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Good morning and happy Friday!!!  The weekend is so close and our family has some fun things planned so let’s get right to business.  GENDER was the only clue word to give me some hesitation today and would be my pick for the most difficult anagram.  I don’t recall seeing it in a Jumble before so it was a refreshing addition by Mr. Hoyt.  The cartoon was more on the serious side featuring a very happy couple getting ready to sign a lease agreement with their new landlady.  She made the couple a very generous offer of half off the rent because the male half is in the military and her husband is a veteran.  The expecting couple will be able to afford to dwell well in the spacious abode with it’s large front window and cozy fireplace.  After reading the sentence, and with SHE being given to us, COULD DO instantly came to mind.  Writing out my letters, LEASE was a quick solve for the finish leaving this feel good cartoon completed.  Have a fantastic Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ™‚


37 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/15/2017

  1. 🎢”You’re reaching deep inside you for things you’ve never known…It’s been tough, rough going, but you haven’t gone alone…Be all that you can be..You can do it, in the Army…”🎢

    Starting out is always tough
    Will there ever be enough?
    Stress and worry what will be
    Now that two’s becoming three…
    Comes along an Angel sent
    Landlord cutting half the rent…
    Makes me wonder why can’t we
    All be the best that we can be…?

    Today’s words have been ENLISTED before. The only thing new may be the scrambling of GENDER. But our cartoon…ARMY, this is new! A pregnant woman, an inter-racial couple, (an overly generous landlord)? Wonderfully new… And the solve wasn’t CAMOUFLAGED at all! Easily given away with the dialogue and question: RENT, “Help out”, Reduced, “Generous”…It was the least she could do…the “LEASE” she could do! Great, clever pun, Dave! And maybe a double one to boot?…Baby coming: New lease on life? A BUN PUN? Hmm…
    But the eye candy wasn’t that easy. I thought the landlords pendant might have been the old peace sign from the 60’s, but that fell FLAT. I thought the INFANT-RY angle? Too soon. I liked the logs in the fireplace…And then my eyes were DRAWN to the husbands neckline, and the little peek of T-shirt showing. Something about it just triggered a memory. So, kudos, Jumble Guys, you’ve done a great job today honoring the military. No one deSERVES a break more…And there you have it. 🎢”Signed, sealed, delivered..it’s yours..”🎢
    Wishing Everyone a great day, and a new LEASE on life…🏑 πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  2. The mixed GENDER SCOUT troops wanted to ADOPT a draft horse so they could use a PULLEY to raise beams for a farmer’s new barn, replacing the one destroyed by fire.

    I had the same hesitation with gender that Mike experienced and then followed solving the puzzle, pretty much the same as he.
    Angela’s poem says it all and with class and sincerity. I had to smile when she focused on the white t-shirt peeking out of the soldier’s uniform. I had several uncles who were sailors, soldiers and marines and I remember seeing those gleaming white government-issued t-shirts as part of their military appearance. Thanks Angela for refreshing an almost forgotten memory.
    Have a great Friday everyone—sunshine is lighting up my morning.

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    • Does this mean we’re all GENDER biased? Good morning, Earl. Thanks so much for the shout out. And I have to say, that my memory took me back… yours made me a little emotional. I try to repress a lot of things…I’m such a wuss! Your sentence, again…WHERE do these ideas come from? Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your day! 🌞 πŸ™‹πŸ»


  3. Good morning. Another successful jumble solved. Had the words in less than a minute and when I went to the cartoon that was another story. The only two letter word that I saw was “do” it took me twenty minutes to get the other two words. Lease being the last. Being out of the navy a year and then being recalled for another year because of the Cuban crises I was sour on staying in the reserves. Looking back I should have stayed in. It really is a good life and then it would be another pension. A lot of fond memories. Especially watching the “jar heads” digging the fox holes for us in case Castros men overran the base in GuantΓ‘namo Thank God that never happened. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hi Paul, Good morning. Thanks again for your service. And if I were you, write down your stories…they sound amazing! Be well. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™‹πŸ»


  4. Congratulations, Mike, on #1000! It amazes me how you, Angela, Earl and of course the Jumble guys keep this going so well day after day. Had to back into gender. Wishing all a fun weekend.

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  5. Congratulations Mike, 1,000 Jumbles is certainly an accomplishment. I have been doing jumbles for many many years but it’s much more fun since I discovered your blog and the other Jumble buddies from around the country. Have a happy Friday everyone.

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  6. Hi all – No problem with the words or the puzzle.
    Betty has exactly summed up what I was thinking. My life has been enhanced by much more laughter and friendship (and puns!) since I fell in here. Plus, I’m much more informed about the weather around the country. πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Mike, and all you Jumble buddies.
    The only thing is, it seems like a *lot* more than 1000, and I’ve only been here since March!

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  7. Since my granddaughters are adopted, I know this word has been used before – and it was also the one I hesitated to solve. I wrote ‘ Least she could do’ before double checking the letters, but it would also fit the spirit of the cartoon!

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    • Hi Nance. How lucky and blessed are your Granddaughters! ❀️
      And the spirit of today’s puzzle is a beautiful one, no matter how we spell it! Have a great day, and please comment again. We’d love to hear from you! Be well. πŸ™‹πŸ»


  8. Hi Mike. I have been. Doing the jumble for years with my cousin from Jersey. She would call every morning and we would compare answers. Since she has passed away, l check my answers with your blog. I have been following your blog for over a year. I enjoy your blog and comments a great deal,and hope you have continue sussess. here’s to the next 1000.

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  9. Hi, all! Got the cartoon answer immediately but had to change β€œgrenede” (grenade) to GENDER.
    Mike, I agree with your perfect description that it’s a β€œfeel good” cartoon, and congratulations on this being your 1,000th time to do a fabulous job of giving us a warm welcome and describing the cartoon & solve in such various & delightful ways.
    With the huge spot I have reserved in my heart for veterans, the kindness & generosity of the landlady sent a tear of thankfulness to me eyes.
    Mike, glad to hear that you & family are up for some fun this weekend. Enjoy!!


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