Jumble Answers for 08/31/2016







Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!  HEARTH was the only clue word that had me stumped!  With all the words solved it was on to the cartoon answer. After reading the cartoon I was hoping that the answer didn’t have anything to do with Bridge as I’ve never played.  At first I thought the solution had ALL as the three letter word.  I couldn’t come up with an eight letter word to fit with the remaining letters.  I saw WELL and then BID and then it all clicked.  Is BID FAREWELL a bridge term?  Either way I had fun with only moderate difficulty.  Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow!  😀


11 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/31/2016

  1. I encounter the same difficulties as you did with the words and answer. There were not many three letter combinations that made words and once I came up with bid, farewell came pretty easily. I also do not play bridge, but I think “bid” is the only part of the answer that relates to bridge. Any bridge players that can verify that?

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  2. I don’t play bridge either but when I read…. “we could have made them all…” I concluded that they had to BID the number of books like in spades or the card game “Bid” Whiz. The rest was easy as were the words….

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