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Good morning Mike, Good morning, Everyone….

🎶”Do you know who I am?” said Bill Haley. In a pancake house down near the Rio Grande. Well the waitress said, “I don’t know you from diddley. To me you look like one more tired old man….”🎶

You had me at PANCAKES. No waffling, you had me. Today’s words STACKED UP pretty well. They went down easy. Nothing new, maybe Buffet scrambled a little differently. Perfectly SERVED up for a Monday morning . The cartoon…We didn’t even need to look at our letters to solve this one. Got it right off the TOP. Jeff showed up the dishes STACKING UP! A gift! What more could we ask for? Extra butter? Side ORDER of bacon? Refill on that coffee? Oh…Sorry, it’s early, I haven’t eaten yet…The cartoon! This poor harried waitress, a blonde dressed in purple…(Those who know…KNOW)..just can’t keep UP. The short order cook, looking slightly distressed, probably wants to GRILL her further, BUTTER face says it all!  And the diners. The woman, SYRUPtitiously giving the side eye, the man looking annoyed, but probably grateful (Full? HA)! his son isn’t FLAP JACKing around. All just BACON for their breakfast. Will they start FLIPping out? Are they ready to BLINTZ!  Not an ideal situation. She says she’s trying her best, but maybe she needs to (I) HOP a little more? Because, let’s be honest, by the time those HOT CAKES get to the tables, HOT will so not be the operative word. Sadly, dear girl, here’s a tip…I don’t think there’ll be one. Today’s eye candy? No, not the little boy and the tongue. It’s those pancakes smoking on the GRIDDLE. How BATTER those going to taste?

I think I’ll mention two things here. One, I never eat pancakes unless I can have hot syrup, and two, I’d never stiff a server. I know I could never do that job! I comMENU all!

So, it’s Monday, there’s no esCREPEing it!  Let’s start the week off with a TOAST to all the servers out there for a job WELL DONE!!  Enjoy! ☕️ 🙋🏻






32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/03/2017

  1. Good morning. Another easy one today. Both the words and cartoon answer were pretty close to an instant solve. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  2. Easy one today. Am back home now, and got to do the puzzle on paper rather than my iPhone for the first time in two weeks. I now have the magnifying glass from my father’s desk, so the details in the cartoon are much easier to see!

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    • Good morning, John. Glad to have you back. Last Wednesday night, I posted a shout out to you, to let you know I was thinking of you. Hope all is as well as can be. How lucky to have the 🙏🏻 glass. Stay well. 🙋🏻


    • John, you were missed, glad you are back, and thank you for mentioning the magnifying glass from your father’s desk. That is a sweet, special remembrance.

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  3. When he saw the SCULPTED ice at the BUFFET, the CRANKY artist went absolutely GIDDY and the line behind him “stacked up” as he gazed in wonder.
    Agreed, an easy solve today and that made my Monday morning bright as the sunshine outside.

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    • Hello Earl! I think I *finally* understood both of the hidden jokes in your emojis yesterday. You are indeed an Anglophile, aren’t you, probably even a WC Fields fan. If I compliment you on being extremely clever, please don’t pooh-pooh it out of false modesty! 🙋‍♂️

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      • Not a big WC Fields fan but definitely one who admires the British and their culture, up to a point–afraid I would have sided with M.K. Gandhi in the India colonial battle and it may seem odd but a strong supporter of Queen Elizabeth II.
        I’ll try to take all compliments with grace and humility and a stiff upper lip while saying ” cor, mate, here’s looking at you.”🇬🇧 🎾
        In honor of Wimbledon.

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  4. Good morning, all, Happy Birthday, Mike! 🎂🥞

    Nothing hard about the puzzle, but the server has black hair in my paper, and the customers are in black and white.

    What a great song reference, Angela, one I’d never heard! Probably cause it’s country. I guess Diddley was not the waitress’s
    BO, then.

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    • Completely off-topic:

      Patrick Marleau! Off to Toronto. Monsieur Tiburon, nous sommes desoleé!
      (19 years a Shark).

      Bon Chance à Canada nos ami grande!
      “Je me souviens”. (I know that’s Quebec’s license plate, but close enough).


    • Sshhh, Listen…Can you hear me groan? 😂 Her BO!?! In “LOO”of BEAU?…ROTFL. Yes, good song. 🎶”Haley’s Comet”🎶 Thank you. You know my musical repertoire is all over the place. Today, near the Rio Grande…And trust me, she’s blonde, albeit a little ombré going on, and wearing 2 shades of purple. And yes, the puzzle is way OVER EASY! (And double yes…Bo Diddley…😂). 🙋🏻


  5. Easy solve today; good way to start week. Happy Birthday. to Lelia and Mike! Enjoy your special day! 🎂🎁🎉🎈🌞

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    • Sue, thank you! Mine isn’t until the 31st but Mike’s is today. I LOVE your emojis!


      • Lelia, after I posted I remembered your Birthday was later. When posted I was thinking Mondays not dates. I do wish you a happy day!🌞


  6. listen up folks. I never use the word SCULPT. Next, I met Jeff this morning. He is just a kid, but a very nice one, Hits the golf ball out of sight. Told me the Jumble is in many many countries and I began doing some math on the way home and I do believe that Jeff’s artwork has been viewd by more people that all the people that have viewed all the great artists since the beginning if time! Wow , nidm gggiobnl. I am now the proud owner of some of his artwork!

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  7. Hi, Mike et al! Knew cartoon answer as I read the sentence. Got words quickly but not sure how fast I would have gotten SCULPT had I not backed into it.
    Mike, Happy Birthday to you!!!
    John, so glad to have you back.
    Earl, I was wondering how you would combine SCULPT & GIDDY, but you did a great job, as usual.
    Angela, enjoyed reading your punny pancake write-up.
    Have a marvelous Monday, all.

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    • Thanks Leila Ann. It’s not always easy finding a way to use the clue words without adding a past tense or an -Ing and today I only “fiddled” with one word. My goal is to keep all the clue words as solved/printed.along with solving everything with no writing. Keeps the grey matter from becoming a fossil.


  8. Hi, Steve! Trophy #1, Funniest Comment of the Week. (MySlob)
    Trophy #2. Funniest Comment (Fried Bicycle Tire in Phoenix performing their #9 hit.)
    Trophy #3, Genius Comment Posted With Perfect Timing. (Comic character grizzled cowboy gives girlfriend a gift “In loo of a Billy-Doo.”)


    • Hi Lelia –

      Aw Shucks, Ma’am, you’re embarrassing me; you’re too kind! Plus if we’d known you were listening, maybe we’d have watched our language a bit better! Nah, probably not! (You know I’m just kidding).

      Now we both have a reason to follow the Toronto Maple Leafs next season (why isn’t it Maple Leaves?). The NHL’s Arizona-raised rookie of the year Auston Matthews will be joined by the Sharks’ own Patrick Marleau, after his 19-year career here.

      🎵” He was sitting in the lounge of the Empire Hotel
      He was drinking for diversion, he was thinking for himself
      A little money riding on the Maple Leafs
      Along comes a lady in lacy sleeves, she says
      ‘Let me sit down, you know drinking alone’s a shame
      (It’s a shame, it’s a crying shame.)
      Look at those jokers glued to that damn hockey game’ ” 🎵 (Joni)


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