Jumble Answers for 11/13/2016









Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!  I’d like to say a special thank you to Geraldo for emailing me the puzzle this morning.  There were six great clue word choices this morning that were very well jumbled.  I was stuck right out of the gate on CLEVER.  It didn’t take too long to figure it out and I managed to get the rest of the clue words without difficulty.  The cartoon was well drawn and I always enjoy the fact that it’s in color on Sunday.  There were so many letters in the cartoon answer including an 8 letter word!  I assumed that HIS was the three letter word and crossed those letters out.  This was the point where I started thinking about what the long word was.  Nothing came into view and there was an “ING” so I crossed those out. The two “SS” together in the letters let me find PRESS and LUCK was right there.  Well that’s how I solved it and I hope you didn’t have too much trouble.  We’re off to the furniture store to pick out some new couches for our living room.  I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning to start another week of Jumble fun!  😊


1 thought on “Jumble Answers for 11/13/2016

  1. Doing the Jumble is like reading a really good book. First there is the excitement of finding the new daily or Sunday Jumble in your paper or online. Then you begin the enjoyment of figuring out the words and the answer to the comic. When you finish, you have a rush of satisfaction and pride. However, just like when you finish a good book, you are a little sad that it is over and done.
    After reading a book, you have the option of discussing it with others in a book club. After doing the Jumble, we can go to Jumble Answers to read kind, clever, interesting comments by the originator of the website and read comments by others who also love to do the Jumble.
    Today’s Jumble: As soon as we read the comic question, my husband of 56 years and I just shook our heads and laughed & laughed as we thought of how much trouble that guy was asking for. We called out a few things like Digging his grave and Cooking his goose, but then I got serious and asked myself for a synonym for “iron.” The word “press” came to me immediately and then it was all over. The words were so masterfully jumbled as usual that I had trouble with half of them: clever, duplex, and sicken. Am I cheating when I figure out the comic answer first and then use those letters to figure out the words? I hope not since I did it for 3 words today.
    I loved your comments and hope you find, just in time for your Thanksgiving celebration, some couches you like.
    Happy day, happy Sunday, happy Jumbling.

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