Jumble Answers for 01/09/2017







Good Monday morning!  I didn’t run into any trouble with the clue words today.  FACADE would be my pick for the most difficult anagram to decipher.  I did run into a bit of trouble with the cartoon answer and it took me a few extra minutes to solve.  It was so well jumbled that no words jumped out at me, but I did notice ING so I wrote that down amd jumbled the letters again on my notepad.  I found FALL and then PRICES to finish it off.  I really enjoyed seeing the skydivers in the background which was a nice detail.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/09/2017

  1. Good morning. Another easy Monday. The whole thing took less than five minutes. Prices came to me right away and then with the remaining letters it fell into place. Until tomorrow take care.

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  2. I got all the words without any problem — but just didn’t see the puzzle answer, started the crossword puzzle and the answer came to me just like that. I like the look on that ladies face when the guy says he wants 2 tickets….or is that just my imagination…lol


  3. Good morning! I enjoyed doing the Jumble today because I did it completely your way keeping the letters in order with consonants and vowels together to see how I did, and it went well. This way I did not accidentally forget to write any of the letters down.
    Yesterday I loved it that Mr. Hoyt put his name at the end of the first Jumble so that we got to change the letters REHOYT to the word THEORY. What fun!
    No more full days of fun & games for me for a while because both daughters are back to teaching in their elementary school classrooms where I spent 25 wonderful years teaching precious little ones, mostly 3rd grade.
    Have loved your paragraphs, as usual, and enjoyed reading all the comments. Tomorrow!


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