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Good Wednesday morning everyone!  The first two clue words were a snap, but the last two gave me some pause.  As soon as I tried the K in KITTEN, the answer came right away.  GAGGLE took a few seconds more as it was jumbled very well and it’s a word that you don’t see too often.  With all of the clue words completed, it was on to the cartoon.  After reading the dialogue and sentence, I didn’t need the clue letters to solve this one.  I guess you could say the lightbulb went on in my head and the answer just flowed out for the finish.  I did a search for some fun facts about Thomas Edison and here’s what I found.  He was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio.  His children were nicknamed “Dot” and “Dash” in honor of his early telegraph days.  Also he had a tattoo on his forearm of a quincunx (like the face of the number “five” on a dice cube).  I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  😀💡

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  1. Good morning, Mike, good morning everyone! 🎶Come on Baby, LIGHT my fire 🎶 WATT gives? Another easy, breezy puzzle! Nice woodworking on the couch, and I think Jeff likes his women in purple! Hope everyone is safe from the flooding. Let’s make the most of this beautiful day! 💡🙋🏻💡

      • Just FYI, I get two newspapers. The Jumble in the SF Chronicle is in color, the one in the East Bay Times (formerly Oakland Tribune) is black and white. No idea why, maybe it is just cheaper. (Same color scheme for the other comics as well.)

    • Angela, I don’t color the artwork. Some person I’ve never talked to must like everyone wearing purple and think everyone’s a blonde. My syndicate doesn’t seem to have any idea who does it. They certainly do seem to like their color palette.

      • Hey Jeff. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But it sure shows up a lot! All different shades. Anyway, as long as they keep within the lines..right? 🙋🏻 🖍

    • Not only the women, but the couch is purple too (Hi Angela).

      • Hey Lefty, WATTS up? The couch in my paper is khaki green. 🌈🙋🏻

      • Weird, must be that ‘local color’ they’re always talking about. Edison looks like I feel today; time for a nap soon (not sick, just tired).

        • Lefty, Wanna “dream a little dream”? Guess who’s going to the Garden t’row night? Eeekkkk’ 🏒🙋🏻

      • Hey Angela (Sorry Mike – this has nothing to do with Jumble Answers. When exactly did you lose control of the blog?)
        Excellent! I have an exhibition-game-used Rangers puck – The year before the SJ Sharks started playing, the NHL held two pre-season games at the Oakland Coliseum, one of which was Rangers vs Pittsburgh with Mario Lemieux.
        I also got to go to one game at the old Chicago stadium, which happened to be Bobby Hull’s first home game since scoring his 500th goal (if my memory can be trusted.)
        Go Rangers!

          • Mike. Please note: In NY when we use the word Sweet, we mean: Sweeeeeeet! 😊🙋🏻

        • Steve. I’m on my way. back to Home Depot. Excellent, YES! 🎶I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it ! 🎶. I had a choice of last nights game or trow night. Last nights game was aces! But I’m sure trow will be just as good. 🙏🏻 Had to sell the devil another little piece of my soul, but what price love, right? Or is it what price glory? Whatever, price whatever, you get my gist. I figure I’m a good person. It’ll grow back! HA! Gotta run. Later. 🥅🙋🏻

      • Thank you for the reassurance, Mike. This is your baby after all (or at 3 years old, perhaps a toddler now).
        You are, as Angela noted, “a sweet New England man”, and a gentleman at that, I will add.

      • Angela – Can you define ‘Sweeeeeeeet’? You know, for us non-Noo Yawkers?

        • FYI:
          An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence. When used individually, the level of satisfaction expressed is most often directly proportionate to the duration of the vowel sound.
          “Mashed potatoes for dinner. Sweet.”
          “I just won a million dollars? SWEEEEEEET!”

        • Lefty, I don’t think these replies are hitting the right posts. But I threw 3 🎶🎶 references out there for you today. Name and artist, please. Have you seen this new commercial for eggs, I swear eggs, with Bob Dylan singing “All I Really Want to Do”? What the he– is that about! And lastly how messed up is this Adam
          Jones thing! Sadly, Boston fans have been known to play the racist card before. I’m so tired I’m thinking of crawling under my stairs and pulling an “Edison”. You learn something every day. 🙋🏻

      • I did not know that. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thank you. 🙂

        • Do you ever watch NY games? I’m surprised you’ve never heard it. Did you catch the Rangers last night? We all said…. Sweeeeeet

      • Angela – about the reply sequence – I think that’s what I was saying before – not every entry has a reply box, so I’m left scrolling up to the first one that does, replying there, and hoping for the best.

        Please don’ t take offense at this, none intended, but I feel a little self-conscious sometimes posting for no other reason than to show that I got a song reference. It feels like I’m wasting bandwidth and other people’s attention spans. “I’m not worthy”, remember.? Is that too weird? I *am* weird sometimes.
        (And you didn’ t reply to my “Back of my neck” reference either, see? Like I said, no offense intended).

        *But*, since you asked,
        Doors, “Light My Fire”
        Pointer Sisters, “I’m so excited”
        “Dream a Little Dream” – Ozzie Nelson! (You can look it up on Wikipedia). And Mamas and Papas.

        I’ve not seen Dylan in at commercial, and I hope I don’t. I’m recently getting traumatized by hearing songs that I liked on the radio being used as Muzak in stores — not instrumental versions but the originals! I just heard Elton John singing “Daniel” at Whole Foods, and Joni Mitchell at the 99 cent only store.

        I never see the local broadcast of NY teams, so hadn’t heard Sweeet.

        I’ m going to watch hockey on tape delay now. Two games, life is good (this evening anyway). Cheers!

        • Lefty. 10 turned into 1:30. Thomas Edison into Rip Van Winkle. I crashed. 😟

      • You just gave me another reference without realizing it:
        “I’m So Tired” – John Lennon, Beatles, White Album.

      • Angela – Re Boston fans’ racist taunts:
        Is this instant Karma or what — I just saw an Oakland A’s promo for “Hip-Hop Fireworks Night”. Their opponent – the Boston Red Sox. I hope those are the only fireworks that night.

        • Freakiest thing. Internal clock is really screwed up. Thought it was getting better…still needs work, huh? Now I’m up tho. “Up like a pup”! Might as well be useful. Laundry and bacon and eggs and news. ABC World News Now starts 230 AM. Maybe I need a sleep clinic or something. IDK. Psyched about tonight! Goodnight, Gracie. 🍳🥓☕️Good morning me!

    • Hey Neighbor! Didn’t see your reply until last night. Shouted out….”Won’t you please”…🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Back in the groove. Today’s puzzle was a snap. The last word that didn’t come automatically to me was lousy. Took an extra ten seconds. The cartoon answer was an instant read. Didn’t need the letters for this one. Thanks Mike on the side notes. Interesting names for his children. Had a crash course in the navy on morse code. We got up to 13 words a -minute that they needed but ,to be a qualified operator you had to do a minimum of 17 words per minute. The best operators were in Puerto Rico and they did 22 words per minute It’s intense but fun. Till tomorrow stay well.

    • You’re welcome, Paul! Morse code sounds difficult but like typing, you get faster the more you practice. 22 words is about what this reply is. Not much info for a minute!

      • Mike – I think it was on Garry Moore’s “I’ve got a secret”; they had a guy who wrote out a message he was receiving while simultaneously sending another with his other hand — all while hanging upside down by his feet at the blackboard he was using. Really, I did not hallucinate that. Maybe it’s on Youtube — seems like everything else is.

  3. Way to easy today, but the crossword made up for it, so the old brain in working,( I hope) Rain is in the forecast, it’s so gloomy it may as well rain.

  4. Like others, VERY easy puzzle this morning. Breezed right through this one!

  5. As all of you had noted, quick solve today. We’re having super warm weather . Supposed to be in the high 70’s today for S.F. If we have more than three days of hot weather in the city we run out of summer clothes. Have a good day everyone.

    • Hi Betty – like our local columnist said, “Who turned up the heat?”. In his PBS series “America”, the BBC’s Alastair Cooke said that San Franciscans’ attitude to heat reminded him of a headline he saw in a London newspaper:
      “72 again today — no relief in sight” ! 😓

      • Plus the lovely high humidity and bugs (mosquitoes at dusk)! 🎵 “Back o’ my neck gettin’ dirt and gritty”. Told you I grew up on the East Coast.

        • The humidity…UGH! The bane of Italian hair! LOL. Yea, we got the humidity.

  6. Years ago toured Edison’s research lab in Menlo Park, I think. He had storage cupboards under the work benches & in one was a space where he had a rug or blanket. When he was into a project full bore he would stop periodically, crawl into the cubbie, grab a quick 20-30 minute nap, & come out to continue working. I remember the guide saying the word was he could will himself into a deep sleep very quickly & wake himself up just as quickly, fully rested, & continue on. Supposedly this routine would go on for long periods of time. The story may be a bit overblown but it sounds plausible given the genius the man was.

  7. Hi, all! Woke up at 2 a.m. hungry so did the puzzle online that has a timer. Was surprised at a 2 minute solve, 2:19, at that hour but I recognized all 4 words quickly and the answer just leapt out at me after reading the dialog, looking at the answer boxes, and seeing Tom snoring on the couch. Great cartoon picture! Great clothes and living room. The last time we had GAGGLE, I said “gaggle of geese,” and Harry said “murder of crows.” That was a new one for me.
    Enjoy your day! See you tomorrow.

  8. Steve, thanks for telling me about Queen’s song “Radio GA Ga.” I Googled the words and oh, what memories it brought back of how much I LOVED listening to my radio as a child. Bart did not have anything on my mischievous high school friend who played the organ at her church. She loved playing while everyone sang but then they asked her to choose some slow, quiet, reverent music to play as people arrived. Holding some notes extra long to completely change the tempo of the song, she slowly, quietly, & reverently played the Beer Barrel Polka.

    • LOL!! You gotta keep these stories coming . They’re priceless! No pressure though! (I never want to put you “Under Pressure”).

    • “Crazy Little Thing Call Love” must have widened your daughter’s eyes and horizons (and yours!) back then. I remember the video was censored when they first started showing it.

    • Lelia – Since Angela’s going to the Rangers’ game tomorrow, I figured I’d give you a story, not about music or Queen, but about yoga and hockey, relevant because you’re in AZ:
      Our local Sharks announcer, Randy Hahn, always calls the Coyotes the ‘Desert Dogs’.
      During one game, two of the players got caught up in a very unusual position in which neither could move, and one player’s head was near the ice while his skate leg was pointed up in the air.
      Colorman Drew Remenda said it looked like some kind of yoga pose, and Randy said:
      “Yes, that’s called the Upward-Facing Desert Dog”.

  9. Like everyone else, I found this one easy – new record with 25-second solve. I think they’re just making up for the last few times and letting me feel like the windshield and not the bug 🐜 🐜 today.

  10. Steve, you’re so right about our attitude toward warm weather. My grandson who lives down the peninsula where the weather is at least 10 degrees warmer than here spent some time with me during one of our “hot spells”. He said ,”Grandma you need to get some AC in this place like we have”. I said to him “Listen little man when you hear those foghorns, Grandma’s AC is here. It is supposed to cool off tomorrow.

    • “And when that fog horn blows
      You know I will be coming home
      And when that fog horn whistle blows
      I want to hear it
      I don’t have to fear it”
      -Van Morrison, “Into the Mystic”

  11. Hi, Mike!! Just got home from my Mothers Day lunch with Jerry, which we always do early in the month and noticed that when I told about my solve at 2 a.m., I forgot to say “Hi Mike” which I always do because you say that you like hearing about how others have solved the puzzle and because I had looked forward all last week to saying “Hi, Mike” this week with you back. I would have noticed it with a quick recheck, but Jerry was needing me to help with the grocery list so we could get that chore done before it got too hot out there, so I quickly copied & pasted as my daughter taught me how to do about 5 days ago. You mentioned thinking about me when you saw a weather report of 97 degrees. On the way home just now, my car registered an outdoor temp of 100 even. A week ago we had a list in the paper of things to do to tolerate temps above 100, but it has gotten buried on our coffee table. I will find it & comment some of the more interesting, practical, & funny ones. In the meantime, know that whatever I comment in/on your site is to you, and please forgive my oversight today. Thanks. Enjoy your dinner. See you tomorrow.

    • So Jerry *will* go out to lunch with you — once a year! Whatta guy! 🙂

    • No worries, Lelia! I’ve been quite busy and haven’t had much time to respond to comments. I’ll get back to you soon as you wrote a very thoughtful response. 😀

  12. Steve, remember when you told about the speed-reading technique of setting the page on fire and after 2 days I finally got it & told you I thought it was very funny? Well, thank you for telling me the yoga & hockey story, but I am still trying to figure it out. When I took one Yoga class, I spent the rest of the day in a bathtub of hot water in mortal pain. After a few hours, my two darling little daughters were on their knees beside the tub asking, “Mommy, are you going to cook us some dinner?” I have never seen an entire hockey game. My favorites are basketball (go Phoenix Suns), baseball (go Diamondbacks), and Olympic volleyball. I also cheer with my husband for our NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, all on TV.
    Steve, cancel that whole paragraph. I just Googled yoga, and one of the first positions they teach is Upward-Facing Dog, so since Randy has been calling our Coyotes “Desert Dogs” then it makes sense that he would use the familiar to most people yoga position and call it “Upward-Facing Desert Dog.” I must be about as much fun with some of your clever stories as telling it to a two-year-old who need so much explanation, the funniness of the joke begins to wane.

    • Lelia – You might be amused to know that one of this year’s top NHL rookies, possibly the best in quite awhile, comes from Arizona, which is very unusual, probably unprecedented. Auston Matthews was drafted first overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs and scored four goals in his first game. From Wikipedia:

      “Born in San Ramon, California, Matthews and his family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona when Matthews was an infant.[2] He learned to play hockey in Arizona, developing an interest after watching the local Phoenix Coyotes play.”

      • Leila -Ok, one last entry in our mash-up topics today (hockey/ yoga, Queen/choir music, Queen/sports (We are the Champions,We will rock you), Queen/Lady Gaga, etc):
        There is an annual award in Hockey called the “Lady Bing award”, given to the most sportsmanlike player (an anomaly in such a brutal sport). Our announcer, Randy Hahn, suggested that if it were being created today, it would be called the “Lady BingBing Award”.

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