Jumble Answers for 07/16/2016








Good morning everyone!  This Jumble gave me no problem at all and the solution was easily deciphered.  I know the quotations will stumble some, however; if you solved ARROW you most likely found MATIC.  Have a wonderful Saturday and and be sure to leave a comment!!!


27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/16/2016

  1. We vacation on the Cape, and Ogunquit, ME. You live in a beautiful part of New England. We make a rest stop in Portsmouth on the way to ME.


    • If you have the time to post I’d appreciate it — no rush though. I’m going to the beach tomorrow morning so I’ll get around to posting in the afternoon when we get back. Oh and I’m Mike by the way!


      • I love your website & the banter but I avoid peeking ahead for a clue. I figure Hoyt & Knurek want to challenge Jumbleheads like me but it’s fun to guess a really challenging puzzle & then check w/U if I got it right. You provide a valuable service for incurable puzzle junkies like me – thanks from a fan in Wisconsin.

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      • Thanks so much for the kind words Noodlebug! The website that I use posts the Jumble every morning at roughly 2:15 am (New Hampshire time). I often set my alarm to wake up, do the puzzle, and then go back to sleep! Or if it’s during the school year, I do the puzzle with my coffee before waking my son up for school. I try to keep my comments light and refreshing so as not to offend anyone as I understand this game is a mental release. I wish you all my best for a wonderful Wisconsin Sunday morning. I should really start a map and peg the states where all my visitors are from. 😊


  2. I’m guessing you would be amazed at how widespread your reach is. I live very close to Madison, have a number of friends at the UW, puzzlefreaks like me, who are going to look you up & are interested in your site. BTW, I’m Terry, retired counseling psychologist, in my mid 70’s, & still have a lot of little kid left in me, sometimes to the great embarrassment, but tolerance, of my wife of close to 50 years. An active brain leads to a long life is my credo.

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    • Well Terry, the more followers the better! I’d be embarrassed to share my age — maybe I could start a “guess my age contest”?! I really enjoy publishing a post every morning. I’ve enjoyed doing the Jumble for many years, and to be honest, I created this website on a whim to see if it was something other Jumblers would like or even search for. With an average of 5,000 people visiting a day I honestly think I’m on to something. My credo is to not post any politics or divisive comments. I just can’t seem to stop saying a thing or two about my passion for baseball and my Red Sox. Everyone needs an outlet and as a Psychologist you’ve surely heard your share. Feel free to comment any time my friend. I enjoy hearing from everyone and try to post a reply as soon as possible.
      –Mike, age ??


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