Jumble Answers for 02/23/2017








Good Thursday morning everyone!  Mr. Hoyt chose EXCELLENT clue words for today’s puzzle and they were brilliantly jumbled.  ESSAY and RIPPLE bogged me down which gave me a chance to read the cartoon.  It was a quick solve and the answer came to me instantly after reading the sentence and dialogue.  I eventually figured out the words that were plaguing me to cap off another great Jumble.  Jeff’s cartoon reminds me of the time I went skiing where the roles were reversed and my wife was the one pulling my leg.  After getting the hang of the bunny slope, she convinced me to try a more advanced trail and after a horrifying journey to the bottom I swore I would never ski again.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  ⛷


14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/23/2017

  1. Good morning! ESSAY took longest, RIPPLE second longest. My site didn’t show answer blanks until words are done so I guessed “down hill slide” until seeing the blanks. Your skiing story is hilarious.
    I dreamed about the Jumble. My Jumble Dream: Mike, in a room with people sitting at 3 other tables, you were sitting at a round table with your Jumble friends and all of us had our folded newspaper in front of us. New guy arrived with his newspaper, walked to our table, but said he might be at the wrong table. You told him we were the Jumble table so he asked, “Then why are all of you holding magnifying glasses?”
    You explained the fun of finding the details our cartoonist draws. He was intrigued, borrowed a glass, and joined us. We enjoyed figuring out the clue words & solving the puzzle question together and had great fun examining the cartoon with our magnifying glasses & discussing the many details our cartoonist had so cleverly drawn in such a small space. Oh, and new guy became a permanent member of our friendly forum. The End
    Have a great day!

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    • That’s a crazy dream, Lelia! Now I’m convinced that you’re a diehard Jumble fan. I know David and Jeff have done a “Jumble Live” game and there is a clip of it on their website (http://www.jumble.com) at the bottom left of the homepage. I wish it were a touring show so I could test my Jumble knowledge with other fans!


  2. Good morning. Essay took a little time but was stuck on plague. Went to the cartoon answer and it was simple. Now knowing the three letters I needed I got the word pretty quick. I didn’t try skiing until my late 30s or early 40s. Missed out on great times. It was a whole bus load of people we knew. After a few practice runs,the guys took me to the top and we went down the expert trail. Naturally I fell a few times but once at the bottom we went back up. Really enjoyed skiing. Stay well.

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  3. RIPPLE and PLAGUE plagued me. Had to work at it backwards since the puzzle was so easy.

    I first learned to ski when I turned 50. Loved it but have not been back to do it again. My friends with whom I went were all expert skiers so I was left to ski school and then skiing on my own. We’d meet for lunch and then back at it until time for Happy Hour. I can see how people get hooked on the sport and need to live that life.

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  4. Mike, loved what you wrote today, as usual; specifically: about the Jumble (excellent clue words, brilliantly jumbled), word difficulty (bogged me down), cartoon question (quick solve, another great Jumble), and what you said about your ski trip.
    In two sentences you told us a wonderful short story: setting (ski slopes), characters (you & wife), plot/theme/action (skiing and getting the hang of the bunny slope), conflict/fear (more advanced trail, horrifying journey to the bottom), happy ending (no accident), and an epilogue that made me smile (I swore I would never ski again.). Kudos to you. See you tomorrow!

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    • Truth be told, Lelia, I just ramble off whatever comes to mind during the 15 minutes that it takes me to type! I’ve never had someone analyze my musings before so it was enjoyable to hear what you had to say. I almost forgot that I have an appointment in the morning so my posting may be a bit late. I don’t want you to think that I forgot! Sleep well! 😊


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