Jumble Answers for 11/04/2017








Good Morning, Everyone!    🐑 Are We GOATing Through This Again? 🐑

🐑🐑 Ten days ago some Rams were what the Jumble offered us
Today, we see a Fairy Tale, its name “Three Billy Goats Gruff.”
Most fairy tales are GLOBAL, the children’s hearts they win
This one is no exception, for this one is Norwegian.
Since LIVING where no grass was grown, there was no food to eat
The Billy Goats must cross a stream, not such an easy feat…
The hill upon the other side, is calling out “HELLO
So one by one they venture out, it’s where they need to go.
It’s not steep like for SKIERs, that’s not what slows their goal
The problem is that ‘neath the bridge, there lives a hungry troll.
The brothers are determined not to let him get their goat
They each trick him by saying, “Tis more meat ‘neath that ones coat…”
And finally the last goat gets his turn, it’s time to pass
The current comes, he rams the troll who floats off on his A-s! 🐑🐑

So, Guys…Really? What’s the sudden OXcession with Goats? Have you HERD something? Can we HORN in on this…? What? MUTTON to say on the subject? Whatever. Probably just amount to a HILL of beans anyway…

Anyway…today’s words. Once again, old favorites, with SKIER and GLOBAL scrambled enough to get anyone’s GOAT!

ing over to our cartoon, we see three BILLY GOATS, a TROLL, and the HILLS. Only these HILLS aren’t 🎶Alive With The Sound of Music…🎶 What you hear here are hunger pangs! Well in the Fairy Tale anyway. Ok, so maybe here not so MULCH! Anyway, Jeff shows us the three GOATS just HOOFing it around. On the HILLS. BILLY GOATS…on the HILLS…Sayin‘ “Ya’ll”?…Wait for it…”HILL-BILLIES“! Well, FLEECE NAVIDAD! Just like in all the stores, it’s Christmas in November! Good  one, David!

So, eye candy. Besides the troll? Oh yeah…You know what’s coming, right? ….🎶TROLLin, TROLLin, TROLLin on the River…!🎶 So, there you have it FolksDone! Have a great day, Everyone!…And don’t let anyone get your GOAT! 🐑🙋🏻




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13 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/04/2017

  1. In Lake Placid the Olympic SKIER learned to say HELLO in many languages while LIVING in a small village with GLOBAL media attention.

    The only word to give me pause was global—sometimes double letters are a breeze and at other times they freeze me in my tracks. Once I wrote all the circled letters down, the solution was a snap with all those “Ls”.

    Angela–your poem and post show a lot of effort and hard work—or at least it would be hard for me.
    I have one small BEEF—mutton??? when you are talking about goats?? Not sure if I’m missing a pun or not.
    Have a sensible Saturday everyone and stay safe.

    • Good morning, Earl. Your sentence is a keeper!
      I laughed at your BEEF!! I think Mutton does come from a goat, but either way, I just went out on a LAMB there to get a pun! 😉 TBT, the writing wasn’t hard at all, I just needed to look up the origin of the Fairy Tale, “Three Billy Goats Gruff”. Now rhyming it was a different story! 😉 Tonight the clocks! Yikes! 🐑🙋🏻

      • I remember the folk tale as a child , it was one of my favorite stories. And after a little research, I withdraw my ‘beef” and bow to his expertise about Asian terms and mutton. In parts of West Africa, all animal meat is called “beef.” Whether it’s from a cow, goat, monkey, cutting grass or sheep. I was lulled into eating some things I would have passed on if I had been aware of this during my first year there.

        • LOL…Earl, BEEF all you’d like! I have tough SKIN! 😉 No worries, kind Sir. The food? Poor baby! I can only imagine. But look up CAPOZZELLI (I hope I’m spelling it right). An Italian Neapolitan delight! And I threatened to run away from home! 😉

    • Skier had me momentarily stumped.Hill was obvious in the solution and billies quickly followed.

  2. Good morning. Have no clue as to your beef conversation. Maybe because I’m still in a fog. Regarding the puzzle,the first two words took a second and even third look to get. When I got to the cartoon I decided to pull what that boxer did in one of his fights. “No Mas”. Didn’t even think of trying to find the answer. When I started I got interrupted three times with phone calls and got out of the mood. But have no fear…… Tomorrow is another day. And until then Stay Well.

    • LOL…Roberto Duran, 1980! NO MAS….
      Good Morning, Paul. You always make me laugh! Have a great day, my Friend! 🐑😂

      • You got the boxer right. Love your banter. Me, trying to be eloquent? When it comes to English I still speak Brooklynese.

  3. LOL..And proudly so, I’m sure!
    I’m bi-lingual too… English and Brooklynese. Depends who I’m tawkin’ to! 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Hi all – SKIER took me the longest. Had to write the letters for the answer, but saw it right away when I did.

    Never heard of “The Three Billy Goats Grim”, but then 🎵”I had a childhood that was mercifully brief”🎵 and fairy tales and nursery rhymes (especially British) aren’t exactly my specialty.

    Is that the Troll Bridge Keeper from Monty Python and the Holy Grail? – “Whoever cross the bridge of death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see. What..is your name? What..is your quest? What..is the capital of Assyria” Mr. Asimov?

    Angela – what you reminded me of –
    🎵”Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’
    Though the streams are swollen
    Keep them doggies trollin’, rawhide”🎵

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