Jumble Answers for 7/30/2017









Good morning, Everyone!   “WEED IT AND REAP”!

🎶”Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow, All it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground; Inch by inch, row by row, Someone bless these seeds I sow; Someone warm them from below, ’til the rain comes tumbling down…”🎶 Today’s puzzle, “Growing the Garden”. Takes hands and knees with dirt and seeds!…And patience. A LOT of patience. So, LETTUCE DIG right in!

Our words today are all ones we’ve SEED before. Easy, PEASy, with a FRESH take on the scrambling. HYBRID fits the puzzles’ theme, since there’s a lot of talk about HYBRID VEGETABLES lately. BEAUTYful to look at, but are they healthy? (And we all know that health is WEALTH). I can really (PHOTO)-SYMPATHIZE with the woman in our cartoon, BEAN there, done that. Even though I’m now having good THYMES PLANTing VEGETABLES, at first, I really didn’t CARROT all. I’d just as RATHER go buy them, no FIG deal. But once I really comMINTed to doing it, I was truly aMAIZEd at how it GREW on me. When that first little CUTE-CUMBER came up…LOTION behold, I was thrilled! It brought me such inner PEAS! But it did take patience. Our couple in the cartoon? Just looking at her face, we can see her frustration with all those WEEDS. She’s SOY disappointed. And maybe adding to the frustration is the fact that instead of giving her a hand, the guy’s WEASELing out…He TURNIPS with a golf club! Oh, KALE no! What a RAW deal this is! No wonder she’s “quitting”, “giving up”. Great wording…And then, Jeff catches her…THROWING in the “TROWEL”! Oh my GOURD, you can’t BEET this, right? Good job, guys! And that’s also my eye candy today, the TROWEL being thrown to the GROUND. SOW….Sadly, no cause for her to CELERYbrate, but I YAM UNDERstanding. TUBERd she didn’t stick with it though. I really DIG my GARDEN. It makes me SOW happy, from my head tomatoes!

SOW, Folks, THISTLE do it. Happy Funday Sunday!
And may PEAS ROMAINE with you all!  🌽🙋🏻


26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 7/30/2017

  1. Good morning, Everyone. I spoke with Mike early this morning, and he says, “Hello”! They’re having a wonderful time, and he hopes to send pictures soon. ☀️


  2. Hi All –
    At first I had no idea for the answer but then, looking at the cartoon again, I saw her throwing the trowel. Off to the farmers market now because I don’t grow much, though I do have lots of weeds. I am one of those who worries about some of these new plants. Have a great day.

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    • Hi Caroline – Off-topic, but since it’s so quiet today –
      Your ‘fortitude’ comment the other day was really funny, and I hadn’t heard it.
      What I do remember is an animated commercial where a woman goes into a barbershop and asks for a ‘Hillary’ cut, but the barber gives her an Edmund Hillary!


      • Steve, If you insist on going off topic, please keep in mind that I’m trying very hard to maintain a sense of LAWN and Order! It’s very important to me! Please, HERB your Enthusiasm! Thank you, and have a good day! 😂😂🙋🏻


      • Hi Steve – That’s a really good one, too, which I didn’t see. I had to search images to see what Edmund Hillary looked like.

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  3. Good morning, Caroline. The cartoon was perfection, right? Well, you know what they say…Pull up everything that’s growing…And whatever grows back again…are the WEEDS! (Not a hybrid lover either)…Hope you have a great day also! 🌽🙋🏻


  4. Eric, Thank you so much. I’m almost at a loss for words…almost! LOL..It could never be PUNishment though, I enjoy it wayyyyyy too much. It’s PUNmanship! And the comparison to Ogden Nash is the ultimate compliment. I’m humbled. I always considered him, after my Father, to be my muse! As a young kid, my Father gave me his poem to read, “Line-Up for Yesterday”. Already a sports fan, I think that’s what did it for me. After that, there was no turning back! Again, I can’t thank you enough, really. I hope you have a great day! 🙋🏻


    • I second Eric’s emotion, especially after reading “photosympathize”! 😂 And of course the last line reminded me of the bumper sticker “Visualize whirrled peas”.

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      • Hey, Thank you, BUD! I have to say, they were cONION one after the other!
        I chose to “Boldly GROW where no one has GROAN before…” (For you, the Sci-Fi fan)! LOL… 😂😂😂. 🙋🏻


      • LOL…Thanks! That may be my first! LOL…I’ve never seen StarTrek, but everyone knows that phrase. I made MYSELF groan with that one…!! 😂🙋🏻. Msg bottom of IOW…


      • Visualize whirled peas….🎶”And all we are saying, is give PEAS a chance…”🎶 🙋🏻


  5. Steve, while we were TOOLIN’ along, we got hungry so decided to BUY-EAT. For lunch we had TARREHyaki chicken with SLAWee. For dinner we had barbequed dyiRHBs and honeydEW-THALid. No arugula, ha. See you tomorrow.


    • 😂😂😂 MYSLOB said to tell you that he really enjoyed that post!
      I’m glad they did not unscramble the SLAWEE before you ate it, but you never know with an Arkansas native; you might have liked it, or even served it to your in-laws (“Tastes just like chicken”).

      Good luck tomorrow.


      • Steve, I enjoyed your WEASEL tasting “just like chicken” and possibly serving it to my relatives. Funny!! We deeply appreciate & thank you for your, “Good luck tomorrow.”
        Below is what I wrote last night to send you today until today’s cartoon was an instant solve for me and seeing the scrambled words.


  6. Steve, I’m sure you will never forget your every-4-year 2/29 anniversary with your phenomenal memory for every band, every song, every singer, innumerable comics, what I said in March, my B-day, and everything you have ever read. Astounding!!
    I wanted to be 21 when I married, and Aug. 2 was the first Saturday after that B-day. I lived in Somerton, AZ; 10 miles SW of Yuma. Jerry’s relatives who drove there from Phoenix, still complain about how horrendously hot it was.


    • Thanks Leila. This is my second marriage. My first also had an appropriate date, July 5 – the day *after* Independence Day.
      When my current (and final!) wife and I applied for the marriage license in Reno, the clerk asked what number marriage it was for her (2), and then me (2), so I asked her what the record was. She looked at her co-worker and said “Umm – 12?” Co-worker says “Yup, 12!”


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