Jumble Answers for 8/25/2017







Good morning, Everyone!     🐚  SHELL WE DANCE? 🐚

🎶”For goodness sakes, I got the hippy hippy shakes. Yeah I got the shakes, I got the hippy hippy shakes, I can’t sit still, with the hippy hippy shakes… Well I’ve been shakin’ to the left, shakin’ to the right, you do the hippy shake shake With all of your might…”🎶

I’ve always wondered how Hawaiian women MOVE their HIPS like this. I’ve tried…many times. It’s an art, and maybe my ART ‘ain’t in it, because it just ends up…”HULA my kidding”! The last time I tried, I was with my friend Lou. It went something like this: ME: “LUAU, I think I broke my HIP…” Lou: “Geez, what a WAIST of time…” Anyway…let’s SAIL on to our words…POUCH, IRONY, ✔️✔️. PILLAR…Blink, blink. It’s HIGHLY likely the R threw me off…MOVING along; our cartoon. Hawaii, with the tiki lamps, the sun setting, and the one female SAILOR wondering…How do Hawaiian women move their HIPS like this…?! Jeff’s got the men jumping through HOOPS, understandably so. Who wouldn’t marvel at the way these dancers MOVE. The males are impressed, (the female perplexed…), but they all agree, HOORAY! “HIP, HIP HOORAY”! ISLE give it to you, Jumble Guys, you’ve LEId it on us once again!

My eye candy today? I like the DIXIE CUP flung into the air. It’ll probably fly away. There it goes…Here today, gone to MAUI!
So, it’s Friday, Folks! Best SWISHES for a great weekend…and ISLE be seeing you…ALOHA! 🌴🐚 🙋🏻

Prayers for Texas 🙏🏻



20 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 8/25/2017

    • Good morning, Moose. Thank you. So far, so good. Still early! Recovered from the brawl? 🌴🙋🏻

      • I hear the Bronx Bombers limped home last night. They could be fired up tonight against the Mariners. Looking forward to the game!

        Puzzle was a snap today, BTW!

        • Limped is right. Now we wait to see who gets suspended….Ugly all around.
          Home field advantage…7PM… See ya on deck!
          Yes, it was a piece of cake! ⚾️🙋🏻

        • That’s what I’m afraid of. I had left you a msg on IOW. There’re going after Sanchez, huh? Know that song….🎶You left me…just when I needed you most…🎶? Keeps playing in my head…😰

    • Hi, BJ. Yes, that’s what I wrote. The Dixie Cup flung into the air. My “eye candy” for the day. Agree, the drawing’s great! Have a great day! 🌴🙋🏻

  1. Good afternoon. First off,thank you Angela for your suggestion on how to bring up today’s blog. I read yesterday’s remark and tried what you said and low and belhold it worked. I was getting ready to go out again without anything showing so I remembered you said something and thought I should look again. Glory Days,Oh wait a minute. ! That was yesterday. Today’s entire puzzle was fairly easy. As to the cartoon answer my mind kept thinking it had to be a Hawaiian word for the first two. I came up with PHI twice but,that’s Greek. Then like a lighting bolt. All I have to do is switch the three letters around. The clue was in their hips Hooray. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • You’re very welcome, Paul. You had me humming 🎶Glory Days🎶 y’day. Now it’s starting again! ‘Gotta love the Boss. LOL..PHI! Yep, the clue was in their hips! And they just perSWAYded you to get the answer! You stay well, also. Knock ’em dead on that Bocce court! Ciao…🌴🙋🏻

      • ROTFL..To keep you from cartoon harassment charges… 😂
        (She could truly be French…Fi-Fi)! Sorry….😂

  2. Hi all – OMG. Hello, Sailor! I think I’ll just shut up today, or my tongue will be too sore from biting it. Eye candy, INDEED! Well, maybe just this (is the sun disappearing again? I hear E-Calyps-o music):

    🎵”If you ever go down Trinidad
    They make you feel so very glad
    Calypso sing and make up rhyme
    Guarantee you real good time
    Drinkin’ rum and Coca Cola
    Go down Point Koomahnah
    Both mother and daughter”🎵

    (I know, what happened to shutting up?)

    • 🎶Workin’ for the Yankee dollar…🎶…The hips, Steve? …🎶Let it go, let it go…🎶😂

  3. Well, I am glad to see that you are punning as usual. Actually, as I think about it, your exceptional punning is probably related to your ability to solve these jumbles so easily. I think there is definitely a correlation between these puzzles and punning, and probably superior intelligence too. Let’s see what my Dutch relatives have to say about this. Yup, they agree; in fact they said, “Dat Angela een erg slim meisje is!”

    • Dear Kind Eric. Thank you so much. You must know I appreciate all your compliments. And I do agree, that punning relates to solving the Jumble. But I have to say, you, Sir, PUNish me. I translate your statements, I reply to you in Dutch…and…niente (what my Italian relatives would say). I’m left SWAYING in the breeze…I’m left wondering WAHINE get back to me?…I’m left ..HULAlone. I just thought you should know…
      Maar ik dankuwel soort sir. 🙋🏻 Ciao…

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