Jumble Answers for 08/15/2016







Good Monday morning everyone!  No real difficulty with the words today.  PRAAT took me an extra second but after that my brain was working faster than my fingers could type.  The letter layout was great and at first I saw FULL and decided to go with it.  After finding TANK and THE, I quickly figured out that it was FILL instead.  The cartoon was well drawn and it got me thinking about gas station attendants and the fact that you never see them anymore (at least in my area).  Here’s hoping you have a great morning and I’ll see you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/15/2016

  1. How’s this for crazy. After reading how you reasoned your way through the letters to come up with the correct answer, I realized I had done the exact same thing as you to solve it before logging on to check my work. I think it’s as much fun doing the puzzle as it is accessing your website. Keep up the good work! (BTW, we don’t have station attendants either in the hinterland &, big surprise, we have running water & flush toilets, much like the Pompeii denizens of old.) Just yanking your N.E. chain-keep in mind that I’m a long time retired smart ass professor who loves to play intelligent games with obviously intelligent people who are too smart to be offended by my banter.

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    • I’m sure glad that you stop by just to check your work, professor! I hope I haven’t schooled you too many times and reversed the roles making you my student!!! 😊
      I enjoy supplying the answers each and every day — and a bit of banter to fill in the gaps when I have a few spare moments. I take no offense to your remarks and honestly, I wish more people would comment and engage rather than just use this blog as a tool to complete the puzzle. Moose was a big help, however; I haven’t heard from him in a few weeks. I truly hope he is ok and wish he would check in. I saw that there were riots in your state and immediately thought of you. Take care and be well my friend.


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