Jumble Answers for 09/30/2016







Good morning everyone and happy Friday!  After a long week I’m so happy that the weekend is just about here.  I really enjoyed the puzzle this morning.  The clue words gave me a bit of a challenge.  HONCHO was the word that had me clueless for a few minutes.  With all the clue words solved I moved along to the cartoon.  Upon seeing the quotation marks, I knew it was going to be a challenge.  The woman in the crowd who said “Their tickets were expensive….” gave the puzzle away!  I found money very quickly leaving AGDROOH. GOOD was easy to spot and HAR fell right into place!  Have a fantastic Friday, my friends and let me know if you have any big plans this weekend!  I’ll see you tomorrow.  😀

7 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/30/2016

  1. Uncharacteristically, I threw in the towel on this one! Just couldn’t come up with honcho, nor the puzzle answer, today. I’ll be rooting for the Sox, Yankees, Braves and Mariners tonight. The possibility is still alive for Seattle!


  2. Had a hard time with the word,honcho.Finally got the answer.Enjoy the challenge of Jumble.Like it also because the task is not a lenghty one.If i am having a problem with a word,I will put puzzle aside and do other things generally the word comes to my mind while doing other chores..I happily complete the puzzle.Look forwad daily for Jumble.Thankk you.

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    • Hi Almeta! I put the puzzle aside sometimes as well. I don’t like to wait too long though as I like to publish the answers ASAP. Have a great weekend and thanks for taking the time to comment. 😊


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