  Picking up on info, style, and thorough had me thinking about words associated with a hair salon.  DO came instantly as my choice for the two letter word in quotes.  DILIGENCE seemed like a reasonable fit and I wrote out the clue letters just to make sure my guess was correct.  Everything fit neatly into place leaving this puzzle with it’s stylish pun a cut above the rest!  I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Today’s shoutout goes to Betty!  It’s always a pleasure hearing her insights into the puzzle and she always ends her comments by wishing everyone a wonderful day.  Thanks for being a regular on the forum, Betty, and your cheerful disposition always brightens my day.  😊


42 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/22/2017

  1. 🎶”You DO something to me, Something that simply mystifies me…so DO DO that vooDOO that you DO so well…”🎶

    •••This puzzle was no piece of cake, I had to think a bit…
    Dave had me look at letters, and seeing what would fit
    I needed two to go in quotes…It made me stop and ponder
    What is he saying to me here?…I really had to wonder.
    Then HairDO came into my head…the AH-HA moment came..
    “Thorough” the key to let me see that two can play this game..
    “Careful and with great detail”, I saw the word appear…
    Our character was DILIGENT in how she cut ones HAIR.
    I smiled at the cleverness, I marveled at the pun
    This puzzle not a piece of cake…but true word-smithery fun!•••

    Today’s words were old favorites, but perhaps DEFIED had you Fiddling around for a second. But it was the solution today that may have caused your HAIR to stand on end! The call for the two letter word, in quotes, ODDLY enough had me GOING there for a moment! And the cartoon wasn’t exactly a SCENIC wonder, so it wasn’t all CUT and DRY! But once HAIRDO came into my HEAD, it was…”I DO believe I’ve got it”! Now, THIS is a pun! I was truly imTRESSed! The phrase “Due Diligence” usually applies to Law, so to find it HAIR, was surprising. But that’s Dave. SALON as I’ve been doing these puzzles, he’s never ceased to amaze me! Sooooo, now we COMB to the eye candy. Ok, I’ll CUT right to the chase…I don’t mean to sound SNIPPY, but Jeff, SHEAR me out. Let’s get SCISSORious for a second. What happened to all those CUTING edge details that always DREW me in? I used to LOOK forward to SHARPening my sleuthing skills searching your scenes for that specific surprise! (There’s no “candy”, I’m settling for alliteration)! It was your STYLE, your signature, your SEElute to your readers…And lately, it seems the ink’s run dry. Today, all there is, is the little jar with the barbicide. So sterile! I’m so diSIGHTpointed, I don’t know what to DO…
    So, that’s it for today, Folks. DOne! And, I’m CUTTING my losses..
    Have a great day, Everyone! I’m outta’ HAIR! ✂️ 💇🏻


  2. Very good site. Visit usually to check my answers. I enjoy your comments and assistance.
    Been a Jumble regular since waiting for my mom to make breakfast before walking to school. No busses back then!!!! And it was 5 miles all uphill with no shoes on !!!!!!😂😂😂

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  3. Thanks for the kind words! No matter how good you think your Jumble skills are, there are always a few puzzles that deserve a double check. Thanks for sticking with my website to get your answers and it’s great to hear from you.

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  4. ODDLY, the tour bus driver DEFIED normal protocol by not GOING the most SCENIC route to San Francisco.

    Kudos to Dave and Jeff. I am not often stumped in finding the solution but today was the exception. No matter how hard I stared and how many re-arrangements I made, “Do” diligence did not come to mind and I resorted to calling a friend (female) who also does the Jumble each day. She gave me some verbal clues and I slapped my forehead in disgust. I guess after many easy solves, I was DUE for some frustration and I am grateful for it.
    Hope the rest of the Jumble solvers had a better start to today and I wish everyone Happy Friday and Happy Weekend.

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    • Hi Earl, Good morning. Maybe the HairDO is more of a woman’s clue. You may have something there. But your sentence is right on POINT!
      Oh, and enjoy the V8! 😉😉
      Happy Friday to you also. 🙋🏻


  5. Good morning. Today’s puzzle was fun. Especially all those words with double letters. Took a little time but I solved them. I had defied but doubted my superior intellect and checked to see if it was correct. For me scenic took the longest to get. Putting all that strain on my poor brain I decided after fifteen minutes to give it up. After all tomorrow is another day. And speaking of tomorrow, stay well.

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  6. Hi, Mike! Sorry I didn’t get to post this week. The aftermath of Jerry’s surgery has kept me so busy that I haven’t gotten to do what you told me to do and that is to take care of myself. I did do the Jumble every morning during breakfast.

    I love your new Shout Out idea! Because of the many wonderful comments & compliments you have made to me, I know how they feel receiving your special words.

    I posted some special words to you last Friday after lunch that sound kind of like a shout out from me to you about your morning post, and I want to be sure you saw them. They said:
    “Congratulations on this being your 1,000th time to do a fabulous job of giving us a warm welcome and describing the cartoon & solve in such various & delightful ways.”

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    • Hello, Lelia! No worries on missing the posts this week. You informed us of your departure so I expected to hear from you when it quieted down. I’m glad Jerry’s surgery went well and that he’s resting comfortably. It is such a relief to hear.

      The shoutouts are really about noticing our friends (in no particular order) that actively participate in the forum. Everyone has their unique signature and I thought it would be nice to give them a few compliments. Just putting that feel good karma out there. 🙂

      Please excuse me for not replying to you in reference to my 1,000th post. As much as I’d enjoy sitting home and replying to every comment the second it comes in, sometimes I’m forced to pick and choose when I have a few free minutes. It always brings a smile to my face when I get a compliment frim you, Lelia!

      All my best for Jerry, and PLEASE take care of yourself. Talk soon. 😊


  7. Hi, Steve! Thanks for saying Monday that it was an honor when I told you about your making Jerry grin.

    Speaking of an honor, congratulations on being seen in the Jumble cartoon returning home with a steaming hot cup of coffee from Peets!! It made me smile when you said no hat, no paunch, and jeans not slacks. I love it.

    My favorite cartoon this week was Sprawl Mart. As lousy as I am in geography, I was shocked that “Boot A Pest” and “Bering Strait” came to me immediately.

    I tried all week to find a moment to post you an update just to say that Jerry was fine but a plethora of problems like a malfunctioning catheter clasp & the wrong prescription being called into our pharmacy kept me busy with a plethora of phone calls.


    • I know that feeling of not having a spare minute during all those details. I’m just happy to hear from you, and hope things get back to more normal soon!


      • Hi, Steve, your words about getting back to normal cheered me up greatly! Thank you.
        When I posted the Jumble poem & the limerick about Mike, your complimentary comment let me know that I wanted to write a limerick for you, too. How’s this one that came to me yesterday, or as you said to me once, lookee:

        Steve in Oakland, Oakland CA,
        Shares on the Jumble every day.
        Much music he knows.
        Great knowledge he shows.
        I learn from what he has to say.


      • This is fine except for when we both get *really* long winded (that never happens, right?)
        Now I feel doubly honored by two of the people I admire most. What a week!


  8. No problem with the clue words today but the cartoon took me a bit longer to solve. Kept thinking the two letter word would be “In” but then I looked at the rest of the letters and figured ience would be the ending so re grouped and came up with the proper “Do” Diligence. Nice to have a challenge. Thanks for the “shoutout” Mike. You made my day. And as always, Happy Friday everyone.

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    • I’m glad I was there fir you, Mary! We all need a little help sometimes, so don’t worry if the solution didn’t come quickly for you. Tomorrow is another day! All my best for a wonderful weekend. 🙂


  9. Hi all – Got the words and was glad HAIRDO wasn’t one of them – that gets me every time. Figured DO must be the first word, but got stuck thinking the second word must end in ING. So I wrote out the letters, and the first word I saw was LICE, which I hoped was not appropriate. Finally saw the answer.
    Have a great day!


    • Carolyn, thank you for your kind words. I feel like I deserve a scolding for not giving you an update as soon as the surgery was over, but his catheter clamp malfunctioned on the way home from the hospital and when we arrived home with me wanting to crawl into bed & sleep for a week, he said, “I want to go back to the hospital to get this fixed.” After we got that fixed, I discovered they had called in the wrong antibiotic which the pharmacy would not fill due to possible lethal reactions with his arthritis med so many phone calls later I got that straightened out just before dinner right after he told me the catheter clamp was malfunctioning again.
      You can’t make this stuff up. The next 3 days were just as busy, but I’ll stop here to thank you again for being the thoughtful person you are. Thanks again!!

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      • Sounds like things are finally straightened out,so maybe you’ll have the chance to relax a little now. Jerry’s fortunate that you and the pharmacy are paying such close attention to what’s going on with him. I’m sure the birds are happy to have him back.

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  10. 🎵”Red and white, blue suede shoes, I’m Uncle Sam, how do you do?
    Check my pulse, it don’t change. Stay seventy-two come shine or rain.
    Wave the flag, pop the bag, rock the boat, skin the goat.
    I’m Uncle Sam, that’s who I am; Been hidin’ out in a rock and roll band.
    Shake the hand that shook the hand of P.T. Barnum and Charlie Chan.
    I’ll drink your health, share your wealth, run your life, steal your wife.

    Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.
    Summertime done, come and gone, my, oh, my.”🎵

    Bye summer, you were fun! Happy Vernal Equinox!

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  11. I suspect you and many of those who “Jumble” daily already know the following. Arrange the letters of the Jumbled word in a circle, the answer seems easier to see. This sometimes works for the answer too.


    • Hi, John! As you already guessed, we’ve shared this technique many times. Although I don’t find it particularly helpful, some others swear by it. Thanks for checking in and reminding us about this tip. 🙂👍🏻


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