Jumble Answers for 06/29/2017








Have a great Thursday everyone!  πŸ™‚


40 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/29/2017

  1. script had me going for a while–solution took a bit of thought–just worked out caption–one of the better ones.

    You were late in posting!


  2. Sitting in the Coconut GROVE, the author DOODLEd the outline of a SCRIPT on the tablecloth for the agent with CLOUT in the film industry.
    Clue words were easy but I was forced to write the circled letters out and even then it took some time for the solution to appear. Glad to be challenged and pushed to think today.

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  3. Good puzzle today. Had no problem with the clue words but the cartoon took some thinking as well as paper and pencil. Fun to have a challenge. Happy Thursday everyone.

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  4. HI, Mike et al! Happy Thursday! First 3 words easy. Self-jumbled SCRIPT 14 times. Had to get my scrabble tiles out & swirl them a few times before I finally saw the answer. Will never know why in the world I got β€œcorrected” before β€œstood” when there they were as plain as day, standing in line.
    Again I say, Mike, be careful on your trip & come back safe!!
    Enjoy your day, all!

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  5. Doodle tried to elude me but finally got it. I gave up on answer as nothing was making sense. Glad I can always find answer here. Have a beautiful day! 🌞

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      • Tks Mike, Patton Museum is very interesting for those of us that like history. Ft. Knox added extra security after 9/11 and it is now necessary to go to the Visitor’s Center to get a pass to go on Post. We had to take a number and wait about 30 minutes to be called. Anyone over 12 years of age must have ID and they run a background check before they issue a pass good for a year.The pass must be shown at one of the gates to Ft. Knox and then you can proceed to Patton Museum or other places that give public access. It is good t know that Ft. Knox seems very secure. Patton Museum does not hold interest of younger kids very long, however it is a good history lesson for all. BTW the gold vault is visible, however, it is surrounded by a iron fence and only employees are admitted. Patton Museum is worth the time if one likes history and it is free; there is a box for donations. There are several interesting online sites about Ft. Knox and the museum. This should be posted in “Other Words”, however, I have a hard time finding it and in a hurry, so sorry for the long post. πŸ™‚

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      • Sounds like one heck of a trip! I’ve always wanted to see Ft. Knox and it’s on my list of “things to see”. I’ve seen many television programs about the vault, gold, security, etc. and it always captures my imagination. Thank you for your thorough response as I’m quite a history buff myself.


  6. 🎢”I’m through with STANDING in LINE to clubs we’ll never get in, It’s like the bottom of the ninth And I’m never gonna win…This life hasn’t turned out quite the way I want it to be…”🎢…Who wrote this SCRIPT? We’ve probably all been there. CORRECT? Not having the CLOUT to get into a place without having to stand on that line. (Why do NYers say stand ON line, and not IN line)? Whether it’s the Yankee DOODLE Tap Room in NJ, or somewhere at the GROVE in LA, waiting is waiting..and waiting. And then you start having RESERVATIONS about the waiting…! Got through today’s words a lot faster than this PARTY will get into that RESTAURANT! Went right to the FRONT of the HOUSE! (Had just a slight blink at Doodle, only because I think the mind’s eye DROPs on the two Ds, and tends to link them). The answer came as soon as I read the dialogue, although it was BURIED in the cartoon. No COMP here. KILLed IT just the same. I thought I’d have to 86 the eye candy today, because nothing really FIREd me up. There’s the women, “Bs in P”. (In fact, all the women this week were, even the one in bed on Tuesday! What’d we figure the SHELF LIFE of this will be)? There’s the scowl on the second woman’s face, you can tell she’s SLAMming that poor guy. But then I went with the hand of the man on the left. What’s up with that? DOUBLE JOINTed?
    🎢”STAND by Your Man”🎢 is going through my head. Yeah, ok..but not on this LINE…Might need to GREASE a palm here.. Enjoy! πŸŒžπŸ™‹πŸ»

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      • Hey Earl…Both very good songs, but I chose🎢”Rockstar”🎢 because not only did it have the words STAND and LINES, it also alluded to the fact that they “weren’t getting in the place”
        🎢” Standing on the Corner”🎢..might not have worked, because let’s face it, his wife is p—-d off enough as it is…Imagine if he started girl watching! LOL..So, I went with the 2 songs that popped into my head….The hymn I’m not familiar with…Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather! πŸŒžπŸ™‹πŸ»
        PS..Did you get to see the link I sent you y’day to a VERY old rendition of 🎢”After the Ball”🎢?


  7. Hi, Steve! Thanks for sharing Donovan when it related to the cartoon. Here’s my late reply. I loved the diamonds in the sea due to abundant phosphorus in the water. What an intelligent nature lover! I then read the lyrics to many of his songs because I am a nature lover, too. Cried when I had to sell my 40 acres of pine trees in Arkansas due to no access to the property so the forester called me a tree hugger. Trying to keep my comments short. Enjoy your day!


    • Hi Lelia. What a nice guy (the forester) – sheesh! πŸ™
      I presume you are not a cactus tree hugger now, though. Sounds painful. (I’m just needling you!)
      I think I already knew about Nopales, but one thing I didn’t know about cactus until I spent the first week of December 1997 in Tucson was that you can wrap them in Christmas lights and use them as Christmas trees!
      Hope you have a great day!


  8. Hi all – Had to pause at SCRIPT, then the answer was tough. I tried the trick of separating the consonants and vowels, but “OEOOE” wasn’t all that helpful (reminded me of “Sea Cruise”, though.) I don’t know how the answer popped into my head.

    Time for a break after running errands all morning; have a great day and see you later.

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  9. Almost gave up on this one. The words came easily except I first thought clout was culot. I caught this mistake but found myself staring at the letters for a long time. Erred was the first word I tried. Finally, I spotted stood and corrected followed.

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  10. That may have only been the second time I gave up on one and took the hints. 8 hints later, I figured out the rest. We were waiting for a tough one and we got it for sure! lol

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  11. In the Peanuts comic strip, Snoopy’s brother Spike lives in the desert in Needles, California. He has a friend, Joe Cactus and I remember seeing him decorate the cactus with a string of lights at Christmas time.

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  12. Thanks Angela & Steve. My daughter was (and still is) a huge Snoopy fan. We had numerous stuffed Snoopy & Woodstock animals at our home including clothes she could dress them in. She also had Spike, Olaf & Belle as well. Spike is very thin and it was rumored that he had issues with alcohol but I don’t know that for a fact.

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  13. Thanks, Angela. I thought perhaps he had taken to drink since he was lonely with only cactus for company. One must watch out for those coyotes. We’ve actually had a problem with coyotes in San Francisco lately. I’ve seen them in the Presidio but only from my car. It is apparently their pupping season so they have been very aggressive lately attacking people and dogs. There are a few areas in the park where dogs can be off leash but the park service has closed off those paths and advised people to keep their dogs on a leash.


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