Jumble Answers for 07/16/2017










Have a super Sunday and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning!  🙂

14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/16/2017

  1. Hi, Mike!! Instant answer to the boxing cartoon. Easy words, only 5 self-jumbles for BECKON.
    We had our first monsoon storm yesterday with rain and wind so loud it sounded as though it would come through our picture window or garage door. After watching the bushes blow around like crazy, all that happened was one broken branch.
    I hope you got your Real ID that you wanted before your birthday. Will you get to take a trip this summer? See you tomorrow!

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    • Hi, Lelia! I’m still waiting for my drivers license to arrive in the mail so I can go back to the DMV and get my Real ID. I’m not looking forward to those long lines again, but it has to be done. As for traveling this summer, our trip is planned and we leave near the end of the month. We’ll be gone for a couple of weeks and I’ll take lots of photos and try to attach a couple to the website. I’m not going to tell you where we are going, but will have you guess and see who gets it correct! Have a great day. 😊


  2. 🎵”Now I’m sitting here,
    Sipping at my ice cold beer,
    Lazing on a sunny afternoon
    In the summertime
    In the summertime” 🎵 The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon

    Well, not yet. But it sounds good for later.
    I hope the Red Sox and Yanks play fewer than 32 innings today.
    Have a great evening; see you tomorrow.


  3. Steve, I love your music! My favorite comic is Mutts, but I can’t find it anymore except in the Peoria Republic, which gives me only 3 a week, but I did find the one about “breaking in” to a song when you “can’t find the key.” Being a music lover, I cut it out & put it into my file of Mutts comics. I have a lot of Mooch playing with the little pink sock, which they used to spell “shock.” I loved the one during his Summer Reading Program where he began reading Moby Dick, “Call me Ishmael,” causing the squirrels to ask where Mooch was.


    • If you read *all* the lyrics to my music, you might change your mind 😉 Remember Queen?

      !’ll continue to edit out the naughty bits for you in order to continue to receive your approval! 😄


      • Steve, I give you carte blanche because everything you’ve said to me or to others has met with my approval. I have stacks of the lyrics to songs you have mentioned and comics you have suggested and your compliments to me and funny or educational things you have said to me.


    • Mutts is also my favorite along with red and rover followed by one big happy then haggar the horrible,blonde and finally gasoline alley. I too have clippings of mutts and red and rover I do get a laugh out of the writers sense of humor.


      • Hi Paul!

        🎵”When the weather’s better and the rails unfreeze
        and the wind don’t whistle ’round my knees
        I’ll put on my weddin’ suit and catch the evening train
        I’ll be home before the milk’s upon the door

        Going home, running home
        down to Gasoline Alley where I started from
        Going home, and I’m running home
        down to Gasoline Alley where I was born” 🎵
        — Rod Stewart, Gasoline Alley


      • Hi, Paul, your pizza & soda party at the bocce court made me hungry for pizza.
        I have copies of the first few Red & Rover comics. The first one of Rover saving Red’s life is a precious tear-jerker. I learned about it from Steve. I read Gasoline Alley every day until it got pulled from our newspaper years ago.


  4. Good afternoon. Has to put the puzzle down after getting the words. Spent ten minutes on the carrot answer and had to leave as they had a pizza,soda party at the bocce court. Met about eight to ten members I never saw before. Three new women. They were fairly good.,my partner was better than her husband. Since they were new we split them up. Came back home and went right to the cartoon answer. Took about ten minutes but I finally got the answer. Until tomorrow stay well.


    • I had trouble with the puzzle today, too. Beckon took me a while and then I played around with match, round and punch before the answer came all at once.


  5. Jumble Jeff. Since your cartoon characters are usually based on reality, are Sunday’s fighters Lennox and Golota? Joe Cortez the referee? 🙋🏻


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