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Good Morning, Everyone!      🐑 “DON’T IT JUST GET YOUR GOAT”?

🎶Déjà MOO…Could you be the dream that I once knew…Is it you? Déjà MOO
Could you be the dream that might come true, shining through?
I keep remembering me…I keep remembering you…Déjà MOO…🎶

🐑🐑 A temperature of 12°, a wind chill set at 2,
A cup of steaming COCOA sipped as I write this for you
We’re at a farm, the PIXELs showing colors mute and bright
It seems one of the animals escaped during the night.
I’m looking at BUTANE and thinking would there be a lamp?
On Farmland maybe there would be. Or is that at a camp?
Whatever it don’t matter, I’ll deal with what’s at hand
Four animals we see here and one out on the land.
Two of them ratted out the Goat, and now the STIGMA lies
Upon their heads of “Stoolie”, the name we gave the guys,
Who’d rat out any of their friends, who’d end up a turncoat…
What we see here, a classic case of who’s the “ESCAPE GOAT” 🐑🐑

Looking at PIXEL this morning, it may be hard to expel Expel, but one must PUT that OUT of their mind! And BUTANE may prove to be a bane. Actually, all of our words, despite being old favorites, are anagrammed well enough to perhaps prompt a second look. Ok, we looked. Now, our cartoon. So today, “What the HAY“? Jeff gives us a FARM scene, and old Mr. Bluejeans. One of his animals has gotten away; using that wire cutter on the ground to just MOOve on. And now, of course, the farmer has to TRACTOR down and bring her back. (Ok, maybe it’s a male, but Tracthim down wasn’t going to CUT IT,...so…work with me here, people…). The farmer’s probably thinking, “How’d this happen, Guys….It was PASTURE bedtime”? What he should be thinking is why’d he leave the wire cutter out? That was UDDER  nonsense, right? Anyway, instead of the animals looking to BALE out their buddy, you know like…”Go ahead, KID, we got your back”…What we have here inSTEED, is a classic case of “Well, who do you think EWE are? We’re making you the “ESCAPE” GOAT“. And HOE and behold, they did just that. The HEN, being an EGGSpert witness, came right out and said…”It was BILLY“. LAID that information right down. Left no MARGARINE for error…Cut him no FLAX…Uh, you know I could go on forever, right?…BUTT I may as well wrap this up, and MOOve on to the eye candy. Today, Folks, I can BARLEY contain myself. Jeff has given us a cartoon, BARN none! There’s the Wire Cutter. There’s a Spider web spelling out what seems to be “SOME PIG”. It could be a lot of BULL, but that’s what it looks like. There’s a purple WEASEL or is it a RAT, saying “It wasn’t us”. There’s the PIG, looking on SHEEPishly, there’s the HORSE, trying to make SENSE of it all. No, wait..There’s more…There’s little HOOF prints on the ground, and let me WALK you THROUGH this…Way in the background, up on a hill? There it is…The tiniest image of BillyWILLIAM take a look at that! Bye, Bill…Godspeed..I’m glad you got away from all these FARMy brats…So, there you have it, YOLKS!  Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! And remember, If you’re going to play a game of Truth or DAIRY on a FARM, don’t be aMAIZEd if the game turns a little FOAL. After all, COW well did you know these comediHENS in the first place? Friendly GAME? Please…HOGwash…You ask me, they’re a bunch of ANIMALS…🐑🙋🏻


18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/29/2017

    • Good Morning, Moose. How’re you doing this morning? Scapegoat came to me as soon as I looked at it, and then I caught the pun with “Escape”. It made me LOL. Great puzzle, right? Hope you’re keeping warm…It’s brutal out there..
      Wishing you a great day too! 🙋🏻

  1. The professor emeritus felt no STIGMA would attach to his reputation as he enjoyed a cup of hot COCOA and lit his pipe with a BUTANE lighter and was quick to admit his ignorance of the word PIXEL.
    BUTANE slowed me down this morning and today’s solution was also slow in coming—it was not a puzzle I enjoyed very much but hate to complain when the Jumble Men do such amazing work. I guess it was the pun that turned me off. My first hunch was that GATE would somehow be part of the answer and I had a hard time getting beyond that. Oh well, perhaps the cold has made me slow and grumpy.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Everyone seems to have caught a bit of something. The winter doldrums. Sorry you couldn’t get into the puzzle either. I thought it was a real winner. As is your sentence…Feel better Be well. 🙋🏻

  2. Jeff. In case you’re looking in, would you be so kind as to let me know what the wording is weaved into the Spider Web? Thank you.🕷🙋🏻

    • Thanks, Jeff. As I thought. So it wasn’t any BULL. Shout out to the Charlotte’s Web picture book, by the same name? 🙋🏻

  3. Clever puzzle today. Once again I worked backwards. Figured out the cartoon answer first. Butane was the word that took me the longest to solve because I first thought “un” would be part of the word but “unbeat”? I don’t think so. I also kept seeing pixel as expel and plexi which of course wasn’t correct. Hope all of you are bundled up and keeping warm. Have a good Friday everyone.

    • Hi Betty. LOL…I was just reading it over to see if I could pick up on the cadence. Glad you helped me out! Yes, I saw expel, even tho I was telling myself there was only one E. Weirdest thing…! Too early in the morning..And, let’s be honest, how often do we see the word Butane? Not often!
      Woman, you have nooooo idea how cold it is! The words coming out of my mouth every time I come back into the house are not suitable for this public blog! It’s brutal! Hope you have a great day! Ciao! 🙋🏻

    • ROTFL..Betty, it created a new personality for you…Maybe we should call you Sybil? 😂😂😂🙋🏻

  4. Hi, all! Another fun, easy Jumble puzzle. I gave my houseguests, Joyce & Josh, a chance to solve but when I told them I already knew the answers, they gave up. After reading Mike’s amazing hints & techniques for such a long time, I can usually solve during my first few bites of breakfast.

    MOOSE, I forgot to tell you that I read your post to my Arizona desert houseguest/ relatives in which you said that Erie, PA had almost 6 feet of snow. All of us agreed with your “Brrrrrr,” I don’t know how much worse it is there now. Thanks for sharing and stay warm.

    Steve, it made me smile to read your saying that after the Toronto Leafs experienced our Arizona temperature last night to play our Arizona Coyotes, they might not want to go back to cold Canada.

    • Hi Lelia, the plows were getting stuck. Thats bad. Turn on the AC—HaHaHa. Have a good night.

  5. Hi, Steve! Thanks for teaching me that Top Shelf is ice hockey lingo. I watched a video that showed Top Right, Top Shelf, and Top Left, which to me looked like 3 ways to do a Roof Shot. Is that right or are they different?

    As soon as I read your comment to me, I set the ice hockey game to tape in the living room and put my TV in my study on the right channel. I have greatly enjoyed watching the first period & part of the second. Score is 4-2 Leafs.

    I’ve seen baseball players slide on their stomach to the base, but tonight is the first time I’ve seen hockey players go down on the ice to lengthen a shot. Both teams are giving it their all.

    Joyce called me to the basement to help her work the puzzle Josh gave me for Christmas titled “Impossible to solve, 2-sided puzzle.” We finished it and I saw that the final score was 7-4 Leafs, but I’m going to watch it taped to try to see more of the goals being made. Wish I had slow motion.

  6. Hi all – No STIGMA in pausing at that word, but BUTANE got me again. At first I had BUTANT, the rare beautiful mutant, maybe like the movie Species? The answer had to be a goat since it was Billy, so ESCAPE followed. Can’t blame him; he escaped his fate of becoming a pashmina.

    Angela, I wish you a BUTENA OCCAO GIMSAT. If Butena isn’t an Italian word, it should be! And my apologies if that actually means something. “old Mr. Bluejeans” made me think of Mr. Green Jeans.

    Good wishes to all dealing with snow and cold.
    The most amazing story I saw about records being set was from the BBC:
    “International Falls in the US state of Minnesota – the self-proclaimed “Icebox of the Nation” – saw temperatures drop to -37F (-38.3C).
    New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, home of the “worst weather in the world”, set a new low record at -34F (-36.6C).
    Parts of Canada are colder than the North Pole or Mars, officials say.”

    • Grasshopper, You promised! The humanity! 😂😂 And FYI, I’m wearing one now…and its…Wait for it….”Spectacular”! 😂😂😂 Is 3 enough?
      What is that BOG thing meant to be? I have no idea. I’ll need help there. As for your word, I think you may already know that it does sound like a “word”, don’t you? If not, let’s let sleeping goats lie..Not everything’s Italian, right? Thank God, too. How boring would life be without diversity? You tickle me with the farmer…You must know I double checked his pants before I named him! I was kind of wishing he did have green jeans! As for the cold, Steve? You have no idea! Even with the fur on, you feel the cold…What can we do? Let’s change the subject.,.! Have a good one, Bud. Talk to you later…🙋🏻

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