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Good Morning, Everyone!          MATH!

🎶”The TIMES, They Are A Changing….”🎶

🎶”ONE is the loneliest NUMBER that you’ll ever do, TWO can be as bad as ONE, It’s the loneliest NUMBER since the NUMBER ONE…”🎶

While learning Math in days gone by, one simply needed to apply
Some basic rules of one two three, And things were solved most correctly…
Today, alas this isn’t true – Today the Math is all brand new…
Where I would add and carry two’s, instead today a three is used
The kids ask me to check their work…I end up feeling like a jerk
Because for me the old way lingers…And all I have are these ten fingers….!

Today’s words started off with BISON, WILDly enough. We’ve probably seen it before, but SAFARIs I’m concerned, it wasn’t that easy for a FIVE letter word. The others, in order, 2-4 were easy, breezy. Our cartoon: Classroom setting, FOUR children listening attentively to a teacher. She’s teaching Multiplication, and the expression on her face is ONE of enthusiastic joy! Of course, she knows it already! And she has a “special way”, that she’s been “using for TEN years”! HA! How many TIMES have I heard that ONE before! The dialogue, the subject matter…ADD it up, Friends…She’s taught it a “NUMBER OF TIMES”! Great pun, David. You’ve ADDED another good ONE to your list! So, the eye candy. ONCE again, Jeff’s not giving us much to go on. A marker, a few written NUMBERS? Wait, I’ve got it! (Which ironically enough wasn’t something you’d hear ME shout in a Math class)! The little blond kid in the back, the lefty? See the grin on his face? Yep, there was always ONE, remember? Knew all the answers, never had a PROBLEM. Hmm…Wonder where he is today? Probably teaching the “new” Math…
So, there you have it, Folks! PROBLEM solved. Until tomorrow…Go FOURTH and MULTIPLY. Or plead the FIFTH…It’s usually ONE or the other! ✖️ 🙋🏻



35 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/16/2017

    • LOL…Good one! And thank you! Yea, I hated seeing them go down. I’ll go over to IOW in a minute…⚾️🙋🏻

  1. When the METAL BISON was dropped on the football field by a drone, most alumni were convinced, but it was never PROVEN, that the creature caused the worst FUMBLE in college history.

    Easy Saturday solve and the cartoon leads pretty quickly to the solution. I will leave the Mathematics alone and give Angela all the angles, tangents and sines she needs to entertain us this AM. Living in Buffalo Bills territory I could not get beyond some kind of football reference. Have a great weekend everyone.

    • Good morning, Earl. And it is a good reference! 🏉 I had you in mind this morning when I saw the Math puzzle! I appreciate your offering to leave the “angles, tangent and sines” (Good ones)! to me, but I’ll take a pass! (Which, once again, ironically, I only managed to do by the skin of my teeth)! LOL..I’d much rather DIVIDE my time between the words and the music! Creative as always, your sentence is a keeper, and I’m COUNTing on you to be here t’row… Have a great day, Sir! ✖️🙋🏻

    • Yea, and the check’s in the mail! Can’t trust anybody these days! Good to hear from you, Ron. Keep in touch. Ciao..✖️🙋🏻

  2. That’s a new record – solved the whole puzzle in 12 seconds flat.
    🎵”Would I lie to you?”🎵 THAT won’t happen again for awhile!

    Angela, loved the poem. You can use toes to get up to 20.

    Mike, SEVEN is the most wonderful number! Nice of the Sox to give you such a nice present on your 1000th blog post anniversary! But – Apple watch? *You’re* the culprit? 😉

    Lelia – Message on IOW.

    I got nothin’ else, as I’ll prove with these math fillers:
    🎵”One, two, three, FOUR….
    Well she was just seventeen”🎵
    And I love how the Beach Boys quietly count up the years in the background in “When I Grow Up to Be a Man”

    • 🎶”Look into my eyes, can’t you see they’re wide open…”🎶 LOL..Talk about irony, huh? Seriously! 😜 Glad you enjoyed the poem…Actually, they’re your “Juicy Fruit” each morning! Mike was in Heaven last night, understandably so. It was an amazing come back. As for the watch…Like I’ve told you..DENY, DENY, DENY! 🎶”If you know what I mean….”🎶…(Boy, these are really working out so well, huh)? The Beach Boys?…Music dreams are made of…
      Ok..PHEW…Is it rest time yet? 😂🙋🏻

    • WOW! 12 seconds? I thought I was doing well when I got today’s and yesterdays in just a second over one minute. You are the BOSS.
      Surprised neither you nor Angela quoted that song that begins
      “Don’t know much about…..”

      • 🎶”Don’t know much about history
        Don’t know much biology
        Don’t know much about a science book,
        Don’t know much about the French I took
        But I do know that I love you,
        And I know that if you love me, too,
        What a wonderful world this would be….”🎶

        Hey Earl…A beautiful Sam Cooke rendition! But I’m pretty sure I’ve used this song in a post already…And he never mentions Math!
        Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🌞🌞🙋🏻

        • I had a lot more typing to do!! 😂😂
          Steve, Have I used this song before? Do you remember? 🙋🏻

          • “Copy and paste” – I learned it from you! 😂
            I don’t remember the song being used before.

            • LOL…I tried, but the verse was split, and it wouldn’t anchor all the way thru! Lou1 is sitting outside reading the papers…I think I’ll give him a job…Go back and check! 😉 🙋🏻

      • Earl…OOOOPPS!! Second Verse….! I usually just go with the first…But I kept singing it in my head, and I was..”Uh oh…”! 😂😂
        So here it is…

        🎶”Don’t know much about geography
        Don’t know much trigonometry
        Don’t know much about algebra
        Don’t know what a slide rule is for
        But I do know one and one is two
        And if this one could be with you
        What a wonderful world it would be….”🎶. 😉🙋🏻

        • 🎵” One and one and one is three.
          Got to be good lookin’ ’cause he’s so hard to see”🎵

          • 🎶”He wear no shoeshine, he’s got toe-jam football
            He got monkey finger, he shoot Coca-Cola
            He say, “I know you, you know me”
            One thing I can tell you is you got to be free…
            Come together, right now….Over me”🎶

            Oh yeah..never under the influence, huh? 🙋🏻
            Classic. 🎶

  3. Good afternoon. I kept checking to see if I had to hit the square from yesterday since nothing appeared until now. Just got the blog maybe ten minutes ago. Today’s puzzle was again fun. Not all the words were an instant solve which was ok by me. They came fairly quick but I had to think for a minute and run the letters over in my mind. The cartoon answer came fairly quick after looking at all the letters. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hi Paul, good afternoon. One of these days, we’re going to solve the mystery…Where do these Emails go until we get them? And I posted it at 5:45 this morning! Very strange…Glad you got it all solved. Worth the challenge, right? Cute pun. Hope you’re having a great day. See you in the morning!

  4. Hi, all! What memories the cartoon brings back! I was that teacher for 25 years, teaching math mostly to 3rd graders. My students noticed that I was very good at it and appreciated the effort I put into their daily lessons so much that when I gave a dramatic sigh of relief at the end, they clapped! Is that adorable or what? To thank them for their clapping, I took a bow! I loved them & they loved me right back.

    Cartoon answer immediately, clue words quickly. Have a great day!

    • Hi Lelia. Teaching is such a noble profession. You know my love of sports, but I’ll never get how we pay our Sports stars sooooo much money, and our teachers so little in comparison. Where would any of us be without our teachers? Your memories must be priceless. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Have a great day! 🙋🏻

      • Hi, Angela! Thank you for your kind, generous, & much appreciated comments to me about having been a teacher. I would have taught free at first because of loving it so much. I spent thousands of my own money in my classroom on complimentary curriculum, supplies, prizes, pizza parties, furniture, & huge plants. Some told me my room should be in Better Homes & Gardens & Classrooms. When I had allergy kids, I substituted silk plants.

        • Hi Lelia. You’re very welcome. You sound like everything a good teacher should be. And I’m sure many of your students still remember. Be well. Enjoy your evening! 🙋🏻

  5. Angela and Steve—thanks for cutting and pasting the lyrics to “What a Wonderful World it Would Be.” I knew math was in there somewhere and I had no idea who sang the song. I Googled it just now and got to hear him sing it. Nice way to polish off a lovely Saturday afternoon. Spent my day at the lake shore and it will probably be my last for the season. Bittersweet, so I am sitting home listening to Norah Jones and getting even more,( lost for the right word), so I’ll just say sentimental. and nostalgic for lots of things.

    • Earl, Earl, Earl, You’re killing me! Norah Jones? 🎶”Carry On”🎶 ?
      Be still my heart…Another one I’ve “made a hole in…”
      My Mother ❤️💔 would call it melancholy….
      Great that you Googled 🎶”What a Wonderful World”🎶 You Tube is a Godsend, right? Don’t give up the lake shore just yet…I think we’ve still got some warm days to come….
      Norah Jones…??!! I can’t! 🙋🏻

  6. “Come away with me…” Is still lingering in my sub-conscious. Love her voice, her guitar strums and her lyrics. Guess she just appeals to my softer side.🗣👶

    • Now you guys got me doing it.
      “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”

      🎵”They say that all good things must end some day
Autumn leaves must fall

      But don’t you know that it hurts me so

      To say goodbye to you
Wish you didn’t have to go

      No no no no
      And when the rain

      Beats against my window pane

      I’ll think of summer days again
And dream of you”🎵 Summer song, Chad and Jeremy

    • 🎶Come Away With Me🎶 Is hauntingly beautiful. I hope it’s not making you sad. When I listen to 🎶Don’t Miss You at All🎶, I think honky tonk and crying in my scotch…💔 .Something Sinatra (BMH) could have sung. One of those 🎶Quarter to Three🎶 songs….And 🎶The Long Way.Home🎶 touches a lot of nerves…
      She can definitely hurt your heart…And she’s a beautiful woman to boot, of course she’d appeal to your softer side..
      I’m sooo impressed with this.. 🎶🙋🏻

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