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Good Morning, Everyone!            ⛷  To SKI Or Not To SKI… ⛷

⛷⛷ One just can’t help but wonder why he’d wait till he got there
To realize that he could use a STYLE for his hair
The idea’s a unique one, I’d have to give them that
But since he’s going skiing, won’t his hair be ‘neath a hat?
And looking at the guy’s head, that’s a lot of hair we’re seein’
The CURVEs and waves he’s sporting…just how long has it been?
Well anyway, the shop must be a hit atop the slopes
I’m sure they took a BALLOT to decide the Barber’s hopes…
He came to them and offered his business to UPROOT
If they’d give him a chance up there, amongst the skis and boots
The Barber is a skier, far as sports goes, it’s his best
And he was always known to be a CUT ABOVE THE REST.
And one night as he tossed and turned and couldn’t get to sleep
He wondered how he’d get to ski and still a business keep
So what started out a Snow Job ended up reality
At 50 bucks a clip, he gets to work AND gets to ski! ⛷⛷

SNOW… let’s get DOWN to work. Today’s words. Maybe Ballot caused you to want to bolt, and with Uproot you couldn’t get “Out” out of your head…Not new words, but FRESHly FALLEN anagrams. Well done, Dave! Ok, it’s early, let’s take a MILK RUN over to our cartoon. Honestly, I’ve NEVER-EVER seen anything like this. A Barber Shop atop the slopes! With an old-fashioned Barber POLEGRIPping image, right? Kind of BOWLed me over! I mean it’s sort of the LAST place you’d expect to see a Barber Shop, right? But then again, what were once considered PIPE dreams, today are realities. Ok. Enough idle CHATTER… Let me shake my TAIL and solve this…Jeff shows us the shop, and a skier getting his hair cut. We see the barber CUTting quickly, little hairs flying around. The skier is happy, saying “Nothing ‘TOPS‘ the place. The answer mentions the Mountaintop…The shop is, a : “CUT ABOVE THE REST“! PARK it right here, Folks, this is a great one LINER! Dave has CARVEd us out another one! Ok…Eye candy. We got skis. A SKI LIFT complete with tiny little people. (Great detail, Jeff). Those scissors in MOTION. And then we have the jar with the combs in Barbicide, and that iconic RED and white Barber Pole. The red being the only true color in the pic. Well, anyone out there who knows me, knows that even with the icicles HANGing off it, that pole is Brooklyn memories to me…and it just WARMS my heart.  The POLE it is! So, there you have it Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Skiing’s not for everyone…It may be a WINTER activity, but to some of us, it’s a real FALL sport…Just Sayin’ 🎿🙋🏻


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  1. Good morning. Great job Angela. Turns out when I got the phone call from the doctors office they said it was a follow up but in reality it was to check the blood flow to the ankles. I forgot what they call the test. The next visit I’ll know how all the tests came out. Today’s puzzle fairly easy. I got the second and third words first followed by the first. The fourth word had me mixing the letters back and forth until uproot appeared. Boy did I feel like a dummy after getting it. Next was the cartoon answer and after a minute that old light bulb lit up real bright for the final answer. All this before coffee or breakfast. Until tomorrow stay well and Happy Thanksgiving.

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    • Good morning, Brooklyn! Thank you very much. I wondered what happened to you last night! 😉
      Uproot’s a bit of a tic, those compound words can be tricky. Glad you cleared it UP and got the solve! And without the caffeine! Puzzle reminded me of Brooklyn. Old Barbershop on Avenue U, where I was born. Nicest guy. He’d let us hang out and read his Comic Books. And I’d sit and watch him cut my Father’s hair…Old Brooklyn, huh? Enjoy your breakfast! Have a great day, my Friend! 💈🙋🏻


      • Angela, gotta share this with you. At the bocce court last week one of the much better players of which he definitely aware of would strut around like a proud peacock after making a very good shot. There is eight of us playing (four on each side) and he is on the other end. At that moment after showing off I asked the three guys next to me a hypothetical question. If ? (Shall be nameless) was a professional baseball player and just hit a home run would he lay down his bat and run or would he flip it in the air,all three guys in unison yelled out “he’d Flip It”. All four of us started laughing. I told my daughterinlaw the story and she asked if he knew what we were laughing about and I said no. She suggested I ask him that question to hear his answer. I’ll do that in the near future.

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        • LOL. Paul, I think I told you how growing up we’d watch my Grandfather play Bocce. He was a master, they called him Capitano. The Captain, the big shot! 😉 . Whenever someone would grandstand, the men would all yell in unison, “Pavoneggiarsi”! It means like a Peacock strutting, a big show off. And the person would get so mad…and then the arguing would begin…! It was hysterical, especially to us young kids. Your guy reminds me of this..🙋🏻


  2. The BALLOT asked the voters to approve a referendum to UPROOT a hedgerow that hid a dangerous CURVE and to improve the STYLE of highway signage.
    Easy solve today– no need for writing and that ‘s always my goal.
    Angela– great poetry as we have come to expect. Eye candy? Yes the Barber Pole but what’s with those bright BLUE skis?
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I,’ll be away from all technology, so see you Friday.🍽 ☕️ 🍗

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    • Good morning, Earl.Thank you very much, kind Sir! The entire puzzle is shaded blue, except for the red in the pole. It soooo stands out. I have no idea why it’s the only color. As always, your sentence amazes me. You’ve got a way with words! I’ll miss you trow. Have a great Holiday, and see you on Friday! ⛷🙋🏻


    • Harry: Far as I know, original barbers, dating back to Medieval days, sometimes performed surgeries… Which back then, consisted mostly of the fine art of blood letting! The Red symbolized the blood, and the White the bandages. I could be wrong…it wouldn’t be the first time!
      But, what is it you don’t you get? ⛷🙋🏻


  3. Hi, all! Cartoon answer immediately! Three words quick solve but took me a moment to uproot UPROOT.

    Two Thanksgiving tweets from years ago:

    My mom accidentally dropped the turkey on the floor, looked at me, and said, “Tell no one.”

    Boyfriend says: My girlfriend told me to dress-up for her family’s Thanksgiving dinner, so I dressed as a pilgrim. She meant wear something nice.

    After plans changing almost daily, there will be 6 of us at our house eating Chompie’s 10-item take-out individual Thanksgiving dinners. I cooked all that stuff for umpteen years but no more.

    Saturday, 10 of us will eat homemade Thanksgiving at Diane’s, our younger daughter & family foodie.

    Last year, reading Mike’s menu, Diane declared Jumble MIKE, a MASTER CHEF, a title he modestly declined. Some of her dishes will be flavored with Steve’s Maggi Seasoning. Yum!

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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    • Hi Lelia – The boyfriend story made me laugh out loud. I could imagine myself doing that by mistake. She should be glad he didn’t show up in a turkey costume. He’s lucky he wasn’t PILLORIED for bringing the wrong flavor STOCK.
      Left a reply on IOW.


      • Steve, very clever, pilloried for bringing wrong stock. I had forgotten the diff between a pillory and stocks. Google says a pillory confines head & hands while standing and stocks restrain feet. Ugh! I think we used to call both of them stocks, but maybe not.


        • The stocks restrained both ankles and wrists while seated very uncomfortably. Nice guys, those Pilgrims, probably my ancestors. One of the reasons Roger Williams left to found free, tolerant Rhode Island. Saw both devices demonstrated at Old Sturbridge Village in Mass.


    • Angela, I loved reading your Thanksgiving description a few days ago with so many details of your food prep, the enormous amount of food, the food consumption, and the oxygen. When we had 30ish Ohlunds together many years ago, I thought we had a lot of food, but it was nothing compared to yours. Enjoy!!

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  4. Hi all – No problem with the puzzle or words, after ditching OUT and trying UP to get UPROOT.
    The only thing I could figure for the haircut was that he realized he should look good at the lodge’s après ski.

    Angela, I’m almost speechless at your description of your weekend. That must be more than some restaurants host. Reminds me of an old Doonsbury strip where Zonker was working at a large-portion place and told the customer he wouldn’t have to eat again until next Wednesday.

    Thanks also for a new word! I’ve heard of Barbasol, but never Barbicide. Sounds like something Ken would commit after a particularly stressful Thanksgiving with her family.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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    • Hey, Steve: 🎶 Goin’ OUT of my head over you…Out of my head over you, Out of my head day and night…..Night and day and night..🎶 Artist, please? I had OUT in my head this morning, too…
      Apres ski? Not immediately!
      You take off the hat…Your hair’s so flat
      Better give it a curl…Before you go for the girl…A little SKI ditty just for you! 😉

      Speechless is a good choice of word! We even take turns chewing, so that we each get a chance to talk! The noise level is unreal! LOL…

      I’m in charge of the lasagna and all the meats, plus the ham, and a few of the sides. And two of the American desserts. We do hot and cold antipasto before the lasagna, and then the turkey and ham. Then oxygen hits before desserts! It’s like synchronized swimming…You come up for air…you plunge back in! Every year we say we’ll be “American”, and just do turkey, but it never FLIES! Tradition!

      Barbosol was a brand name for shaving supplies, if I’m not mistaken. (You could always check Wikipedia)! 😂 And BTW, Ken and Barbie are eating with us! 😂
      Talk to you later! ⛷🙋🏻


      • “The meats plus the ham”? The menu’s so overloaded, ham didn’t even qualify to be described as a meat. 😂 Or did you mean you do the Italian meats like salami, etc? I can only guess in awe and wonder; sounds amazing (dare I say ‘spectacular’).

        I’ll try this one off the “top of my head” without looking it up. A Burt Bacharach song with a later version by Frankie Valli? Probably wrong. Let me check………
        Yup, epic IMPERIAL-size fail, forgot the original. 🤦🏻‍♂️

        Last I heard, Barbasol is still in business. I used to hear Boomer Esiason read commercials for it on ESPN Radio during Monday Night Football. 🦃🐖🙋🏻‍♂️

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        • Sounds like an excellent plan. You play Messalina to her Claudius — it even has an Roman theme. It should CAP off her day nicely! 🍄 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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          • ROTFL…Steve. You do know what Messalina was notorious for, right??? 😂😂😂
            This is a Family blog! …We need to STEM the tide on this one! 🙋🏻


            • Wasn’t that an Elton John song? –
              🎵”Lately I’ve been thinking how much I miss my lady
              AMANITA’s in the cornfield brightening the daybreak.”🎵 😉

              Agreed, enough. I have to go out for the afternoon anyway. Later 🙋🏻‍♂️

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              • Amoreena? You’ve lost me! 😉
                Anyway, I need to concentrate now….Hate to poison the whole family..l😂😂😂
                You’re right! No mas! 😂 Talk to you later. 🙋🏻


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