Jumble Answers for 03/31/2017








Happy Friday everyone!  After waiting all week for a more challenging puzzle, it finally arrived.  It wasn’t the clue words that gave me trouble, it was the cartoon answer and I’ll get to that in a moment.  David chose excellent words this morning and those that are new to the game may have had trouble with a couple of them.  ORNERY has been used in the past but it was jumbled so well that it took me a couple of extra seconds to decipher.  With all of the clue words solved it was straight to the cartoon.  Upon seeing that the solution was in quotes and that it contained a hyphen, I didn’t even attempt to guess the answer and went straight to work on the solve.  No words jumped out at me while looking at the clue letters so David did a great job of keeping the final solution cryptic.  After a minute or two of waiting for something to jump out at me, I decided I’d read the dialogue and sentence again for clues.  I picked up on the word “vase” in the dialogue and that’s when MING came to mind.  It was in my letters so I crossed them out and WELCOME was right there for the finish.  What a fun and interesting puzzle and I hope that you enjoyed it just as much as I did.  Have a great day my friends and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ˜ƒ


21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/31/2017

  1. Good morning Mike, good morning everyone. Great puzzle today. I did a quick blink at ornery also, until I reversed the o and r, and voila! Reading the clue, I knew it would be Ming, one, the vase reference, and two, because I remembered that the Ming dynasty followed the Yuan; and with the w and c from wreck, and the double m’s from magnum, I figured welcome. Again, great puzzle. Mike, did you notice the 4 toes? LOL..Terrible weather here, cold, windy, heavy rain…more to come. What a March! Wishing everyone a great day. Ciao! πŸ™‹πŸ»

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      • Hi Mike, yes, the toes made me laugh! I saw the Georgia story also. So strange, they have no idea how it happened, and they’re anticipating months of restoration, I think I heard no fatalities. Sorry you’re getting snow again. Everyone here saying…”Thank God this isn’t snow..” March has truly lived up to its reputation this year. Good luck,. πŸ™‹πŸ»

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      • What’s another 8-10 inches, right?! Ha Ha Ha… I’m looking forward to unwinding a bit and watching Live PD from 9-12. The snow can wait to be shoveled until after I wake up. Enjoy your evening. I just had some pizza and a slice of cheesecake for dinner. I was totally bad!!! πŸ™€


      • Get out! Is that the prediction? Wow, so sorry. May as well relax tonight while you can. Funny, we did pizza and tiramisu! Stormy comfort food! Have a good night and again, good luck. πŸ™‹πŸ»

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  2. Good morning. Enjoyed the challenge today. I got the 1st,2nd and 4th word right away but was stuck on the 3rd so I went to the cartoon and solved it immediately. Now knowing the letters I needed ,I still couldn’t get magnum. Gave up too easy I guess. Till tomorrow stay well.

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  3. Ditto on getting Ming from reading the puzzle Angela/ Did get hung up on ORNERY. After solving the CWs and having MING I struggled thinking the ‘M’ must be in the secont part…came back with “fresh eyes” and groaned> No golf for at least a week in Indiana. My prediction of heavy Spring floods here is trying to happen!!!!! Anybody got a large boat or small ark to loan out for about 40 days? Never saw the 4 toes.

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    • Good morning, Harry. Ornery is such a seldom heard word. And I don’t think many young people today even know it. Kind of puts one in mind of an old western! Don’t know where you are, but hope you don’t get flooded. Seeing the news reports of what’s happening in Texas is heartbreaking.

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  4. I struggled with ornery and magnum for a bit. Solved the puzzle while still figuring out magnum. Ming was in my head from the get go, so welcome just popped into mind. A respectable 2:45 this morning.

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  5. Good morning, Mike et al. I knew MING would be in the cartoon answer and got 3 clue words, but MAGNUM eluded me.
    Prayers to everyone battling wind, rain, and snow this weekend. I wish your NH storm could just go around your property, Mike, since you just went through all that and enough is enough!!! Mike, stay inside, stay warm, and no outdoor heroics. All we want safe is you.
    The Final Four are right here in Phoenix this weekend and the weather is a little breezy but beautiful. See you tomorrow!

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  6. Great puzzle this morning. I thought Ming would be in the last part of the answer, and welcome fell in to place when I figured out the clue words. It’s sunny but very windy here today. Hopefully Spring will finally arrive for you in the eastern part o the country soon. Have a good day everyone.

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  7. Mad at myself for having trouble with “ornery” as it is a word that I grew up hearing. I grew up visiting my grandparents on a very large farm and “ornery” was an everyday word. The help could be ornery as could the weather, animals, crops, etc. BTW there were several “hollers” on the farm . πŸ˜‰ Stay safe and have a great day! πŸ™‚

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