Jumble Answers for 05/18/2017








Good Thursday morning everyone!  UTMOST and GERBIL were my downfall today as they both took quite a long time to decipher.  I’m talking minutes here which caught me by surprise and also got me very frustrated.  Just when I solved UTMOST, I got stumped on GERBIL and labored to solve it.  In the end, I was victorious and moved along to the cartoon with hopes of an instant solve.  Reading the dialogue and sentence as well as writing out my clue letters, I first thought POPPING UP would be the answer but there weren’t enough P’s.  A quick change from POP to CROP was all it took for the solve which ended another great Jumble puzzle!  The farm scene was well drawn and I took a few minutes after all was said and done to soak it in.  A smile quickly returned to my face and now I’m ready to conquer the day.  Be well and I’ll see you tomorrow.  πŸ˜€


177 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/18/2017

  1. Good morning, Mike, good morning, Everyone. Ah, SHUCKS, bilger’s not a word? It was the tiniest of blinks, but that’s what first came to mind. And except for that, there was nothing CORNfusing OR aMAIZEing about the rest of the puzzle. Words we’ve seen before, but scrambled anew. And as soon as I saw all those Ps, and had the farm theme in mind, I knew what would CROP UP. It’s unseasonably warm here in NY, you could probably POPCORN on the pavement. Wishing everyone a great day. And Mike, smile, .”EAR’s looking at you, Kid”….πŸŒ½πŸŒ½πŸ™‹πŸ»

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      • You’re entitled to a bit of an off day! Funny, cause I just used utmost last night, and gerbil I think will be the stumper of the day. My friend, take heart. Sometimes a puzzle is just a puzzle! Enjoy! πŸŒ½πŸ˜‰πŸ™‹πŸ»

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      • Really mad at myself for not seeing utmost sooner; after all, the root word should have jumped out at me. Gerbil took a few seconds and the answer took just a couple of minutes. Have a blissful day!! πŸ™‚

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    • I first thought ‘bigler’ was a possible Trump word. ‘bilger’ would be the sailor who has to clean out the bottom of his ship. “Throw him in the bilge and make him drink it”.

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      • Hey Steve. The bigler is good. The bilge? Once again, conjures up all kinds of….? Utmost? Last night I replied to a comment of yours and used the word! LOL. Produce, good one! The competition…still a little too EARLy to tell. But, it’s all good. I’m in fighting CORNdition! Feeling blue with this car mowing down people in Times Square. Always something in NYC. 😒


      • Taken over all network broadcasting here.So unnerving. Was able to get in touch with everyone that I know that works there. Exhaling.


  2. Had to look at utmost and gerbil longer than the other two but really no struggle. Had to write the clue letters down before the answer came rising up like corn on the Fourth of July!,
    I do have a slight issue with farmers in the 19th century portrayed with paunches — my ancestors had to work way too hard on their farms to have any flab and most of them wore bib overalls, city-slickers who don’t now what those were may recall they were fashionable in the 60s, if memory serves me right.

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  3. Hi all – Got the first two words at a glance. GERBIL came to me quickly because Angela accused me of having a “thing about wildlife” yesterday after the One-pig=Pigeon and other comments πŸ™‚ UTMOST took a little more time. Then, like Mike, I thought it was POPPING UP, especially when there were what looked like cornstalks in the background. But, that was one too few letters, and the C POPPED up to PRODUCE the answer.
    Angela, I think you’ve got some good potential competion in the pun dept. from Earl.

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  4. Angela– I meant CORNer yes and I guess I was being too much a farmer with my references in SILK (the material,silky, at the of a corn cob and TASSELS–the pollen carrying top of the corn stalk. Oh well so much for trying to be YOU!!

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    • Oh Earl, you don’t want to be me! Sometimes I don’t want to.be me! LOL And you taught me something today. I didn’t know about the silk and tassels. I usually look up anything I don’t get right off the bat, but I’ve been distracted today. But I will tell you: That I too notice that Jeff draws most of the men with paunches. And for some reason, the farmers looked Amish to me. But I’m guilty of thinking tooooo much into things, so I just let it go! I own a pair of bib overalls, but I’ve learned to wear them only when I work in my garden! And I applaud your defense of your ancestral farming. Where’d we be without farmers? And lastly, you do know that I was complementing you with the “corn”er reference I just believe that if it FIELDS good, go for it! Hope you’re enjoying your day! πŸŒ½πŸ™‹πŸ»


  5. Hi Mike et al! Loved the cartoon about farmers. I read the question first, glanced at the first clue word, saw 3 p’s in PUPPY and immediately exclaimed, β€œCropping up.” I then got OUNCE quickly but joined the majority by bogging down on the last 2 words. After finally spelling GERBIL correctly, it dawned on me that I could back into UTMOST. Done.
    LOVED Earl’s comments. My ancestor farmers wore bib overalls, were lean & strong, and I don’t remember seeing many beards in pictures of them but the hats were right on. You don’t work outside all day without wearing a substantial hat. I am surprised at myself, as many ears of corn as I shucked for my grandmother to blanch & freeze, that I did not get silk and tassels on first read. So many puns in one sentence!
    The last time I visited in Arkansas, I got to ride in the cab of a combine (the machine that harvests a grain crop) with my cousin’s son while he harvested corn. It was dirty & loud but fun for me. Jerry said that the combine he rode on in Nebraska was pulled by a tractor.
    My uncle, whose huge wheat farm in Washington state was near Lacrosse & Dusty, became very ill one year right at harvest time. He and his wife were desperate, but one morning they were awakened by very loud sounds. Looking out, they saw, coming up over every hill, huge combines driven by their neighbors who, by working together, got his crop harvested & taken care of in a day or two. Even after hearing & telling that story many times, I am still sitting here weeping happy tears.
    Enjoy your late afternoon & evening. See you tomorrow.

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  6. Mike, to answer your question about Josh; the latest I heard was he was excited to have sung at a gig where people had to buy a ticket to get in, no restaurant, no eating & talking while he sang, just listening to him. Now his dad is planning a tour to people who answered on Instagram that they would β€œdefinitely” book Josh. Thanks again for your lavish praise for the singing of my youngest one.

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  7. Carolyn, thanks again for purchasing my first book. South Carolina?!! LifeRich publishing is in Bloomington, IN. I do so hope you enjoy the stories, especially now that Mike has requested a review. lol


  8. Mike, if it is my first book that you would like an autographed copy of, tell me how to do it and I will have it in the mail immediately. I have many copies left that I bought just for giving away and would be delighted to mail one to you and any of your regular commenters who ask for one and tell me where to mail it. I have mailed them all over the U.S. to relatives & friends.

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  9. Lelia – The return address on the envelope has a corporate name but I see there’s a bookstore there in Rock Hill, SC called Booknack. I’m sure I’ll enjoy your stories very much, as I do here. Thanks for the update on Josh. I hope he makes it to western NY.


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