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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🐻HMM…BEAR WITH ME HERE…🐻

    🎶 Sugar PIE, HONEYbunch…I’ll DO ANYTHING YOU ASK ME TO…I can’t help myself…I want you and BEARS nobody else…🎶 “I Can’t Help Myself – (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” – The Four Tops 1965 https://tinyurl.com/ysswm6b9

    🐻 Pall left to go out shopping, but the GABBY man he is,
    He STOOD around and shot the breeze, as is habit of his…
    He may be in deep water now, and probably getting WETTER,
    The store was closed…there’s no Honey…this def’s not getting better
    He feels just like an INFANT, and his words he’ll carefully choose…
    He dreads the situation…being the “BEAR” OF BAD NEWS! 🐻

    Ok so…MayBEE it’s just me, and I hate to STIR THE POT, but I found myself tongue-tripping over today’s solve. It just doesn’t sound right. Quotation marks aside, I just feel that something’s missing. A rather STICKY situation…

    Anyway, I’m jumping the HON… EE, sorry, I mean gun. Words…Four old favorites, another four new anagrams. SWEET! And if you got past thinking TWEET, you’ll HIVE solved them all in no time..Ok…let’s see what’s COOKING with our cartoon…

    So, today we’re visiting the HUM of Me & Mrs BEARER, Ova and Pall. And we find Ova in the kitchen, (wearing fashionable hoop earrings), whisking up something sweet…I think it’s a pie… And if you look real closely, you’ll see that she’s holding a little “HONEY BEAR” container… (with the tiniest little amount left at the bottom) https://tinyurl.com/5dxjm6e9 …Now how SWEET is that? Gotta give it up once again for Jeff’s sense of whimsy! Personally, I love keeping my Honey in those little bears…In fact, I buy a gimongous-sized honey in Costco and refill all my bears…But I digress. Anyway, having asked Pall to pick up some Honey, he unfortunately returns back HUM empty handed. The store had closed…Could it be he was out CUBbing, I mean clubbing, and lost track of time since he got there too late? Will Ova BEARate him for it? Who knows…we’ll just HIVE to wait for the next chapter, I guess. MayBEE this can become a Jumble CEREAL? MayBEE David could call it “HONEY Bunches of QUOTES”? MayBEE I KNEAD to mention it to him?…(MayBEE I should stop digressing again)! Anyway, the bottom line? With Pall saying…”No Honey, Honey”…there’s our solve…He’s the “BEAR” OF BAD NEWS. ..But here’s where I was STUNG with my dilemma. There’s the very common idiom, BEARER OF BAD NEWS. https://tinyurl.com/mtmnffy5 There’s the movie, THE BAD NEWS BEARS… https://tinyurl.com/ye2z3hvj But “BEAR” OF BAD NEWS”? As I’ve mentioned, it gave me PAWS. Again, mayBEE it’s just me, but..er…I feel it needed a little bit more…I think “BEAR-ER” would have covered the bases a little bit better…(And a piece of that pie goes to whoever CATCHES my little pun with that last line)…

    So…BEAR you have it, Folks…Done. HIVE a good one. Be well, stay safe…and I’ll leave you with a little Husband/shopping humor… Wife: “Honey, can you pick up some milk”? Husband: Lifting a gallon…”Ok, done”. Wife: “No, I mean from the store”. Husband: “Oh, I’m pretty sure it weighs the same there too”…And with that one, I’m lucky if I BAREly make it out of here unscathed! 🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🤦🏻‍♀️She hated to be the BEARER OF BAD NEWS, but she ran to alert them that the INFANT for the shoot was getting WETTER and wetter as they all STOOD around being so GABBY about the lighting…🤦🏻‍♀️

    🤦🏻‍♀️ They went shopping for some INFANT wear, the store called ”Clothes by Abby”
    As new parents they were quite lost…they STOOD around all GABBY…
    “Will this keep Baby WETTER, if it was left up to chance,
    The fabric looks so thin, right…won’t the Baby have wet pants”?
    And Abby overheard them…saying, “Diapers you need choose…
    There’ll be a lot of changing…Am I BEARER OF BAD NEWS”? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Good morning ! It’s Saturday and I know the cartoon was the BEAR OF BAD NEWS , but I’m gonna be ‘ human of good news ‘ ! Today is our daughters birthday ! So I can’t wait to call her and sing happy birthday to her ! I’ve done that to everyone of our family ! Well , the jumble was another fun and entertaining one ! When I saw the cartoon I read the dialogue ! Angela ! And from the archives of classic sayings , OF BAD NEWS came out and of course the BEAR was left ! Very nice ! This weekend is going to be fun as I wish that for everyone !!!

  4. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Looks like Pall Bearer has dropped the ball,
    Home from shopping with nothing at all…
    And his wife, short on sweets,
    Need think quick on her feet…
    ‘Cause her dessert now needs overhaul! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    🐻 She asked him to purchase some Honey,
    But her husband wasn’t on the money…
    He’s come back sans the sweet,
    There’s no honey…no treat…
    She smiles now…but it’s definitely not funny…🐻

    🥧 When your baking needs they come up short,
    Whether making a pie or a torte…
    You need have a backup,
    You can serve after sup…
    Anything to use as last resort! 🥧

  5. Thank heavens for an easy Saturday and one word was an obvious given…BARE. We clicked on the song link to listen to this excellent song choice. BTW, on comments about the song, one person writes in that they heard some little kids singing this on the way to school…Wow, how some music can transcend multi-generations. See you on Sunday

    • …Besides having charms to soothe the savage breast…😉 Gotta love music…Have a good one, Terry..🎶🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Angela – I agree with you. It should have really been “BEAR-ER” of bad news! 🙂 But different anagrams would have been needed to get the extra E and R letters. Overall, the words were easy today. And it was obvious that “BEAR” was part of the solution because it was the missing word from the cartoon clues…but it took me while to get the rest of the answer. Fun nevertheless. Have a great Saturday!

    • Hi Brad…Yes, the extra letters would have had to come from somewhere…but still. I just couldn’t get this one to roll off my tongue. But I’ll grin and BEAR it! 😉 And yes, even if the phrase didn’t automatically come to mind, David’s use of the word grizzly instead of the much more common word, bear…led the way…Wishing you a great Saturday too, Brad. Take care. 🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Easy anagram, but I had “Bare of bad news” which to me works equally well. Four Tops! Great song!

  8. Writing baggy rather than gabby for the first anagram didn’t help,but after correcting that error and getting the B’s rather than the G’s rendered a quick and obvious solution to the cartoon.Weather wise,after finally ridding our driveway of the ice and snow from the New Year’s Day storm,we got another batch last night.

  9. Good morning. This has been some easy week. When is the hammer going to fall.? Still unable to get that blind solve. Angela your song choice was the TOPS. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. LOL! The TOPS, indeed! Tk you. Stay well and safe..and warm! It’s brutal out there! 🥶🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. What do you mean, you got there too late?
    Now I’m in a really bad state
    This is simply not funny
    I’m in dire need of honey
    My spécialités to create!

      • I know, I cannot bear people who are late.
        Is it as frigid in NYC as it is here in Ontario? -16 degrees C here just now. (About 3 degrees F I think)

  11. With the quotation marks, I too first thought that the initial word might be “bare” but seeing grizzly figured it was “bear”. It’s been a good Jumble week for us so far. Have a good Saturday all!

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