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Good Morning, Everyone!          🏋🏼 “WEIGHT’LL YOU SEE ME NOW...” 🏋🏼

Todays words are all old favorites, but the anagrams are divine! Great words, a bit CHALLENGEing but with great PRESENTATION! UpLIFTing, to say the least. And now, our cartoon. Jeff has us in a Gym overhearing a pair of younger men talking about a pair of older gentlemen. All four of these man are PHYSICALly FIT. The conversation is BUILT on the fact that the younger ones are marveling over the stamina and endurance of the older ones. And they’re hoping that their lives will WORK OUT just the same. We see great BICEPS on all four, and ABS to ABSolutely  die for. Age is mentioned, and our question tells us that the older gentlemen are 70 and 80 respectfully. Respectfully is right! These guys are still LIFTing WEIGHTS! Talk about a REP! Kudos, Gentlemen! You’re an inspiration…you’ve definitely up LIFTed my spirits!  After all these years, these guys are “STILL GOING STRONG”. WEIGH to go, and ring that BARBELL! And that Folks, is the SWOLE story! So, eye candy? I’m going with older gentleman left. His GYM clothes, shades of green and gray? SQUAT a COMBINATION! So, there you have it Folks, Done!

Have a great a day, Everyone! And remember, WEIGHT LIFTING is nothing to be taken LIGHTly…🏋🏼🙋🏻

I’m going to take the liberty, and share a little story with you all today, if I may. Indulge me…For those of you who follow our site here on a daily basis, it’s a pretty well known fact that I don’t sleep very well. To the few here who REALLY know me…I know, I know…Let’s not do it here, Email me as usual. Some things still need to be held sacred! Anyway, this morning at 3:04 AM, I went to my tried and true website to look for the Jumble. I see the page is updated, and of course, the adrenaline starts to flow…I scroll down, and lo and behold…No Jumble…So I refresh the page…No Jumble..so I…You can see where this is going, right? Instead of our beloved Jumble, what I find are two Sudoku puzzles, one mistakenly marked Jumble. I’m crushed. I’m speechless…(yes, it DOES SO happen on occasion…) I figure I’ll check a second on line site that I use once in awhile for a colorized version. And what are the odds, this one is missing 4 of the 6 words. So now I’m thinking…Last day of the year…is this some kind of subliminal message? Is this some kind of sign that…? No, I think what this is is a little early New Years Eve celebrating in the print rooms! I could be wrong, and trust me, it wouldn’t be the first time…but Folks, what are the odds? Both web sites? Anyway, I take the 2 words I’m given, I look at our cartoon, and BAM, puzzle solved! Which attests to the brilliance of Jeff Knurek and David Hoyt. Just from the drawing alone, and 5 random letters, I could put this baby to bed! But…what about you guys? I need more for you…So I consider calling the paper of the first part, and asking if someone could email me a copy from print. And then I’m like..”Snap out of it…”! (With a shout out to Cher, and that wonderful movie…”Moonstruck”…Ah, Bella Luna…). “You can’t do that”! Anyway, now I got Cher in my head…so I fire up her rendition of “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” with Rod Stewart, and my mood is improving. A lot. I get that 3rd cup of coffee… (Don’t ask…) and I’m thinking…My paper will be here soon, I’ll get the other 4 words, and I can offer you what you deserve. But it’s Sunday, and while my NY Daily News is usually here each morning by 4:15, I think the guy looks forward to a little extra sleep on Sundays…So, no paper yet. And all the while, some emails are coming in, from the other night crawlers, asking…”So, what happened to the Jumble.”? And “So, New Years Eve, huh”? And, “So, you still haven’t called me…” (Don’t ask..) What it all boils down to is…What a way to end the year! And then it hits me like that Thunderbolt that got Loretta. So tonight when that clock strikes 12, and I put 2017 to bed, I’m going to do my usual…Go out into the night, look up for the first star I see, and toast my Dad. The first man I loved. The first man who loved me. The man who taught me how to read and spell, and do this here Jumble, when I was barely able to hold a pencil straight, and who gave me this voracious gift of loving words. And I’ll wish the New Years Baby that He is, a Happy Birthday…And if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to see that Bella Luna we both loved so well. Kind of a full circle…And STILL GOING STRONG...After all these years…
Here’s to the New Year, Everyone! Cento Anni! May you live a hundred years…🍾🥂🙋🏻

23 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/31/2017

    • LOL…And you’re getting a little MILEAGE out of it aren’t you? 😂
      Good morning, Big Guy! WEIGH to go! 🏋🏻🙋🏻

  1. The SLEEPY GERBIL loved to LOUNGE around his cage but when he sipped high OCTANE energy drinks, he would INSIST on getting on the wheel and make it GYRATE wildly.
    I had the same problem with finding the Jumble today on one site and went to another, which only gives two words and when you solve them, etc. etc. But at least all six words were there. OCTANE gave me the biggest problem and the solution did not come immediately, even though I can relate to the fellows in the cartoon.
    Still no e-mail giving me access to this site, in spite of going to various places, clicking, pasting, updating etc. I had to go to yesterday’s, go to comments, and then click on today’s date on the calendar. A situation I shall not go through for very many more days. So……

    • Hi Earl. Good morning. I’m sorry to hear you’re still having difficulties. I think you have to re-register. The on-line sites really dropped the ball today, that’s for sure.
      I’m just glad I get a paper. I hope you can get back on track.🏋🏻🙋🏻

  2. Just a shout out…YOU know who you ALL are…Happy New Year…!

    🙋🏻❤️On a SLEEPY morn like this one, as I LOUNGE over coffee
    I’m looking at this puzzle, and thinking what should be.
    Should I try to rhyme with GERBIL, things that GYRATE on a wheel
    I don’t think so because you know, all vermin makes me reel…
    First I thought I’d forego poetry, because I wrote that tale
    About this mornings oddities…then my Father I regaled…
    But I think I’ll close the year out with a nod to my men’s list
    The svelte ones and not quite so…To them all I INSIST:
    Guys, trust me when I tell you, that I don’t look to escape,
    You’re all equally special, on both sides that measuring tape.
    So the OCTANE feeling that I have ( it’s slang, it does belong…)
    Is spread among you equally, you’re all STILL GOING STRONG! ❤️🙋🏻

    • Happy New Year, Caro. To you and yours! Same here, sun is shining….but it is freezing! Coming back from Church was like starting the penance all over….! 😂
      Hope your day goes well. Talk to you later! 🏋🏻🙋🏻

  3. Gyrate took me the longest to solve. However, the cartoon answer came to me immediately so I knew what letters I needede an was able to figure it out. Wishing Mike and all my Jumble buddies across the country a very Happy New Year!!

  4. What a lovely tribute to your dad, Angela.
    Really funny sentence from Earl.
    The words took me well over an hour today and, like Moose, octane was the toughest, followed by lounge and gyrate. Strong came to me first in the answer.
    There aren’t any women in the cartoon, but I read an article about a local 77-year old woman who deadlifted 215 pounds and won her division at the powerlifting championships. Have a great New Years Eve everyone!

    • Hi Caroline. Thank you so much. As crazy as this morning was trying to find the puzzle in the wee small hours, for whatever reason, the minute I looked at the words, they all immediately came to mind. I’m convinced Someone was sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear…and I was glad to have Him there! 💔❤️
      I think the woman you’re speaking of was on GMA. She was amazing! And I remember thinking there’s much to be said for “Youth being wasted on the young”!
      Wishing you a wonderful New Years Eve! Hope to see you tomorrow! 🍾🙋🏻

  5. Hi all, and Happy New Year! Well, it’s been awhile since a Jumble has taken me that long, but I had to back into GYRATE and then OCTANE from the answer and the other letters.

    With my usual apologies to Earl, The LOUNGE lizard had no trouble staying up till midnight, but the SLEEPY LOUNGE GERBIL had to INSIST on some high OCTANE fuel to enable him to GYRATE on the midnight dance floor.

    Angela, I’m glad you “took the liberty” to share your story. And you say *I’m* sentimental! That was beautiful, and a fitting way to close out the old year and welcome the new. Thank you.
    According to my favorite website for all things time and celestial related, “www dot timeanddate dot com”, the full moon occurs at exactly 3:24 PM EST tomorrow, Jan 1. So either tonight or tomorrow night, I wish you good weather to see an especially Bella Luna for New Year’s. 🙋🏻‍♂️

    • Hey Steve:Thank you very much. I did say you were, but I never said I wasn’t. TBT, you pale in comparison! You should see what’s in my cache! 😂 What d’ya gonna do? We play the cards we’re dealt…I wear it proudly. So funny you’re mentioning the website: Just as I was getting ready to post this morning, and reading it over for typos, my newscasters began talking about the full moon at 3:24 trow. That was the real clincher for me…So even if I don’t get to see one tonight, all I really need is a Star! Bella Luna can wait..It’ll still be his Birthday! ❤️💔
      Good connection with the lounge lizards..I LOLed..I’ve known quite a few…😂😂 And you slayed me with the “dot com”…Have a good day, Grasshopper!
      🎶I’ll be looking at the Moon, but I’ll be seeing you….🎶🌝🙋🏻

    • Thank you, Harry. I really appreciate it.
      Maybe I’ll toast you tonight, too. Happy New Year, Hoosier. 🙋🏻

  6. Good evening and Happy New Years to all. Great post today Angela. Had me laughing on feeling like penance coming home from church. It certainly did. Would 1-1 be your fathers birthday.? Had trouble with the last two words and just remembered to get back to it a little while ago. Decided to get the letters for the cartoon and had no trouble getting that answer especially after seeing the “g” and “n”. May 2018 bring health and happiness and all your problems be small. God Bless.

    • Hey Paul. Just seeing this. Happy New Years to you and yours also! And thank you very much! Crazy morning…and yep, I did that extra penance! I figure I’m good for a while now! LOL The puzzle was fun, right?
      Yes, my Dad, ❤️💔, 01/01. T’row. One of the New Years Babies.
      Hope you have a wonderful night…And all the best wishes for a New Year filled with health, happiness, love and peace…Cento Anni, Brooklyn! See you tomorrow. 🍾🙋🏻

      • Don’t know what happened to my message to you. My dads birthday is also Jan 1.. After the bells if I’m with a crowd of people after hugs and kisses are exchanged,I secretly wish my father a Happy Birthday and especially my wife,mother and whomever has passed on,a Happy New Year. I think about all those relatives and friends that were at our open house to bring in the new year and celebrate my fathers birthday. Back in the day between our friends,neighbors and relatives there would be over fifty people easy in our house. We would stay awake and go to 6:00am mass. They were great times.

        • Hey Brooklyn! Happy New Year!
          You know you’d think with all the noise people wouldn’t hear their phones, but right at the stroke, everybody was pinging! 😂 it was like a symphony! And I got lucky, what a Bella Luna tonight! And a lot of people outside..and a lot of fireworks going off. Nice …But it’s freezing out there…
          I don’t know why I didn’t see your earlier msg until 2 hrs later, my mail feed’s a little off.

          So we have something more in common! Our Father’s Birthdays! And we did the same thing. Open house.. literally. There were times you’d look up and see people you didn’t even know! “Oh, I came with your cousin, So and So” “Yea, but my cousin So and So left an hour ago”! 😂 We didn’t care! And we went all night too, like you. And my Dad would cook breakfast for whoever was left standing! Yep, they were the greatest times!
          My family keeps a tradition to toast all those we lost too, after midnight. But as I said, the Birthday is different. A toast and a fling of the champagne into the air..Towards the first star I see…And the night’s clear tonight! Got the moon and the stars!
          Hope you’re still celebrating! I still have a few calls to family to make, and then I’ll be needing both my hands…the sausage and peppers are being served! LOL…
          Cento Anni, my Friend! 🍾🙋🏻

  7. Happy New Year to all of you on Eastern time! (and the rest of you later.)

    🕛 🎆🎆🎉🎉 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ 💤💤

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