👻 Jumble Answers for 02/16/2018 👻








Good Morning, Everyone!       👻 SIGN Me Up! 👻


🎶There’s a GHOST out in the hall…There’s a GHOUL beneath the bed
Now it’s coming through the walls …Now it’s coming down the stairs
Is that SCARY for you baby? Am I SCARY for you oh, Is it SCARY for you baby?
Is it SCARY for you..?🎶

👻💀The TITLE of the book’s not shown, I wonder if it’s grim
The scary and the macabre’s attributed to him…
He’s written a short story, it’s SLANT we can’t be sure
But signs that show his name alone will get them through the door…
Wherever Stephen King appears it’s sure to draw a crowd
And this is so exciting, ’cause he’s reading this aloud
His works are VASTLY noted, books of murder and revenge
And stories of the dark side where the characters AVENGE.
So fans of his will gather, for they know the date and time
They’re happy that they store displayed so many TELL-TALE SIGNS! 💀👻

None of today’s words are new to us Jumble fans, and notice how the letters in the word AVENGE are anagrammed in order right to left. We don’t see that very often. Our cartoon. Jeff brings us to a local bookstore, where two men and a woman are discussing an upcoming event. Stephen King, the noted author, is being announced as having a short-story reading later that day. He’s TELLing a new TALE. The posters, each displayed on THE STAND, state that the reading will begin at 3PM. The three patrons are so excited, no MISERY here! They’re in JOYLAND! Our question asks how they knew the time…Because of the TELL-TALE SIGNS! Good play on words, Dave, we caught your meaning. We’re DREAMCATCHERs! Ok, eye candy…Jeff’s done a remarkable job of capturing Mr King’s likeness. Kudos, Jeff! The panel’s pretty straightforward, bookshelves, a few chairs set up, a stool for Mr King. But in the background, on the right side, is a section of books with the heading:“GAMES AND PUZZLES”! The NEEDFUL THINGS…We all need our puzzles! So, There you have it, Folks. Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! I wish you a day free from DESPERATION, a night free from INSOMNIA, and a whole lot of (The) SHINING in between! 👻🙋🏻


21 thoughts on “👻 Jumble Answers for 02/16/2018 👻

  1. What I am wondering is how AVENGE got into a Jumble. There is the alternative answer GENEVA, although that’s a proper noun; I wonder if there are any uses of it as a common noun. But it is hard to find something that solves the big clue with GENEVA instead of AVENGE. The best I could come up with is TALL LIST SEVEN, as there are three people there and four empty seats, as though four more will arrive, and this lady is holding a long tablet that may have a LIST on it. But I don’t think of GENEVA as a place you go to to AVENGE something.

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    • Good Morning, Jim. You, Sir, may just have the wildest imagination of any logophile I’ve ever met! And as far as I know, David doesn’t use any proper nouns in his puzzles. I will agree with you though, that I would hope one wouldn’t go all the way to Geneva seeking vengence! Have a great day, Jim! 👻🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Great post Angela,you gave Earl something to shoot for. Today’s puzzle was more like a Monday but still fun. The words came instantly. Looking at the cartoon and using Mikes method of studying the picture I noticed the girl pointing at the picture. This immediately gave me sign or signs for one of the words. Looking at the remaining letters gave me tell tale with the extra s for signs. Should have had a timer for this one. It was that quick. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Paul. Thank you very much. LOL..I wouldn’t worry about Earl, he does just fine! Today’s puzzle was a fun, easy READ! And a cute idea too. Glad you had a good time with it, Brooklyn…Have a great day! 👻🙋🏻b


  3. The author wanted to AVENGE the decision to place the TITLE of his book on a SLANT, thus VASTLY obscuring the dust jacket illustration.
    Words were no problem but I struggled a little with the solution–could not get “easel” out of my mind since one appeared in the cartoon. Unlike Jim I did not try alternate answers and ultimately got the right hyphenated answer.
    Thanks for having my back Angela and I hope I don’t disappoint because you never fail to impress me with your wit and whimsy.
    Have a frenetic-free Friday everyone. ☔️ ⛈ 🌦

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    • Good Morning, Earl. What a coincidence that you mention easel. I had it in my post, describing where the posters were placed. But then I SHELVED the word in favor of THE STAND, which didn’t even HOLD UP to my first choice. But I did it because I was trying to get in as many of King’s titles as possible. A daunting task! But easel was stuck in my mind also. Disappoint? Where would you ever get such an idea? Au contraire! You never cease to amaze with your creativity. Any anyway, we’re here for the fun of it, there’s no grades being handed out! LOL…Once you start feeling it’s a drudgery or harbor a fear of being judged, it’s time to throw in that old pen and paper, my good man! And be assured, Sir, I will always have your back! Thank you so much for the shout out, the whimsy’s not always easy…I’d rather write the “serious” any old day, because contrary to belief, it causes so much less angst! 😂
      Wishing you a fabulous Friday, Earl! 👻🙋🏻

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  4. No blind solve, but sailed through the words with only a brief flirtation with GENEVA before settling on AVENGE. Took a bit of work for the puzzle this morning. Wrote out several words prior to SIGNS. From there it was a quick finish.

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    • Hey Chuck. How’re you doing? Seems like a lot of traveling to Geneva today…Hmm. Maybe I should be on a SWISS WATCH!! 😂
      Have a good one! 👻🙋🏻


  5. Hi, all! After taking an hour on the Jumble yesterday, I flew through this one, words first and quick cartoon solve using the circled letters. Yesterday B.B. King, today Stephen King, will we have another King? Stay tuned.

    Mike, I told Jerry about your plan to tell us when you see your first robin. We haven’t seen a robin since last year, and our last beautiful red cardinal sighting happened Christmas day while the whole family was here. What fun crowding to the window for a look.

    Have to run to Walmart for a new blender & toaster oven. We must be hard on appliances. Sometimes we set our taco shells on fire in the toaster oven, as Angela remembers when she cleverly exclaimed, “Shell fire!”

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    • Lelia and Mike, my officemate from Duluth told me that the standard joke in Minnesota is
      Ollie: I saw my first robin today.
      Sven: Ya don’t say
      Ollie: Ya, frozen to a tree.

      Lelia, my grandfather used to repair small appliances, and there were two older women who called him so often he once wondered whether they were throwing their radios at each other.

      Your Coyotes are now unbeatable. Patrick Marleau is also still doing well:
      “One little tweak to Toronto’s lines is paying off in a big way for the Maple Leafs.
      The line of Kadri, Patrick Marleau and Mitch Marner combined for five goals and five assists. Since the trio was formed on Jan. 24 against Chicago, Kadri has seven goals and eight assists, Marner has seven goals and five assists, and Marleau, the former Sharks forward, has three goals and four assists.”


    • Hi Lelia. I do recall the “Shell Fire” incident, and if memory serves (which it sometimes doesn’t), I also vaguely recall that you may have had a preacher or a minister, or some man of the cloth there at your home at the time! 🎶Great Balls of Fire! 🎶…Now that was a TALE!! Hope your shopping trip was a pleasant one! Have a great day! 👻🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – Wow, that was a really excellent puzzle, and for me, really hard. I saw EASEL, LAST, LATE, LIST and FLING and didn’t get anywhere. Took a break to run errands, came back and saw SIGN, SIGNS, then the answer.

    Stephen King should have been giving a Poe reading; then they would really have been Tell-Tale signs! And a quick nod to Jonathon Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel of the proper, original British TV show “The AVENGERS.”

    I see that Lunar New Year of the Dog starts today, so let me extend good wishes to all like Mike who like dogs, have dogs, or occasionally need a hair of the dog. (Oh, after reading Angela’s post just now about working in King titles, I suppose I should also shout out to CUJO. “STAY! DON’T come!”)

    Have a great weekend everyone.

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    • Grasshopper, I think you got yourself a little game of 6° going here..From King to Poe, to the “Tell-Tale Heart”, and branching off into the Avengers. Well, 3° anyway! 😂 And since I relate to all three of your dog references, (some more so than others)!.., I thank you for the Lunar New Year shout out. We appreciate it here in NYC. Schools are closed, and Alternate Side Parking is suspended. Until you’ve lived here, you’ll never appreciate the beautiful sound of these 5 words! Make sure you keep a leash on Cujo! Talk to you later, Bud 👻🙋🏻


  7. Then word “geneva” is a noun, meaning “a highly aromatic bitter gin made in the
    Netherlands”. (Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)
    Geneva, on the other hand and is most familiar, is a Proper noun.


    • Hi Sylvia. I always knew the word to be genever, a Dutch gin. You’re teaching me something new today. Thank you. But I’m pretty sure that the word would never be used in the Jumble because of the better known proper noun. As far as I know, proper names are never used. Thanks for dropping by, and please do so again. Have a great day! 🙋🏻


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