About Jumble Answer

This blog is intended to help beginners (or players that get stuck) with a quick peek to the answers of the Daily Jumble game. I will make every effort to update this page mid-morning (while having my coffee, of course) to help anyone that just can’t wait until tomorrow for the answers.

Enjoy the blog and feel free to leave a comment or two. I hope you have fun reading and be well.

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26 thoughts on “About Jumble Answer

  1. I really appreciate this site and usually check to see if I have the daily Jumble correct. Also, if I get stumped by a word; I can count on you to help me out. Thanks so much for doing this for those of us that love Jumble. Have a good day!

    • Hello Sue! I’m really glad that you enjoy the Jumble blog. I don’t get many comments so when I receive kind words such as yours, it renews my passion for posting. Thank you for putting a little kindness into the world by taking a moment out of your day to comment — it is truly appreciated! ☺️

  2. I live in twin falls ID. My sister in Boise ID..she gets the statesman paper I get the times news. We have always had the same jumble everday. And it’s our time to connect with our jumble. Texting the other if one gets stumped. The last 3 days we have had different jumbled. And this is upsetting. Can anyone tell me what’s happening..or should I notify my paper..

  3. Glad to have a place to go to check my solve when l get hung up. I love most kind of posers…jumble, crossword, cryptoquip, boggle to name a few. I usually hsve mine done before 9 am. Thanks for your help, when needed…even if l have to wait for it. Jane

  4. thank you I use it for the answers that I do a group for when my husband can’t get them , and send them to me. He and his mother are really great at this but I am not. I would rather do crafts. just a little insight!

    • Hi Lisa and thanks for commenting! I really enjoy when folks comment about how they use this page as it makes my effort seem worth it. Take care and visit again soon! 🙂

  5. So glad I found you….April 23rd word CARIPY has been driving me crazy! I NEVER give up and this was a first. Nice to know you’re there.

    • What an HONOR it is to have you leave a comment, Jeff!!! I love the game and your cartoons are simply the best. My site helps many thousands of people a day if they get stuck or just want to check their answers because you guys can get rather tricky! All my best for your continued success. 😀

  6. Here is the Sunday puzzle if anyone is interested:
    SLIVHA circled letters 1,6
    USENNK. 1,5,6
    DETDOS. 1,5
    CAUSTC 4,6
    VYRUSE 1,3,6
    KEVINO 1,4

    ” _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” _ _ _ _ _ _

    Hope I didn’t make any typos. It was a little difficult to configure.

    I found it fairly easy to solve for a Sunday puzzle. They are usually quite difficult. I won’t post the solution right now so everyone can have a chance to try to solve it on their own.

  7. Sunday, July 24, 2016

    Wow! Those look amazing on you! I love these! I’ll take them!

    She loved the new designer sandals, one pair in particular —

    Knocked her socks off

  8. We get the Jumble in our Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, Va) paper. Love your blog and it is very helpful. You mentioned the caricature for the June 10th cartoon. To me, it looks like Opus from the Bloom County comic strip from Berkeley Breathed back in the day. Thanks for your help!

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