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Good Wednesday morning everyone!  Was there one word that gave you a difficult time this morning?  Odds are that it was JOSTLE, but don’t feel bad because I had a real hard time with it too.  After a good five minutes it dawned on me to try the J first and wouldn’t you know the rest fell right into place!  With all of the clue words solved it was on to the cartoon which consisted of two 4-letter words.  I guessed GOOD DEAL after reading the dialogue and sentence but after crossing out GOOD, SIGN was right there for the finish.  Today’s puzzle was a great midweek challenge with just the right amount of difficulty.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ˜€


15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/29/2017

  1. Good morning. For me the word that I didn’t get fairly quick was igloo. A simple word that we had before. The cartoon was an easy solve. Until tomorrow,stay healthy.

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  2. Define messed me up, kept trying to use two “d”s.


    Philip Wingate, 1894

    Once there lived side by side, two little maids,
    Used to dress just alike, hair down in braids,
    Blue ging’am pinafores, stockings of red,
    Little sun bonnets tied on each pretty head.

    When school was over secrets they’d tell,
    Whispering arm in arm, down by the well,
    One day a quarrel came, hot tears were shed:
    “You can’t play in our yard,” but the other said:
    Next day two little maids each other miss,
    Quarrels are soon made up, sealed with a kiss,
    Then hand in hand again, happy they go.
    Friends all through life to be, they love each other so.

    Soon school days pass away, sorrows and bliss
    but love remembers yet, quarrels and kiss,
    In sweet dreams of childhood, we hear the cry:
    “You can’t play in our yard,” and the old reply:
    I don’t want to play in your yard,
    I don’t like you anymore,
    You’ll be sorry when you see me,
    Sliding down our cellar door,
    You can’t holler down our rainbarrel,
    You can’t climb our apple tree,
    I don’t want to play in your yard,
    If you won’t be good to me.

    See, see my playmate,
    Come out and play with me
    And bring your dollies three
    Climb up my apple tree
    Holler down my rain barrel
    Slide down my cellar door
    And we’ll be jolly friends
    Forever evermore.

    Oh no my playmate
    I can’t come play with you
    My dollies have the flu
    Boo hoo boo hoo
    Can’t holler down rain barrels
    Or slide down a cellar door
    But we’ll be jolly friends
    Forever evermore.

    Say, say, my playmate
    Don’t come and play with me
    Don’t bring your dollies three
    Cut down my apple tree
    Fall off my rainbow,
    Into my cellar door
    And we’ll be enemies
    Forever evermore.
    Say, say my enemy.
    Come out and fight with me.
    And bring your bulldogs three.
    Climb up my sticker tree.
    Slide down my lightning.
    Into my dungeon door
    And we’ll be jolly enemies
    Forever evermore.

    Say say old enemy
    Come out and fight with me
    And bring your bb gun
    And we’ll have lots of fun
    I’ll scratch your eyes out
    And make you bleed to death
    And we’ll be jolly enemies
    Forever evermore.

    Oh little enemy,
    I cannot fight with you,
    My mommy said not too
    Boo hoo hoo hoo
    I can’t scratch your eyes out
    And make you bleed to death
    But we’ll be jolly enemies
    Forever evermore.

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  3. Good morning, everyone. Easy time of it ; like the mix of 2 five letters and 2 sixes. Harry, what you posted for Lelia is such a sweet gesture! She’s going to love it. Kudos, kind sir. Hope everyone has a great day. πŸ™‹πŸ»


  4. With the exception of jostle, this was an easy solve for me today. Had the puzzle answer before the words and even with the pause on jostle, had this solved in 1:16.


  5. Jostle took an extra minute but I knew answer before I looked at scrambled letters. Good start for the day. I love all types of poetry and enjoyed Harry’s contribution and made me think of my childhood. πŸŒžπŸ‘­


    • Hi Sue. Good morning. I also enjoy poetry. In Harry’s poem, one line is really sticking with me. “Fall off my rainbow”. I’m curious if you and any of the others were affected by a particular line. πŸ™‹πŸ»


  6. Like many of you, I paused at jostle but figured out the cartoon answer so it came to me fairly quickly after that. It’s been an easy week —so far. Wonder if they’ll have a special puzzle for us on April 1 ? Sunny day here today. Hope all of you have a wonderful day.


  7. Hey Lelia and Angela — One last (I promise!) comment on removing the safety net of the tightrope walker — It reminds me of when Groucho Marx said he was going to start a speed-reading course like Evelyn Wood’s,
    except that his would consist of touching a match to the top of the page.


  8. Hi! I got the cartoon answer immediately because I remembered when we had one with people looking at billboards while driving down the highway and the synonym used for billboard was SIGN. Pays to do the Jumble every day. However, it helped me not one bit that I struggled with IGLOO less than a year ago and today had to back into it twice. However, how logical would it be with 3 vowels and only 2 consonants to put both consonants together with 2 vowels at the end? I think IGLOO defies logic and just has to be memorized. Being from a family of “J” names, I had no trouble with JOSTLE but wasn’t sure if it was spelled LE or EL. My hardest Jumble word ever, many years ago, was ICING, which I had all day but didn’t know it because of pronouncing it “IK’ING.”
    Enjoy your day! See you tomorrow!


  9. Hey Steve….HA HA. ….and his words went up in smoke! ( Now I’m going to be hearing, ” Say the secret word and the duck will come down…” all day)! Enjoy your wit; keep ’em coming. πŸ™‹πŸ»


  10. Harry, thank you for all the words to that poem/song. I had no idea that I knew only part of the refrain and that there was so much more. I slid down our cellar door a lot. I didn’t climb our apple tree but spent many happy hours lying on a large branch of what we called a china-berry tree. Thanks again for making me go to the doctor.


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