Jumble Answers for 12/17/2016







Happy Saturday morning my friends and thank you for coming back day after day to support my blog.  I have so much fun posting and it’s great to read all the comments, tips and suggestions.  Great clue word choices today but nothing really difficult.  The cartoon answer was where I had some trouble.  I noticed the tennis player having a hard time getting the ball over the net so SERVE came quickly.  After switching some letters around, FAULTY came into view to solve the puzzle.  I wasn’t sure that the solution made sense so I started looking for other words but didn’t come up with much.  We’ve been having some really funny puns lately but this one was mediocre.  Perhaps it’s just me…  We’re at 2 inches of snow with 4-7 forecasted. Nothing will stop us from going to see Rogue One at noon today.  My truck is full of gas and already in four wheel drive.  The movie theater is 10 minutes away so it shouldn’t be too bad.  See you tomorrow!  😀


10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/17/2016

  1. Today wasn’t bad. Knowing absolutely nothing about tennis, I put the paper down and had my breakfast. Came back to it and serve appeared first then with the letters left it was easy. However yesterday I realized later on that I had the second word wrong. I had lair instead of liar. After checking with your answer I still reversed the two letters thinking I was right. Thought it didn’t sound right.

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  2. No paper in Carmel today, Indiana a sheet of ice. Some people stayed 8 hours in their cars on the interstate last night. Went on line found puzzlw conquered it…..Now to drive to a family Christmas gathering today. See ya Monday I hope!

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