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Good morning my friends and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun!  It’s Monday morning so I started the puzzle with the mindset that David and Jeff were going to take it easy on us.  That’s exactly what I found with probably my quickest solve ever!  All of the words jumped out at me instantly and the cartoon answer flowed naturally after reading the sentence.  The cartoon was well drawn featuring a jovial farmer proudly displaying a couple of ears of corn from his bountiful harvest.  The man on the right was wearing a 9/11 memorial shirt which was a very thoughtful and timely addition by Mr. Knurek.  I wish you a very happy Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow.  🙂

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  1. The farmer is wearing a cap with a patch of the American Flag. The man with him is wearing a T-shirt with a chevron, depicting the Twin Towers and uses them as the 11 in 9-11-01. There’s wording under the Towers, but I can’t make it out. I wish I knew what it says. It was the only thing I saw when I opened the paper.
    Thank you, Jeff.
    I can never forget.💔 God Bless America.
    Have a blessed day, Everyone

        • It’s too bad that there’s no obviously appropriate graphic that could have gone on the shirt to honor the other heroes who saved countless lives, the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93, but they’ll never be forgotten either.

  2. Good morning. Agree that today was a typical Monday puzzle. Almost everything as an instant read with the exception of memory that took about a full minute to get. Angela,I did see one of Judges home runs and as to the Fire engine, My cousin completely restored it and rode it every year in parades especially in Greenwood lake. He sold it after years of having fun with his volunteer fire fighters. Today is a sad day because of 9-11 and the aftermath of Irma. God Bless and stay well.

    • Hi Paul, good morning. The fire engine story is a keeper, thanks for getting back. I would have loved to have seen it. I saw your comment last night about our NY water and the bagels, but I didn’t reply because I saw it was addressed to Steve and figured he’d answer. That would have been a story! Judge did NY proud.
      And yes, today is a solemn day. Be well,

      • I assumed the water/bagel comment was intended for Angela; never noticed that I was the recipient (probably unintentionally).

  3. There was little margin for error when fueling the ROCKET and the technician had FAITH in his RAZOR-sharp MEMORY that he had completed the task correctly and grinned “from ear to ear.”

    Agree that today was an easy solve. I could not see the detail on the shirt of the man on the right so thanks for bringing that to light. A subtle but important reminder that today is a day to honor all those who lost their lives and to pay respect to all the first responders who risked their lives to save others.

  4. Hi all – Agree with Mike, instant solve on everything.
    Earl, your “paunch” complaints are falling on deaf “ears”. Shucks!

    • Steve~~ you’re absolutely correct. Today I decided to restrain my barbs about paunches and hope that they will shrink or disappear in the future. Stereotypes are verboten about somethings but get a pass in others. Guess I just let it go, right?

      • I think so, Earl. (In the comic “Rose is Rose”, she has a “Let It Be” tree that she leans on when necessary). That’s a hard lesson to learn, and even harder to apply sometimes, but it’s so often the absolutely correct thing to do. (Except for LESS and FEWER — we’re stickin’ to that one, right? 😂😂👍)

  5. Hi, all! Today was a quick cartoon solve for me, but I self-jumbled RAZOR several times. Guess I’m not as sharp as the rest of you today.
    Mike, enjoyed your post and your “a-maize-ing” comment. I finally got to vote for you! Today, after clicking comment, I clicked the 5th star rather than the green circle and your number of votes increased by one. Finally!


  6. Steve & Mike, I have promised each of you that I’d post the rules for Rummicub and finally got them edited yesterday. Jerry’s surgery is one week from today so I am trying to tie up loose ends & prepare for a week of caring for him. Please don’t forget me. I’ll be baaack! I’ll be thinking of you every day & reading what you write.

    RUMMICUB is played with 106 plastic number tiles rather than 2 decks of cards with 2 Jokers. The tiles are numbered 1-13 in 4 different colors.

    The object of the game is to play all your tiles. It is a simple game with a “luck of the draw” factor.

    You play runs (tiles in numerical order) or groups (tiles of the same number but all a different color) with a minimum of 3 tiles in each run or group.

    The big diff is that on your turn, you may not only add to what others have played but you may rearrange what has been played in order to play at least one of your tiles. Be careful not to take a tile from a run or group leaving only 2 tiles because each play on the table has to have a minimum of 3 tiles.

    We do not use the Tournament Rules. We do not keep score. The first one out of tiles is the Winner! After several rounds, we have several Winners! Fun!!

    P.S. What sold Jerry on playing the game with me every day was a comment I found in Google from an old man who said, “Rummicub is my daily brain/memory vitamin.” Our daily brain vitamin is solving the Jumble, right?

    • Thank you for the detailed rules explanation, Lelia. It doesn’t sound too complicated. I’m a visual learner so it would be easier for me to see it played and then try it but since that’s not possible, I can just give it a go. I’ve printed out the directions, but now I’ll have to find number tiles…..

      And yes, the Jumble (as well as writing this blog) are my daily brain vitamins!

      Thanks again! 🙂

  7. Mike, oops! I gave you a general idea of the game but not all the rules, so you could decide whether or not you wish to own it. I wanted you to know that it’s a simple game with a “luck of the draw” element.

    Ours was given to us by our daughter, who bought 3 at a thrift store. Steve said that he found one in pristine condition at a thrift store. If you purchase one, you’ll have all the rules, the correct tiles, and 4 racks for your tiles.

  8. Steve, today I thought of you when I read the first frame of Pickles, not the whole comic, just the first frame, as you refer me to a few words in a song but not the whole song. The “Woo Hoo” reminded me of you and Earl’s excitement about doing well on an online test.

    Your getting excited about the Asimov makes me roll my eyes because I think that you, with your phenomenal memory & knowledge, are a genius, regardless of how you do. I got one right today, #3. Congratulations yesterday & today, Doctor.

    I’ll probably do well with the British Nursery Rhymes because while in England, our guide spent 2 hours reading & explaining their nursery rhymes. It makes me happy when Asimov tests are about history or geography because I know you’ll do well.

    I also thought of you and your knowledge of old records when I read Pearls. I have one box of old 33’s which I haven’t taken time to find. With your encouragement, I finally found my cylindrical record in the guest room. I want to make a list of my 33’s to post to you, but I’m wondering if they will still play.

    Last, I knew that you, with your big heart, while reading B.C., would be spending a moment of remembering in an appropriate way. I LOVED it that you reminded us to remember all the passengers on Flight 93. Thank you for that.

    • Wow, Lelia, you said a mouthful. I’ll just say thanks for all that, even though I know that G-word is VASTLY overstated.
      In the comic “Frazz” today, one of the students asks the teacher why successful books are bestsellers, but bestselling records are “gold”. When Frazz asks him whether she knew, the kid says “Beats me. I had to look up what a record was just to ask the question.” Ouch.

  9. Steve, P.S.—Because I had already thought it while looking at the cartoon and your words were puns with the cartoon theme, you gave me quite a happy laugh when you told Earl his paunch remarks were falling on deaf “ears. Shucks!”
    Another of your enjoyable, typically timely cartoon complimenting comments.

    Also, when I suggested using tiles from the game Bananagrams rather than Scrabble tiles for solving JUMBLE words & cartoon answers, I forgot to tell you why. Well, the 98 Scrabble tiles have only one J, K, Q, X, & Z. The 144 letter tiles zipped up in Bananagrams little yellow cloth banana shaped pouch have at least 2 of each letter.

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