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Good morning and happy Friday everyone!  Even though the day has just started for me, my kid’s are looking forward to high noon when school is officially out for the summer.  Do you remember that magical day when you had to wake up early one last time knowing that an eternity of summer was before you?  Ditching the books for beaches and pencils for your PlayStation truly was an amazing feeling and I look forward to recreating all the excitement and wonder that is summer break for them to enjoy!

Excellent clue word choices this morning by Mr. Hoyt, with FIDDLE being the only anagram to give me pause.  For some reason I saw “FIELD” in the word and couldn’t get it out of my mind.  When I finally solved it, I shook my head and remembered that we’ve seen it numerous times in the past.  I hope I’ve finally committed it to memory so it can join my personal stumper list which includes RELIC, HAIRDO, CARGO and RODEO.

The cartoon drawn by artist Jeff Knurek transports us to an idyllic oceanfront scene where a happy couple have just departed a plane and are receiving their customary Lei greeting.  Looking at the layout for the final solution, I figured “OF THE” or “ON THE” would make the most sense so that’s where I started the solve.  Crossing OF THE out from my clue letters caused LEI and LAND to jump out at me for a quick finish.  Having already completed Saturday’s game, we’ll have to wait until Sunday or maybe next week for that stumper of a puzzle that we all know is just around the corner.  Enjoy your Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ™‚


40 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/16/2017

  1. Aloha! …POI oh POI.. HULA we think we are today? ISLE be CLAMed! Palm trees, cool breeze, MAUI!!, the ultimate fantaSEA! …Hawaii, ALOE you VERA much!
    WAVE all your troubles ACAI, SHELLve all that MYNAH stuff, and say “HI”..BISCUS be the best trip of your life! Words: 1-2, noFIN to it, fiddled a sec on Fiddle, and then 4. No trouble ATOLL. And then we SLIPPAH over to this great cartoon. A picture’s worth a thouSAND words! “Landing”, “Explore the Island”, being greeted with LEIS! BRAH, could it be more sPACIFIC? Jeff, CHURRO-k with me!..Eye candy? That PUKA SHELL necklace. LUAU cute is that? So, if you’ve been to Hawaii, SURFfice to say, you know. If you haven’t, there’s DOLPHINately something to look forward to. The sights, the sounds, the food…the Mai Tais! You’ll find everything you’re sURCHIN for. The happy faces on the couple says it all, nothing KOI about it! So excited to get started, SHORE to make the best memories. Hawaiian COAST stories! BRAH, that’s no MOLOKAI!
    Have a great day…Off to the beach. You can reach me on my SHELL! 🌴 πŸ™‹πŸ»


      • Hawaiian PUNS were not easy! No, you know the weather here. Not SANDsational. I was CONCHed out this morning. I couldn’t come up with a SAILutation! 🌴 πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  2. I thought I had solved the puzzle and unscrambled the clue words and come up with a sentence until I opened my e-mail. Oops! So much for my daily attempt with no pen. Anyway, here is what I came up with:
    Although he felt DEFILEd by the PHONY IRS calls, his HELLOs stayed cheerful in spite of the TAXING circumstances.
    As you can see I came up with “defile” and not “fiddle”–sorry for the blunder and perhaps this will tach me to write out the circled letters. So here is an addendum mainly for Angela who will certainly get my drift.
    Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower , this land is our land and imagine what fun we’d have writing love letters in the sand.

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  3. Earl, kind Sir. FIDDLESTICKS! Not to worry! And thank you for remembering my obsession with 🎢Love Letters in The Sand🎢! As always, your sentence is on point! Defile it shall be! Enjoy your day! πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  4. Angela–didn’t know that old Pat Boone tune was a favorite–serendipity I guess. But thought the Bing Crosby, Beatles and Peter Paul and Mary songs might be. Have a great weekend everyone and ENJOY, as we New Yorkers say.

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  5. Earl, Besides Pat Boone, I’m pretty sure I have a Patsy Cline version hidden away some where. It’s a beautiful song. No one writes “Love Letters” anymore. I still have every one my Father wrote to my Mother β€οΈπŸ’”. I have a few of my own, but they pale in comparison! LOL…Different generations..different sensibilities.
    Always a pleasure speaking with you. Wishing you the best day! πŸ™‹πŸ»


  6. In my jumble, the first box was circled for FIDDLE. Saw the solution easily, just didn’t know if LEI or LAY would be in quotes. Just couldn’t see how an F belonged anywhere. Now it looks like second box should have been circled and not the first for FIDDLE.

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  7. Good morning everybody. Another easy puzzle again today. When is the hammer going to fall ? The Suspense is worse than actually having the brain twister here and now. Took an extra minute at the most on the words and when it came time for the cartoon answer it never taxed my brain. It was a choice between “on the” or “of the” that immediately came to mind. Then bam-bam,it came to me. Barney has nothing on me!! Until tomorrow stay well.

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  8. Another easy one today. Like you, Mike I always get tripped up by hairdo and don’t know why because it’s used often. Another beautiful day here today. We’re in for a “heat wave” in the Bay Area so we will all be whining by next week. Happy Friday everyone.

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  9. Hi, all! This was surely not the difficult one we looked for all week. Finished in just over a minute. I LOVE going to Hawaii!! Being greeted with a complimentary lei is a fun part of it.
    See you tomorrow.

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  10. Hi, Mike! You know that I love hearing about family life & fun trips. Enjoyed reading that your family had a fun & enlightening discussion about the highlights of the school year. No a/c in the classrooms; do they at least have ceiling fans? In Hawaii our condo & hotel rooms had no a/c but the ceiling fans kept us quite comfortable.
    My school got refrigeration the year after I retired so for 25 years I taught in a room with a NOISY swamp cooler that did not keep the room very cool in August and was so noisy that I had to speak quite loudly for the kids in the back row to hear me.
    Worse thing about AZ weather is the time of year when it is cold in the morning & burning hot in the afternoon. My students had to make a choice between coming to school with no jacket & come in shivering but have no heavy jacket to wag home at the end of the day or come in warm and wag the jacket home in the heat.
    I can’t believe that 2 days after I said I guess it was OK that my mom got rid of my Wonder Woman comics that I read in the paper about the movie, a few days after that you said that you were taking your kids to the Wonder Woman movie, and after that our 3 granddaughters took their mom to lunch for Mothers Day & then to the Wonder Woman movie which they all enjoyed very much. Waah! Now that Wonder Woman is back, I wish I had my comics back to share.
    I do not know how the heart doctor group covered by our insurance stays in business because today was our third experience in showing up for an appointment with the doctor being a β€œno show.” They always say they are sorry & offer an excuse, but their excuses sound lame to me. It wasn’t a total loss because of going out to eat. I told Jerry about your wonderful weather, including your β€œgentle ocean breeze.”
    I dearly loved the words I found after I posted about chickens: Steve reminded me of his post on yesterday’s site that I could read & answer at my β€œconvenience.” You took a more direct approach saying, β€œYou have to promise to post here first before you leave for the day.” That made me laugh out loud! Mike, I solemnly promise to continue writing my posts that are too long and too late but come from my heart and will try to finish & post them before I leave for the day. How’s that?
    I am used to the new site now & like it fine. When I explain to Steve why it made my eyes so blurry at first, that part is to you, too, as an apology for forgetting why.
    Our daughters, Josh, and I will be treating Jerry & Josh’s dad to a Fathers Day lunch of tasty Mexican food at Top Shelf restaurant on Sunday. I wish you a very happy Fathers Day with your adorable ones. I think you are a terrific father.
    See you tomorrow!

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  11. Hi Steve! You made me smile when you said that you took notes from my comments to you to be sure you responded to everything. I thought I was the only one who did that. Most people answer my letters & emails to them without answers or comments about what I said, making me wonder if they even read my letter.
    I told Jerry that you are saving a joke for him.
    Speaking of your having gone to baseball games & concerts: Jerry & I dated during my junior year at ASU when the Kingston Trio came there to sing. I bought tickets for us as soon as they went on sale. Some group on campus decided to do a money- making thing that same night by making the student union building into Alice in Wonderland so I bought tickets for that, too. I LOVED the Kingston Trio, Jerry liked them, and then to the student union. To make it feel underground, each doorway was full of foliage and you had to stoop to get under it. I was having a great time when Jerry quietly said, β€œI need to get out of here now.” It was not easy getting out but we made it. In all our years of marriage, he has never had another claustrophobic episode, but he surely had one that night.
    Can you believe having an appointment with a doctor for a specific day & time, and he just decides not to show up? I don’t know how they can get away with that! Oh, well, Jerry took me to lunch while we were out. Whatta guy!
    I am feeling bad about saying that I did not like our new site because I remembered 2 or 3 days later why it hurt my eyes. I had completely forgotten because I immediately forgave Jerry for the incident and put it out of my mind. About 3 weeks ago, Jerry and I were returning to my little SUV after buying finch food & a small tool he wanted in Walmart. Because of our small purchases, I did not open the back hatch as we approached. Jerry opened a door & put something in the back seat, and thinking that he would put the finch food in there, too, I began walking to the back of my vehicle to go around to the passenger side. Just as I got to the back of my car and rounded the corner & walked one step behind it, Jerry opened the back hatch, which hit me in the face. Bam! Didn’t see that one coming! It slammed my sunglasses into my regular glasses & slammed my regular glasses into my nose, right eye, and my lower middle forehead. During the day I noticed that it hurt the worst when I leaned down or bent over letting the blood flow to my head so then I knew why it hurt so badly when I lay down to sleep. I deceased the nighttime pain by raising the head of my electric bed really high, and all the pain was gone in 2 weeks but my right eye still gets blurry when I overuse it.
    Before I write again I will try to think of something FUNNY!!
    See you tomorrow!


    • Hi Lelia – Please rest assured that “funny” is not a requirement; it’s just the icing on the cake. Please post whatever is on your mind whenever you want; I’ll love reading it. Besides, Mike insists also! πŸ˜„ See you later, or tomorrow.

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  12. Hi Steve, With all the people you had in Oakland yesterday for the festivities, no wonder you are whining. Thankfully it looks like everything went off without a hitch. I heard on the news last night that there were only three arrests. My son sometimes works in Oakland and he had to go there yesterday. He left the house at 4:30 a.m. To get to BART and arrived without a problem though I heard that it was one of the biggest traffic days ever for the system.


    • Yes, it seems we can be well-behaved at times. Actually, the celebration came to me. In the morning and afternoon we had helicopters, banner-towing planes and skywriters over the house. At 7 PM we went out for a walk, and I saw a little rectangular piece of blue crepe paper in the driveway, then another..then a yellow one – and realized it was Warriors confetti from the parade, about 2 miles away! It must be covering the town!

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      • I’m pretty sure it is, and anyway we’ll forgive them, because the owners said they would pay the entire cost of the celebration – around $4 million, I hear, so it won’t cost Oakland a thing. πŸ‘πŸ€


  13. Knew the answer but always do the clue words and they were no trouble. Been to Hawaii several times and only time was presented a Lei, I had paid for it as part of a travel agent planned trips Since then do my own planning and only Lei I get is if I go to a Luau. One Luau I attended put a fake flower Lei on patrons on entry and took it back on exit. Mike I hope you go to Hawaii soon as it is getting very commercial. Have a wonderful weekend. Steve no playing with words! πŸ™‚

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