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Good Tuesday morning everyone!  Mr. Hoyt has been choosing some excellent clue words lately and he continued the trend this morning with more unique and fresh material that didn’t disappoint.  DRAGON would be my pick for the most challenging word, with PIGEON a close second.  Both gave me a few seconds of a delay but were quickly solved and allowed me to move along to the cartoon.  Reading the dialogue and sentence, I picked up on the unicycle clue and had ONE in my head but wasn’t sure about the rest.  Writing out the clue letters, I saw ONE and crossed it out.  GUY came next leaving TIRED for a split second solve and another great Jumble.  The letter layout was fantastic and it would have been a more difficult solve if I didn’t have ONE to start with.  Poor Lenny looks exhausted and I hope he didn’t ride too far on that unicycle without a helmet!  Perhaps he just took it off because he was done cycling for the day.  Enjoy your Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow.  πŸ˜€


30 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/16/2017

  1. Dragon was a problem for me, but knew I was going to need ‘one’ and the rest was easy. I can’t imagine solving the puzzle without writing it down — I put my letters for each word in a circle.
    Have a great day everyone.

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  2. Good morning. It took two programs to finally solve the whole puzzle,but I did. Dragon took at least ten minutes to get. The cartoon took the rest of the fifty minutes. Had tired right away but dismissed it early because I kept crossing off the wrong letters in making up other words. Then like an epiphany it came to me. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hello Sue – Since you mentioned your nickname during the Kentucky Derby posts (Derby post-time?), I thought you might enjoy this article I stumbled upon:

      By Robert Fontenot
      “Wake Up Little Susie,” The Everly Brothers
      Cadence 1337 (2 September 1957) b/w “Maybe Tomorrow”
      recorded 16 August 1957, Nashville, TN
      “Bye Bye Love” had already made them stars earlier in the year, but Phil and Don perfected their vocal blend and instrumental attack on this near-novelty. The very idea that the couple in question accidentally stayed out past curfew didn’t mollify censors, who, like the singer’s friends, obviously thought “ooh-la-la” when Susie came home very late from her date. A cute story or a brilliant excuse?

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      • Hi Steve and Sue; You know what’s funny about the hype surrounding this song? It’s just as relevant today, 60 years later, as it was then. Think about it, if our teenaged daughters left for a date today, with a 10PM curfew, and weren’t home after 4 AM, we’d call out the National Guard! Thing is, back in the 50’s things weren’t spoken about like they are now. Puritanical thinking. Lucy and Desi didn’t sleep in the the same bed! You couldn’t say the word pregnant. Elvis had to be televised from the waist up! But that puritanical thinking is what caused the ‘outrage’. The woman who wrote the song with her husband, was quoted as saying, “Sweetheart, it was just a song…”! Just happened that “Oola-la” rhymed with Pa. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. πŸŽΆπŸ™‹πŸ»


      • Of course nowadays you could just text them first. I don’t know how anyone now gets the privacy we enjoyed.

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      • Call them, text them, track their phones, track their cars….the list is endless. But it’s become the nature of the beast. All the T’s….Technology, terrorism, tracking devices…
        The kids today could never pull off a “Little Susie”, intentional or not. The only thing you needed back then was the ability to lie with a straight face, and the friend or two who always had your back. Now there’s no more: “I couldn’t get to a pay phone”, “My friend’s mother will pick us up”, “I’ll be at the movies”…Now it’s surveillance cameras and digital leashes. So, no, they’ll never have the privacy we had, the freedom we had. Sadly, fortunately, when it comes to these aspects, they’ll never know the difference. It’s us that remember, and (let’s be honest), we kind of wish we could have given it to them. πŸ˜’πŸ™‹πŸ»


      • I believe that either the writers or the singers tried to appease by saying that the couple had gone to the movie and had fallen asleep and, of course, when they woke up realized they were in deep trouble and hurried home. If I had every gotten home at 4 am; I think that my Dad would have been waiting up with a shotgun and no excuse would have been acceptable! πŸ™‚

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      • Indeed! I would have dropped her off a block away; better than getting shot! My wife says that when she went to the movies, her father always asked her to describe the plot when she got home.

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  3. Fun puzzle again today. I figured that one had to be part of the answer and the rest fell into place. Like Rita I write down the letters from the clue words but I put the vowels on one side and the consonants on the other side of the paper. It’s interesting the different methods we all use to arrive at the answer. Have a good day everyone.

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  4. Good morning, Mike, good morning, Everyone . I loved today’s answer. The dual “one tired” description of the guy was extremely clever. I’m a Jumble purist. I still do the Jumble the way I was originally taught as a child . I fill in each word, and then write down my circled letters. Then I study the cartoon. Depending on the cartoon, most of the time I don’t need the letters to solve, but I like to see them! I play left vs right side brain! I’m wondering ..Any connection between Lenny the unicycle guy and the Unicycle Lenny on You Tube? A Volker Hirsch connection? Hoping everyone has a great day, despite all this chaos in the West Wing. I’ve been glued to the news all morning! 🚴🏻 πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  5. Hi Mike! Hi et al! I also did more self-jumbling with DRAGON than the other words. It was fun turning one pig into pigeon. Got the cartoon answer immediately because of one tire on his bike. Our token blond wearing a lavender shirt had her purple helmet on, but I, too, was wondering where his helmet was.
    Off to a lab with Jerry for him to have a couple of routine yearly heart tests that take 4 hours in all; stress test and echo.
    Enjoy your day! See you tomorrow.

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  6. Hi all – DRAGON took the longest, then I thought the answer was All Tired Out, but when I checked the lettrs, it didn’t work. After a minute GUY gave me the answer and a much better pun for a unicycle, and a laugh. Have a great day.

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  7. Hey Angela – Had some minor internet issues to fix, and I think I had posting/reading fatigue from yesterday.
    It was only upon re-reading your post that I realized you said you have been doing Jumble since you were a child? I’m impressed!
    Since you asked me about Big Bands yesterday, I have a question for you – are you familiar with Monty Python routines, or were they before your time?


  8. Hey Steve. What’s up? Marty Python I could never take a liking to. I wouldn’t know what years they were relevant. Why is there a connection to Big Bands? Which were wayyyyy before my time!


    • No direct connection, just that you asked me to see whether I had a chance at getting a Big Band question, and I asked you to see whether you had a chance to get a Monty Python. No problem, it would have been pushing the thin invisible line anyway, even here in Mike-named #JUMBLEANSWERSAFTERDARK time.
      Did everybody else’s computers get hit by ransomware, or what?
      Mets were on last night, but it was just as well you were spared seeing them.


  9. Yea, I don’t know what happened last night, I couldn’t get the game. Tonight’s not going any better, Diamondbacks are a tough team, playing at .550. Hernandez’s annoying play by play doesn’t help either . He’s still going on about the double steal. I rather watch Jimmy Kimmel….I don’t know about ransom ware, but I had a slew of emails come in all at once that were hours old.


    • Sue, Steve…This is from an article questioning the meaning of the song ..,,

      She paused again, then said: “I guess it is about guilt, a little bit. But we weren`t trying to send any messages out. Boudleaux and I just wanted to write a little song about two kids who fell asleep at a drive-in. If the author of this book wants to think that`s what we had in mind, though, she`s free to do that. I guess some people make a career out of analyzing things.“ I asked Mrs. Bryant to think hard about some of the ideology that she and her husband may have inadvertently put into “Wake Up Little Susie.“

      She laughed. “Sweetheart,“ she said, “it was just a song. The Everly Brothers had a session coming up, and it was a job we had to get done. They needed a song to sing, which meant we had to write one. `Wake Up Little Susie` turned out to be it.“


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