Jumble Answers for 06/07/2017








Happy Wednesday everyone!  STOCKY was the stickler this morning and I had to stop and think about it for a minute before it finally came to me.  After reading the cartoon sentence and dialogue, I knew immediately what the final solution was and wrote out the clue letters just to make sure.  Overall a quick solve and great cartoon with a dandy letter layout.  Please pardon the brevity of the post today as I’m chaperoning a school field trip and can’t be late!  Enjoy your Wednesday and I look forward to reading all of your wonderful comments later this afternoon.  ๐Ÿ˜€


27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/07/2017

  1. The STOCKY runner had a few extra inches ABOUT his TRUNK and gut and that was a major FACTOR in getting ” back on track” and a major help in solving today’s puzzle without a need to dePENd on writing.
    Good luck on the school field trip and enjoy what I hope is a sunny day where you are–gorgeous day in Upstate NY.

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  2. Good morning,Mike. Good morning ,Everyone. Ok, so here’s the rub. How long has this guy been slacking off? Career? Doing what? RUNNING out of money? That paunch…?
    I mean that doesn’t happen over night. Something just doesn’t MEASURE up here. There’s WEIGH more than MEETS the eye! He wants new shoes? Air Jordans? Still won’t make him an Hermes! Looks like the only thing FAST about this guy is the food he brought with him. Who does that? Come on, there’s a TIME and a PACE for everything, but this isn’t it! Ok, I think I’m RUNNING out of puns…
    Did a mad DASH through the words. No HURDLES here. The answer: The trainer said the word BACK, the cartoon features the TRACK…easy, breezy PATH to the FINISH LINE. Final thought..The sprinter really needs to get his act together, no? The way he showed up? A disgRACE. A little grooming will go a LONG WAY. Might SHAVE something off his time too. Have a great day. It’s a RUNderful Life…May the COURSE be with you…โฑ ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป


  3. Messrs. Hoyt & Knurek must be having mercy on us new kids. ๐Ÿ˜Š The answer completed itself the first time I read the clue. STOCKY was a brief delay, but when I deduced that I needed k-o-c together, my English speaking brain put “ck” together then the “o” made more sense in front of those two, “Et voila”! What else could it be but STOCKY! Nifty!

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  4. Hi Mike & fellow commenters, quick solve today! That sprinter is waaay off track with fast food, a burger of all things (which I am eating to try to gain my weight back), looking so disheveled, and thinking that new shoes will fix everything.
    Enjoy your day, all!! See you tomorrow.


  5. Mike, Iโ€™m looking forward to reading whatever you wish to tell us about the field trip. Yesterday you wished me an enjoyable & memorable lunch with our daughters and it was! They took me to the Claim Jumper where I enjoyed a delicious Parmesan cheese shrimp & spaghetti meal. We were all three in a party mood because school is out for my 2 precious school-teacher daughters. After lunch, back to my house, where Jerry joined us for 3 games of Rummycube. Fun!
    Mike, Iโ€™m looking forward to reading whatever you wish to tell us about the field trip. Yesterday you wished me an enjoyable & memorable lunch with our daughters and it was! They took me to the Claim Jumper where I enjoyed a delicious Parmesan cheese shrimp & spaghetti meal. We were all three in a party mood because school is out for my 2 precious school-teacher daughters. After lunch, back to my house, where Jerry joined us for 3 games of Rummycube. Fun!

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    • Hi Lelia! The field trip was to a minor league baseball game here in NH and the team name is the Fisher Cats. They are a AA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays and a great time was had by everyone. They only played for 7 innings which ws more than enough for the attention span of a group of third graders. They had a bounce house for the children to visit before, during, and after the game so they could get out some of there energy. Someone took a wonderful photo of my son and I behind home plate and it’s one that’s definitely worth framing! I’m glad you had a wonderful lunch and I must admit I looked at the menu and the food looked delicious. Enjoy your day and talk soon. ๐Ÿ˜Š


    • Hi Lelia Hi Lelia – (I repeat from yesterday, is there an echo in here? ๐Ÿ™‚ )
      Since you mentioned lunch today and my menu selections yesterday:
      Consumer Reports has a page called ‘Selling It’ where readers send in pictures of mistakes etc. in advertising. One this month is a sign outside a restaurant called “Golden Chick” where the message board reads:
      Their comment is “A ‘Reel’ Opportunity. Well maybe catfish are especially good at serving up gizzards?”

      P.S.: I must confess that last night when I was thinking about your story of Josh’s dad taking him out to a street corner with a container for money, the image that sprang into my head was an organ grinder with his cup-holding monkey – “Time to earn your keep, kid!”


      • Last time I saw an organ grinder with a monkey was in a marina in Monterrey, CA. The monkey was so spoiled, when I gave him a nickel he bit me. He was expecting a quarter. As God is my witness, this is true. Even the monkeys in CA feel entitled.

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      • I’m surprised either you or the monkey didn’t call your lawyers! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hi all – Only paused at STOCKY, which I should have gotten from the looks of that runner on the left. Otherwise easy. I usually trip up on puzzles when they say “Too easy for a hint.”


  7. HI Steve! First I want to make sure you have seen Mary Poppins and therefore know that the โ€œI Love To Laughโ€ song is from that movie. I love musicals and musical comedies. Iโ€™m going to have Josh find me some music-note emoticons.
    Second, when you described the first Red & Rover comic, I went to the site, clicked the word โ€œrandomโ€ and so excited to see the exact one you described, dated May 7, 2000. I clicked the right arrow and saw the May 8 one and then May 9. Thank you so much for telling me about that because now I have gotten to see how it all started, and I love that comic.
    Yesterday in the Claim Jumper restaurant, where I ate shrimp & spaghetti because they were out of fried bicycle tire, I told daughters about your saying that 109 does not sound like cozy warm, it sounds like the fiery furnace to you. They both chuckled and agreed with you.
    I just now finally saw the Close to Home from yesterday with the guy eating underwater. Funny! I also saw the one with the shark in the water-bed and the really funny one of the 2 guys in lawn chairs with balloons & a fan, hoping to make it to the 50 yard line. You know a lot of comics I have never seen before. Thanks for sharing.
    Time for a ham & cheese sandwich.
    Enjoy all the rest of your day! Well wishes & joy are coming your way!


    • Thanks for telling me that! I didn’t know that; I thought you’d just gotten an early start on a classic 3-martini lunch!


  8. Lelia, Angela – Since we often combine sports and music here (and even Jumble occasionally!), the SF Chronicle’s Scott Ostler is in Cleveland to cover the game and went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His story begins:
    “CLEVELAND โ€” If sports are music, football is a marching band, baseball is a chamber orchestra, and basketball is rock โ€™nโ€™ roll.
    Basketball is where you make it up as you play, you break the rules and push the boundaries. You mix and blend what you borrow and steal, and you make it into something that is original and, if you do it right, offensive.”



  9. Steve, Iโ€™m glad I told you โ€œI Love to Laughโ€ is a song from Mary Poppins because I think itโ€™s goofy & a little inane, but it fit perfectly into the movie with the 5 of them having a tea party in the air, bouncing around just below the ceiling. Many songs written just for a movie are of inferior quality.
    Jerry and I laughed through lunch, thinking about your analogy of the organ grinder with his monkey. I thought that for a while until I pulled the monkey aside and had a heart-to-heart about every child having the right to decide for himself what he will do to earn a living and being sure it is something for which he has great passion. Now I am talking to the monkey about the money and saying that once he gets well established, having a relative for his manager is not a good idea.
    I also laughed while wondering how many catfish would apply for the job.
    After lunch, I read the entire Ostler article to Jerry from my computer and he knew every single player mentioned. He is for the Golden State Warriors. He agreed with Ostler on every point including that sometimes Green has a big mouth to the referees.
    See yaโ€™.


    • “having a relative for his manager is not a good idea” – I’m sure it could work, but Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and his father would be the ultimate bad example.
      I’m not much of a basketball fan, but I like to see historic events, and the Warriors winning the next two games would be unprecedented and something to remember.


    • If Josh comes to understand how good and wise those bits of advice are, he will remember you with the same fondness that I remember my grandfather.


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