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Happy Monday morning everyone!  The word choices were not what I was expecting for a Monday puzzle and proved a little more difficult than usual.  POTPIE was the headache for me as I was convinced that it was two words and not one.  After nothing else worked, I decided to go with it and figured that I could back into it if it wasn’t correct.  With all of the clue words semi-completed, it was on to the cartoon.  After reading the dialogue and sentence, I had the answer immediately and double checked my work to make sure that POTPIE fit.  Everything was in order leaving us with a very funny pun so all that was left was to check the cartoon for detail.  Jeff drew a whopper packed with so much goodness.  From the flames under the boiling kettle, to the shut off handles on the pipes under the sink, the attention to detail was top notch.  Most surprising though was the addition of “plumbers crack” to the gentleman’s posterior!!!  I had my wife verify that what I was seeing was correct and we laughed so much that my son came to see what was going on.  He started laughing as well and we all finished breakfast “cracking” jokes of our own.  Enjoy your Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow.  🙂 🔧

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  1. Good morning, Mike, good morning everyone. I too, jumped over POTPIE, (I was blinking twice and the clock was running)! Finished the puzzle, and looked at it again. When I wrote it down, I saw the word, but again, like you, I always thought it was 2 separate words. The letters were right, so…We chuckled here because I’ve never eaten or made a potpie in my life. (Not sure if that’s odd or not- LOL). Am I alone with this? The flame really got me, not only was it blazing away, but she was ladling from the pot…!
    Spring has for sure sprung here in NY now, welcome relief. To anyone beginning their celebration tonight, I wish you a Happy Passover. Good Monday, everyone! 🙋🏻

    • You’ve NEVER eaten a potpie? OMG!!! Chicken is my favorite but it has to be loaded with vegetables. Slated to be 75 degrees here today and can’t wait. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine, Angela. 🙂☀️

    • Wow, Angela, Banque potpies are wonderful. They are not Sunday dinner but bake a Chicken or chicken w/ brocolli or turkey one and a beef one and eat them together w/ some garden fresh tomatos w/ a glass of cold milk. Memories of a “latchkey kid” Well I could have been called a latch key kid but no ne ever locked their doors!

      • Hi Harry, good morning. I know, right? This is a real SMH moment for me! LOL…I’m going to have to look into it. I’ve seen Banquet pot pies (I’m sticking with the 2 word spelling, despite today’s puzzle!), but I think I’d like to try making one myself. I really do think it’s cultural, because how the hell could I have come this far and not eaten one within the entire family? I’m def calling around later and asking. Latchkey kid? We never knew the word, right? Skate key, now that we knew….Hope you have a great day, beautiful golf weather! Ciao, 🙋🏻

  2. Snap on 3 CWs and the puzzle answer. Really got thrown by POTPIE but did not have to go to my answer source, I did get it. What did you use to see that “crack” the Hubbard telescope? If so would not the plumber be an asstronaut?????? Damn I am goooooood!

  3. Hey Mike, good morning. No, never! Mea Culpa! Stranger though,that I never realized it until now either; and I’m an avid cook. LOL…IDK, maybe it’s a cultural thing? I’m going to ask my cousins. We’re off to begin “making the pies” for Easter , as we say. PizzaGaina, Pizza Rustica….(Shhhh…listen closely…you can hear the arteries closing!)…”Here comes the sun…” Finally! Whole bunch heading off to the Yankee opener, perfect weather for a game, right? Kids here out of school this week, I’m guessing yours are also, since you said your son joined in the laughter this morning. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the family, Just Enjoy! 🙋🏻

    • Our schools are on vacation next week which reminds me that I’ll be heading somewhere warmer and I’ll be looking for someone to post the answers to the Jumble in my absence. I’ll ask in a post at the end of the week if anyone would like to volunteer. If no takers then I’ll post when I get a free moment in the evening. Just a heads up if anyone is interested.

  4. Good morning. Another easy Monday. Like everybody so far I hesitated on potpie. Thinking it can’t be this easy,I look at the cartoon and really get annoyed. The answer today was just like yesterday. I didn’t even blink my eyes and had it. I’m sure the cartoon is much more enjoyable looking at it than with a magnifying glass. Enjoy his talent. Till tomorrow stay well.

  5. Marie Callender potpies are so much better than Banquet. They have two sizes with the larger having more variety with vegetables. Until I was in my 20’s I thought potpie was what is usually known as dumplings or dough patches. My grandma made the best with roast beef or roast chicken. I learned how to make it but just not like granny’s.
    Did any of you notice that when typing potpie that “spell check” keeps trying to make it two words.
    And did you notice that the lady has on bedroom slippers?

    • I do not think Callender’s potpies have any flavor and they cost way too much
      With Banquet remove the frozen pie and spray the bottom of the pie pan with Spam Spray and replace pie and bake longer that instructions!

      • Uh oh. I hope I didn’t start a Pot Pie war here! I apologize! “I don’t know nothin”bout birthin’ no pot pies”! (Yes, Harry, I DO hear your groan)! So the ” threw a wrench in the works” comment? How did you, Mike and I miss that one? Monday morning I guess…I have to get back..the natives are tres restless…🙋🏻

    • Hi Lana, good morning. I’m cutting up mozzarella, provolone, and prosciutto and the Pie Police are watching me like Hawks.!, but I’m washing my hands, getting a coffee and taking a break! LOL. I’ve seen Marie Callender commercials on my local TV a lot, I’m familiar with that name. So weird that I never was involved with making these. I never made dumplings, either. I think this is sad…! I really cook Italian I guess,the dishes I was taught. But I see I need to spread my wings here and up my game! I’m going to try the pot pies. And yes, POT PIE should read as 2 words. Even spell check is telling us so. Giving us this word today truly “threw a wrench in the works”. Hmm, I should have lead off with that this morning, huh? LOL…I didn’t notice the slippers until you mentioned it. But that could be me, I never wear shoes in the house. Although my slippers are much more fashionable! I have to get back, they’re starting to yell at me in Italian now! LOL.
      Hope you have a great day! 🧀🙋🏻

    • Your right Lana. My phone did the same thing. Can’t believe that Angela never had pot pies. Banquet was the one we had when we were kids. If I was lucky sometimes I got two. Think Marie Callender is too high in sodium. Much better in a regular restaurant. Last time I had it was about a year ago. Take care

      • Mmmmmmm – Pot Pie war! I’m visualizing a Three Stooges/Marx Brothers food fight. Just as long as they’re not right out of the oven!

        • Hey Steve, LOL. YES, the Great Pot Pie War of 2017…PANdemonium! Have a good night. 🙋🏻

  6. I’m with you, Rita. Had the answer to the cartoon immediately and worked backwards. Have a good day everyone.

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