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  1. Hope I can find “In Other Words” so I will know where the pic was taken and quit racking my brain. BTW, I wonder if others have a problem finding the site; started out that it was easy to find, however, not an easy find now. I think that is why not many posts about the pic; posters can’t find the site. I doubt that Mike will appreciate coming home to someone complaining and I don’t mean it that way. Just saying the site is really hard to find and that’s the truth! 🙂

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    • HI Sue. I access IOW from the original email that was sent. But there’s nothing there relating to the picture, or Mike’s trip. What I meant by “Mike’s here somewhere” y’day, was that I knew he was home, and that he had logged onto the site but hadn’t posted. But this is the one and only picture I put up, because I felt he should choose which ones he wanted to show. There’s no other pictures, and no other reference to his vacation anywhere else. He had intended to send pictures all along during the trip, giving hints to his location, sort of like a game, but it didn’t work out. I’m sure he’ll explain why. He told me he’ll be posting later this morning. Be well. 🙋🏻


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