Jumble Answers for 12/22/2016







Good morning everyone and happy Thursday!  CABANA was the only word to give me pause this morning.  I think it was the three AAA’s in a row that got me.  The cartoon was great and the squabbling fans dressed in their teams regalia made it all the more interesting to look at.  This was day 3 of one word in quotes and I welcomed the challenge.  I guessed A would be the single letter so that’s where I started.  Nothing jumped out at me so I did some self jumbling and TIME came next.  I was left with VLRIA and I wrote VIRAL on my notepad and it seemed to fit but didn’t look right.  I quickly saw the error and changed it to RIVAL to finish another hilarious pun.  Will we have day 4 of one word in quotes?  Tune in tomorrow to find out, but until then, have a great day!  πŸ€”


15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/22/2016

  1. Got the words 2,3,and 4 in that order. Viirus stumped me for a long time. So much so that after starring at the cartoon forever,I gave up. The first word must have affected my brain. I went to you for the answer. I took the easy way out. Oh well there is tomorrow.

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  2. After struggling yesterday this one was just too easy. As a big football fan these two teams mean rivals without even thinking about it… Going to Hobby Lobby today so if I’m not here tomorrow, recovering from the Christmas shopping. LOL

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  3. Being a Cheesehead myself, I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Jumble. The cartoon is great! Had no trouble with the words, but the puzzle gave me pause. TEAM was what jumped out at me at first, but realized that was not a good fit and soon after came the solve. Merry Christmas to all and GO PACK!!!

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