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Good morning everyone and happy Friday!  It’s Veterans Day so let us honor the brave citizens who have served, or are serving, in a branch of the U.S. military.  I was able to solve the cartoon right off the bat so all I had to do was solve the clue words. I managed to get the first three but wound up stuck on UPROOT.  My problem was that I was trying to make a word that had OUT.  After trying every possible combination, I noticed UP together and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Have a wonderful day my friends and let me know if you have any plans for the weekend.  Be well and THANK YOU to all of our Veterans!!!  🇺🇸

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  1. I do not need an answer to this because I am commenting rather late.
    First, thank you for your tribute to our veterans. In our family we have Navy, Air Force, and Army veterans.
    Second, ditto to how you solved the Jumble. I, too, had the cartoon answer immediately, first 3 words quickly, and then “uproot” which took some extra looking at.
    Third, beside today’s answers was a sentence about Jumble which said that the Jumble puzzle consists of 4 words; 2 with 5 letters each and 2 with 6 letters. I looked in the 5 newspapers we still have and after counting letters, was surprised not to have ever noticed that. However, with all the possible combinations of either 5 or 6 letters words, I am sure that I will just continue to depend on hard work, luck, and a lot of staring at letters because it ‘s fun, fun, fun.
    To you and your precious family: have a great, wonderful, fun weekend and stay warm. Wish I could send you some Arizona sun.

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    • Good evening Lelia! Many thanks to your family for serving in our armed forces. It sounds like you had the same issues with the puzzle that I had and I’m glad you were able to solve it. I wish you could send us some warm sunshine as it’s in the low 40’s with 30 mph winds today — BRRRR. Have a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to your comments tomorrow. 👍🏻


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