Jumble Answers for 11/01/2016







Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!  No trouble with the clue words today, although I did question my spelling abilities with HOLLER.  For some reason it just didn’t look right.  Perhaps it was because I don’t use or see it that often. I went with my gut instinct and rolled the dice. The cartoon was great and it seems as though Jeff is giving us an abundance of baseball themed ones.  No complaints here as I really enjoy the sport.  Did anyone notice that the runner appeared to be a Cubs player and the second baseman had a dark gray uniform like the Indians?  Is Jeff prognosticating a Chicago win tonight to keep his beloved Cubs alive?  The cartoon answer was a quick solve and my spelling proved to be spot on.  I awoke this morning realizing that Halloween is officially over and my favorite holiday is right around the corner (note: it’s not Christmas).  I host a large celebration at my home so now’s the time to begin planning.  If I can get my Christmas shopping done early, I can relax and enjoy the onslaught of holiday madness.  My email inbox had two Christmas related messages this morning proving that it’ll be here sooner than I think.  Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow.  😀


5 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/01/2016

  1. It was spelt right in my newspaper. I got the puzzle answer right away, and had no trouble with the words. I’m rooting for the Indians – but if Chicago wins tonite, I may switch. I’m a Ranger fan so not really that much into the Series this year. Go Cowboys!

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